Playlist #553

Meat Beat Manifesto :: Digital Ear [Intro] Jack Dangers
Hosmoz :: Apsisukimiu Pandak [Fading Mechanisms] Bedroom Research
Logreybeam :: Joon Glume (Mssngsns rmx) [False Start (Remixed]) Touched Music
Objekt :: Dogma [Flatland] PAN
Drifting in Silence :: Lie [Desire] Labile
Plaid :: Slam [Reachy Prints] Warp
Solvent :: King Vincent [New Ways: Music From… I Dream of Wires] Suction
Clark :: Snowbird [Clark] Warp
Tonikom :: The Cavern [Seeking the Lost Mind] Hymen
Mend :: You Know Me [Vanishing Point] Alphabasic
Defrag :: And We Celebrated [Lost Lands EP] The Irrational Media Society
Aphex Twin :: CIRCLONT6A (Syrobonkus mix) [Syro] Warp
Collage Noire :: Kolia [Black Steel EP] Kaometry
Polyklinik :: Morgan B loom (Valance Drakes rmx) [Mental Market] Bedroom Research
Plant43 :: Pale Reflection [Scars of Intransigence] Shipwrec
Ocoeur :: Reconstitution [Emerging Organisms V5] Tympanik Audio
C.Mantle :: Con-fusion (Diasiva rmx) [Con-fusion EP] Acre
Jerome Chassagnard :: Somewhere [Inner Dialog] Hymen
Nebulo :: Rush [Akzidens] Stomoxine
Christopher WIllits :: Release [Opening] Ghostly International
Peninsolar :: Envisaged Archaic Peace [Foreshadow Near the Mesa] Clean Error
The Future Sound of London :: View from Below the Surface [Environment Five] s/r
Everyday Dust :: Canticle [The Principality of Dustland] Sparkwood
Lorenzo Montana :: New Light [Haemus] Carpe Sonum
Displacer :: Slow Blade [Emerging Organisms V5] Tympanik Audio
Tonikom :: The Narrowing Path [Seeking the Lost Mind] Hymen

Playlist #552

Meat Beat Manifesto :: Digital Ear [Intro] Jack Dangers
Tonikom :: Dark Hand [Seeking the Lost Mind] Hymen
Balansky :: Sleep Well [Emerging Organisms Vol. 5] Tympanik Audio
Logreybeam :: Marinetti vs. The Golem (Roel Funcken rmx) [False Start Remixed] Touched Music
Objekt :: One Fell Swoop [Flatland] PAN
Solypsis :: Perpetually Out of Control (MBM rmx) [Masks] Component
Solvent :: Burn the Tables [New Ways: I Dream of Wires Documentary Music] Suction
C.Mantle :: Con-fusion (Blackmass Plastics) [Con-fusion EP] Acre
LFO :: We Are Back (rmx) [We Are Back] Tommy Boy
LFO :: LFO [We Are Back] Tommy Boy
Freddy Fresh :: Hey [Accidentally Classic] Harthouse
Defrag :: While Birds Ate [Lost Lands EP] Irrational Media Society
Bola :: Versivo [Soup] Skam
Tonikom :: Kokoro [Seeking the Lost Mind] Hymen
Weldroid :: Extrovert [Silicate Garden] tonAtom
Legion of Green Men :: Zero Equals Infinity [Spatial Spacific] Plus 8
Infinite Scale :: Hello Harry [Living Moments] Ecoshock
Penfold Plum :: Cute Toy [Further Electronics Vol, 1] e:motion
Aspen :: Lost at Sea [Album] Elephant Electronic
Ard Bit :: Bongite [Spanon] Symbolic Interaction
Jega :: German [Spectrum] Planet Mu
Lorenzo Montana :: Eaux [Haemus] Carpe Sonum
Lawrence English + Stephen Vitiello :: A Fable for the Chime [Fable] Dragon’s Eye
M. Geddes Genras :: Ricochet [Collected Works Vol. 2: New Process Music] Umor Rex
Atiq & EnK :: Revival [Emerging Organisms Vol. 5] Tympanik Audio
Kattoo :: Place3 [Places] Hymen
Kattoo :: Untitled track #4 [Megrim] Hymen
port-royal :: Anya:Sehnsucht [Afraid To Dance] Resonant

