Playlist #54 feat. NKH Live

nkh (Toshoklabs) Live
Special thanks to Nate Harrison (Toshoklabs) who performed live under his nkh moniker. Nate’s set was packed with crumbling ambience, rusty electro, and downbeat funk all tied to erratic yet fluid percussion. Nate has a track on the new Crash Redevelopment compilation on Co.Ad Audio (a “scheme hatched” by Datach’i and Unit in Brooklyn, NY). Congratulations to the winners of this CD! Nate also contributed to the Brooklyn Keeps on Takin’ It compilation out on Record Camp.

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Esem :: Eloki.Neadu [Enveloped] DeFocus
Constant Flux :: All Things Change [All Things Change] :/Run
Funckarma :: Kobalt [MAS Confusion] Musik Aus Strom
Unit :: Medicine Is Using (Maggots & Bats) [Crash Redevelopment] Audio
Portland :: Arod [Distal] n5MD
Toshoklabs :: Live @ Invisible Cities Mix [NYC] Toshoklabs
Plex :: Pom Gratis [Dated] Toshoklabs
Prefuse 73 :: Busy Signal [One Word Extinguisher] Warp
Ocone :: Fourteen Heavens In All [State of the Art Heirloom] Toshoklabs
NKH LIVE In-Studio Performance
Solomondilate :: Transient Jr. [Dated] Toshoklabs
Jack Russell & Lou Frutiger :: Brainer [Nanofunk EP] Tšshšklabs
NKH :: Pointblank [Crash Redevelopment] Audio
Interview + CD Giveaway w/ Nate Harrison (Toshoklabs)
Unit :: Tidal [Crash Redevelopment] Audio
Celine :: Fish [Brooklyn Keeps on Takin’ It] Record Camp
Autechre :: 6IE.CR [Draft 7.30] Warp
Lusine ICL :: Plastic [Coalition 2000] U_Cover
Telefon Tel Aviv :: TTV [Farenheit Fair Enough] Hefty
Patio :: Behind Bike Sheds [Parallel Play] Involve
Tino :: Toasted DUB [Tino’s Breaks V.5] TinoCorp
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Tweekland [Subliminal Sandwich] PIAS
Smyglyssna :: We Can Fake It (Boom Bip Remix) [We Can Fix It Remixes] Vertical Form
Jay Migliori :: Desert Flower [Count The Nights & Times] PBR Int.

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