Playlist #476 :: ‘Moments of Inertia’ (release of the week)

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Audioelectronic :: Final Annihilation [The Electro Compendium] Anti-Social Network
David Ezra Brown :: Small Rain [David Ezra Brown EP] Bedroom Research
Faithfull :: We Are Waves [Painting Pictures on Silence V1] Enig’Matik
Gyu :: Cerebral [Cerebral EP] Drawn
Ignatius :: Tachyphlaxis (Bogmon remix) [Alexithymia EP] Buried In Time
Crisopa :: Ruled By Strange New Laws [Biodance] n5MD
Maschine :: Linre [Maschine] Psychonavigation
Semiomime :: Six Steps [Six Steps EP] Mindtrick
Tonikom :: Insence [These Sounds Will Have To…] Signifier
Brim Liski :: Plume (Sean Byrd remix) [The Repetitions EP] Plastic Sound Supply
Eomac :: Slide FX [Eomac EP] Acroplane
Autechre :: Lowride [Incunabula] Warp
Bogmon :: Demons May Trail [A Scream in the Void] Buried In Time
Squarepusher :: Port Rhombus [Port Rhombus EP] Warp
Plaid :: Somnl [Scintilli] Warp
Echaskech :: Dehisce [Moments of Inertia] The Centrifuge
Whitebear :: Primal Stomp [Frag’mnts] EnigÕmatik
Skytree :: Anthony Ayahuasca (Quetzalcoatl rmx) [Sacred Singularity EP] Fractal Branch
Sideb0ard :: Grind [Physic Or Surgery] Highpoint Lowlife
Gescom :: Mag 3.1426 (Remix by Ae) [This] Skam
Eomac :: Dramutic [Eomac EP] Acroplane
NEV.ERA :: Esc.peranza [Acuario EP] Lovethechaos
Phoenecia :: Nostrum Remedium [Demissions] Schematic / DetUnd
Einoma :: LF [Lost & Found] Shipwrec
Boards of Canada :: Orange Romeda [We Are Reasonable People] Warp

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D::N Album of the week :: V/A Moments of Inertia (The Centrifuge)

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