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FLASHBACK—Playlist #551

Meat Beat Manifesto :: Digital Ear [Intro] Jack Dangers
Drifting In Silence :: Parallel [Desire] Labile
Huron :: Survive [Emerging Organisms V5] Tympanik Audio
Roel Funcken, Ard Bit & Jor Mesin :: Vixen [Table of Elements V3] M-Tronic
Hosmoz :: Swolle [Fading Mechanisms] Bedroom Research
Glanko :: Lex [Alset] Halbsicht
Aphex Twin :: fz pseudotimestretch+o+3 [Syro] Warp
Solvent :: Elephant Generators [New Ways: I Dream of Wires Documentary Music] Suction
Skanfrom : Tar [Postcards] Suction
Room Of Wires :: Overtones [Asylum Sneaker EP] Section 27
Koeba :: Stereopticon ( rmx) [Mirrorless EP] s/r
Nebulo :: St Fernand [Akzidens] Stomoxine
Peninsolar :: Cytokine [Foreshadow Near the Mesa] Clean Error
Dryft :: Slow Jimmy [The Blur Vent] n5MD
the_empath :: Trackology [Emerging Organisms V5] Tympanik Audio
Objekt :: Second Witness [Flatland] PAN
Dalglish :: Uisge_m [Dorcha Aigeann] Ge-stell
Radioactive Man :: Magnetic [From The Dub Vault EP] Una Sound
Pattern Behavior :: Tunnels [Pattern Behavior EP] Component
Jvox :: Space and Time [Strange Universe] Component
EBN :: Beginning of the End [Telecommunication Breakdown] TVT
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Prime Audio Soup (edit) [Prime Audio Soup] PIAS/Nothing
VHS Head :: Red Ocean Apocalypse [Persistence of Vision] Skam
L.iet & Kurt Bogenholtz :: Klangmuseum [Kurzwellengericht] Halbsicht
Boards of Canada :: Everything You Do Is A Balloon [Hi Scores EP Reissue] Skam
IoNiZeR :: 4th Dimension [Outerzone Frequency] Dusted Wax
Deru :: Peanut Butter & Patience (Ginormous rmx) [Peanut Butter & Patience EP] Mush
Pistel :: SKin Up, Rolled Material (Jack Dangers mix) [Pistel] Baraka Foundation
Charles & The Fury :: Fission of You [Emerging Organisms V5] Tympanik Audio

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Playlist #550

Meat Beat Manifesto :: Digital Ear [Intro] Jack Dangers
The Future Sound of London :: Kai [ISDN] eBv
Head Boggle :: ‘56 Tune [Serge Modular in Hi-Fi] Experimedia
Hosmoz :: Devine Samples [Fading Mechanisms] Bedroom Research
Aphex Twin :: 4 bit 9d api+e+6 [Syro] Warp
Aphex Twin :: Windowlicker [Windowlicker EP] Warp
Brothomstates :: Jak Got Stuck in Canada… [Qtio EP] Warp
Lokom :: Curing Some Old Trouble [Sweet Home and Gasoline] Kaometry
Room of Wires :: Train Jacker [Asylum Sneaker EP] Section 27
C Mantle :: Con-fusion (Wirewound rmx) [Con-fusion EP] Acre
Surgeon :: Fixed Action Pattern (Dub) [Fixed Action Pattern] Token
Peninsolar :: Envisaged Archaid Peace [Foreshadow Near the Mesa] Clean Error
Ard Bit :: Copane [Ellioth EP] Lowriders
Integral :: Madea [Sercosa] Tympanik Audio
Charlatan :: Switchblades [Local Agent] Umor Rex
Kein :: In Bloom [In Bloom] Audiobulb
Ocoeur :: North [A Parallel Life] n5MD
Vittoria Fleet :: It Begins [Acht] n5MD
The Future Sound of London :: Somatosensory [Environment 5] s/r
Jvox :: Time to Rise [Strange Universe] Component
Displacer :: RZLA (MMX Metamix) [Black Lotus] The Crime League
Production Unit Zero :: Adrift in Spacedust [Neon] Component
Nebulo :: Canon [Akzidens] Stomoxine
Boards of Canada :: Seeya Later [Hi Scores EP Re-issue] Skam
Eyesix :: Geodesic [Limerence] Sparkwood
BeK :: Bathroom [Cheikh EP] Kaometry
Iuengliss :: Down Cosm [Down Cosm] Plastic Sound Supply
Roel Funcken :: Cheen Groice [The Silence Was Warm V5] Symbolic Interaction
Esem :: Bioluminescence [Aquanaut EP] s/r
Petrichoir :: Hour Eyes A Muse [Twineman] s/r
Tangent :: Bloom [Transience] Tympanik Audio
Anodyne :: No Gods Come Here [Ten Years…] Combat
Kero, Drasko V, Valance Drakes :: Exponent (VD rmx) [T ½] Detroit Underground
Annie Hall :: SADA ABE [Random Paraphilia] Detroit Underground
Hosmoz :: Remajak (Trdlx rmx) [Fading Mechanisms] Bedroom Research
Lokom :: Halo 128 [Sweet Home and Gasoline] Kaometry
Moss Garden :: Shadowland [In the Silence of the Subconscious] Carpe Sonum
The Shamen :: In The Bag [Hyperreal UK single] One Little Indian

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