Playlist #599 :: Dissolved & Nonima ‘Dissemination Fall’ (release of the week)

Meat Beat Manifesto :: Digital Ear [Intro] Jack Dangers
Huron :: The Morning and the Cloud [Fissure EP] Mindtrick
Esoteric Sob :: Diamonds [Diamonds EP] Numb Capsule
Dissolved & Nonima :: Occultation Morning [Dissemination Fall] Section 27
Generate :: Arousal (Roel Funcken rmx) [Black Box N] Kaer’uiks
Anonymous :: Twels [Covert] Touched Music
Trdlx :: Pancake Ice [Dystopia] VoxxoV
Andre Uhl :: Clutch [Under a Swollen Silver Moon EP] Detroit Underground
Valance Drakes :: A Breathless Body [Struggle Experienced Internally] DetUnd
Alpha Bubbah :: Picasso + The Marilyn [Baby Lady Fingers] nonine
Byetone :: Grand Style [Death of a Typographer] Raster-Noton
Senking :: Serpent [Closing Ice] Raster-Noton
Syl Kougaï :: Opale Verniss [ΙΧΘΥΣ] Schematic Music Co.
Frank Riggio :: Futurism [Psychexcess II – Futurism] Hymen
Mint :: Spirit Touch [The Minotaur’s Head EP] Kahvi
Pattern Behavior :: Tunnels [Pattern Behavior EP] Component
Nonima :: Metoxific Leverage [Dissemination Fall] Section 27
EVAC :: Source (Eedl rmx) [Source EP] Addictech
Kangding Ray :: Brume [Cory Arcane] Raster-Noton
Ignatius :: 2915.4 [Music for Solder Stations EP] Buried In Time
Wirewound :: Deceleration Device (Trdlx Egyptian Funk mix) [Black Box N] Kaer’uiks
C. Mantle vs Badrich :: 01_-+1.0 [7.407.2] Acre
(ghost) :: All Vessels Die Alone (Proem rmx) [Elas EP] n5MD
Autechre :: nth Dafuseder.b [Move Of Ten] Warp

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D::N release of the week :: Dissolved & Nonima Dissemination Fall (Section 27)

Playlist #582 :: Flatland Sound Studio ‘Maximum Vacation Plus’ (release of the week)

Meat Beat Manifesto :: Digital Ear [Intro] Jack Dangers
Syl Kougaï :: Pisces [ΙΧΘΥΣ] Schematic Music Co.
The Fear Ratio :: Ferm [Refuge of a Twisted Soul] Skam
Flatland Sound System :: Colour Beat [Maximum Vacation Plus] Bedroom Research
Frank Riggio :: Fullof (Artless version) [Nerves of Time V3] Kaometry
Wermonster :: She speaks backwards [Solar Tales EP] Uncomfortable Beats
Nonima & Stormfield :: Distant Thunder [Stratosphere EP] Combat
Meat Beat Manifesto :: I Control (Audio Collage #3) [Offbeat – The Red Hot Remixes] Wax Trax!
Meat Beat Manifesto :: God O.D., Pt.4 [Storm The Studio] Wax Trax!
Cannaya :: Weed for Speed [Dreams from an Urban Desert] Raumklang
Vex’d :: Firestar (2003) [20] Planet Mu
Datacrashrobot :: Quadrac [Inline Expansion EP] Bass Agenda
Faex Optim :: Summer [Mercury] Kahvi
Jvox :: Flashbacks [Strange Universe II] Component
Photophob :: Half Awake [And All the Dreams You Don’t Remember] M-Tronic
SIXIS :: Refraction Point [Refraction Point EP] Addictech
Legiac :: Gliese581c [The Faex Has Decimated] Tympanik Audio
Tim Koch :: Fragmemory (Murya rmx) [Touched Two (The Remixes)] Touched Music
Syl Kougaï :: Opale Verniss [ΙΧΘΥΣ] Schematic Music Co.
Phoenecia :: Nostrum Remedium [Demissions] Schematic / DetUnd
B12 :: Orbita Tolv (Dust Rework) [Touched Two (The Remixes)] Touched Music
Nathan :: Xupiter (Bibio rmx) [Touched Two (The Remixes)] Touched Music
Sean Byrd :: Woke Up Missing You [Always Was] Plastic Sound Supply
Iuengliss :: Down Cosm [Down Cosm] Plastic Sound Supply

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D::N release of the week :: Flatland Sound System Maximum Vacation Plus (Bedroom Research)