Playlist #244 feat. Will Samuels Sub-Show

Special thanks to Will Samuels for subbing the show!

Sun Electric :: Sarotti [Kitchen] R&S
Locust :: Saturated Love [Truth Is Born Of Arguments] Apollo
Dom & Roland :: Connected [Industry] Moving Shadow
Link :: Antacid (Jedi Knights Remix) [Antacid EP] Warp
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Mindstream [Aphex Twin – 26 Mixes For Cash] Warp
Timeblind :: The Rastabomba [Rugged Redemption] Orthlorng Musork
Jon Kennedy :: East is East [Take My Drum to England] Grand Central
Tactile :: The Mist (Klute Remix) [Super System Sampler] Timeless
Biosphere :: Antennaria [Substrata] Touch
Autechre :: 444 [Incunabula] Warp
Titonton DuvantŽ & Fabrice Lig :: Even Deeper [Sensual EP] 7th City
Vince Watson :: Echelon [Everything Changes] F… U! FCOM
Kraftwerk :: Tour De France 03 (Version 1) [Tour De France 03] Astralwerks
Plaid :: The Launching Of Big Face [Greedy Baby] Warp
Innerzone Orchestra :: Bug In The Bassbin (Peshay Mix) [Bug In The Bassbin] Mo Wax
Photek :: T-Raenon [T-Raenon EP] Op-ART
Seiji :: Silver Blossom [Into The Now] 2000 Black
Major Force West :: The Re-Return Of The Original Art Form (Cut Chemist remix) [The Art Of War] Mo Wax
Troubleman :: Paz [Time Out Of Mind] Far Out
John Arnold :: Geminade [Style And Pattern] Ubiquity
Shake :: Frictionalized [The Unsterilized Sessions] Frictional
T-Power Vs M.K. Ultra :: Horny Mutant Jazz [Give ’em Enough Dope V2] Wall Of Sound
Boards Of Canada :: Roygbiv [Music Has The Right To Children] Warp
808 State :: Lift [Ex:El] Tommy Boy
69 :: Desire [The Sound Of Music] R&S
Buckfunk 3000 :: Funkbwithyou [First Class Ticket To Telos] Language
Aphex Twin :: Digeridoo [Classics] R&S
Tom Jenkinson :: Vogon & I [Alt.Frequencies] Worm Interface
Outfit :: New York [Serum / New York EP] Metro
Theorem :: Shift [Shift] Minus

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