Playlist #56 feat. Volsoc Live

VOLSOC Live In-Studio Performance
Special thanks to Jean-Paul Bondy (VOL) and Justin Maxwell (SOC) who performed Live. These two Los Androids robots produced a drenching mix of sheer electro layered with thumping bass and powerful beats. Look out for future Volsoc happenings on World Electric, and Pretension Records.

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Esem :: Eloki.Neadu [Enveloped] Defocus
Detroit Escalator Co. :: Mysterious Traveller/A Wonderful Life (May/Carl) [Unreleased] Neil Oliveira
Sky Tucker :: Miami Nites [Pressing Matters EP] Record Camp
Oliver Dodd :: Tokio Electric [Lucite EP] World Electric
Lowfish :: The Accident Causer [The Accident Causer EP] Ersatz Audio
Kurtis Mantronik :: Bass Machine Re-Tuned (Original Tuning) [Bass Machine Re-Tuned] OMW
Volsoc :: Compuphonic Intelligence [Compuphonic Intelligence EP] World Electric
Pss2099 :: So Far From Here [Stage Clear, Mission 1 Accomplished] Nature
Phoenecia :: Odd Job (Rhythm Box) [Odd Job] Schematic
Bolz Bolz :: 32nd Lesson [The Forgotten Sounds of Tomorrow] Ersatz Audio
VOLSOC LIVE In-Studio Performance
Interview w/ Volsoc (Robots Jean-Paul Bondy & Justin Maxwell)
Limbretimbre :: Nofi [Unreleased] Pretension
Bass Kittens :: [4 Things I Hate About You] Pretension
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Strap Down V.2 [Storm The Studio] Wax Trax
Meat Beat Manifesto :: DV8 [99%] Mute
Tino :: Toasted Dub [Tino’s Breaks V.5] TinoCorp
Autechre :: Vl Al [Draft 7.30] Warp
Machine Drum :: Riveurs Enjienrd by Brothomstates [Half the Battle] Merck
NKH :: Hiatus [Brooklyn Keeps on Takin’ It] Record Camp
Supersax :: Scrapple from the Apple [Live in ’75 :: The Japanese Tour] Hindsight

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