Playlist #542

Meat Beat Manifesto :: Digital Ear [Intro] Jack Dangers
Trdlx :: Core War [Dystopia] VoxxoV
Einoma :: Khanin [Milli Tonverka] Vertical Form
RD :: Fwum [Archive] The Designed Disorder
Nonima :: Escape Path (Dekode rmx) [Departure:RMX] Mitoma Industries
Autechre :: Cichli [Chiastic Slide] Warp
Arovane :: Amine [Atol Scrap] DIN
Arovane :: Gaed Ventr [Ve Palor] n5MD
Dead Fader :: Tap [Blood Forest] Robot Elephant
Edoc :: Never Forget [You Hurt Me EP] Detroit Underground
Multiplex :: Xpand [Xpand] U-Cover
Loess :: Sonde [Wind and Water] n5MD
Yasume :: Sing The Noise [Where We’re From…] City Centre Offices
Point 7 :: One Movie [What?] Toytronic
Patch :: Sinaaq [1 Degree C] Cartesian Binary
Patch :: Taaule [1 Degree C] Cartesian Binary
Moss Garden :: Floating in Memories [In The Silence…] Carpe Sonum
10-20 :: jjuvxszla [10-20] Highpoint Lowlife
Aaron Spectre :: 4 Voices [Lost Tracks] Ad Noiseam
Ab Ovo :: You Are Very Far Now [Mouvements] Ant-Zen
Christian Kleine :: Crystal [Beyond Repair] City Centre Offices
Herrmann & Kleine :: Still Tired [Our Noise] Morr Music
E_LPHABET :: Dub Pathology [Middle Line] 33
E_LPHABET :: Dooms Day [Dooms Day] 33
Known Rebel :: Reborn [Ocelo EP] Mindtrick
Dryft :: The Blur Vent [The Blur Vent] n5MD
Driftmachine :: To Nowhere pt.2 [Nocturnes] Umor Rex
Driftmachine :: Call MrMoriba [Nocturnes] Umor Rex
Trdlx :: Pancake Ice [Dystopia] VoxxoV
Boards of Canada :: Sunshine Recorder [Geogaddi] Warp
Boards of Canada :: In A Beautiful Place… [In A Beautiful Place….] Warp
Bola :: Forcasa 3 [Soup] Skam
Gimmik :: Square Two [{Back to Basics)] Toytronic

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Playlist #541 :: TRDLX ‘Dystopia’ (release of the week)

Meat Beat Manifesto :: Digital Ear [D::N] Jack Dangers
TRDLX :: Lexomorray – Lost In Dub Jungle [Dystopia] VoxxoV
Skytree :: Great Central Sun [Cirrus Sapiens] Skytree Music
Gescom :: Two Of [0161] Skam
Paralelo :: Neue Strassen I [Berlin Wall of Sound] UNOIKI
Ignatius :: 808rem [Nodding’s Uses] Buried In Time
Cascade Data :: tachy2 [Cascade Data] Buried In Time
Autechre :: newbound [L-event EP] Warp
Ocoeur :: North [A Parallel Life] n5MD
Glanko :: 2944 [Alset] Halbsicht
Infinite Scale :: Hello Harry [Living Moments] s/r
Idlefon :: Where Voices Vanish [Intensive Collectivity…] Tympanik Audio
DNN :: Early Morning [Try to Feel] Halbsicht
Traject :: Path [Birting] Creative Spaces
TRDLX :: Omsk [Dystopia] VoxxoV
Teebs :: Shoouss Lullaby [E s t a r a] Brainfeeder
David Douglas :: Moon Observations [Moon Observations] Atomnation
Logreybeam :: Autumnal Tints (w/ Latrondex) [False Start] False Industries
Huron :: Landscape of Autumn [The Other Side of Reality] Raumklang
Access to Arasaka :: inc(tumbler) [void();] Tympanik Audio
Zentriert Ins Anlitz :: Phreneticus […No] Tympanik Audio
Lapsed :: Twilight 7 [Twilight] Ad Noiseam
Near The Parenthesis :: This Way [Cloud.Not Mountain] n5MD
Random Value :: Last Days [Chromatic Aberration] Clean Error
Tim Tetlow :: The Real Miracle [Beauty Walks a RazorÕs Edge] Planet Mu
The Detroit Escalator Co. :: Shifting Gears [Excerpts] Peacefrog
The Detroit Escalator Co. :: Force [Soundtrack [313]] Ferox
Boards of Canada :: Happy Cycling [Peel Sessions EP] Warp
Boards of Canada :: Telephasic Workshop [Music HasÉ] Warp
Brothomstates :: Mr. Kitschock [Claro] Warp
Brothomstates :: Vleade [Qtio EP] Warp
Brothomstates :: Jak Got Stuck In Canada… [Qtio EP] Warp
Preghost :: Snow Leopard [Ghost Story] n5MD

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D::N release of the week :: TRDLX Dystopia (VoxxoV)

Playlist #540 :: Random Value ‘Chromatic Aberration’ (release of the week)

Meat Beat Manifesto :: Digital Ear [D::N] Jack Dangers
Tonikom :: Watching From Here [The Sniper’s Veil] Hymen
Tonikom :: Thirtywodegress [Epoch] Hymen
This Morn’ Omina :: (The) Sixth Order [L’unification Des Forces…] Ant-Zen
FSOL :: Amoeba [Isdn (Live)] ebV
FSOL :: We Have Explosive [Dead Cities] ebV
Plaid :: Ooh Be Do o[Double Figure] Warp
Aphex Twin :: The Waxen Pith […I Care Because You Do] Sire
No Movement… :: Acetate (Claro Intelecto Remix) [Remove/Acetate] Lux Nigra
Random Value :: Jesabo Notic Alaskan [Chromatic Aberration] Clean Error
Boards of Canada :: Nothing Is Real [Tomorrow’s Harvest] Warp
eyesix :: All the Clouds [Limerence] Sparkwood
Xurba :: Reinitiation [Third Symbol] Kahvi Collective
Herrmann & Kleine :: Still Tired [Our Noise] Morr Music
Dryft :: Capsize Ctrl [The Blur Vent] n5MD
Dryft :: Marked Velotin [Ventricle] n5MD
Ten and Tracer :: Kerr [A Secret is a Poisonous Snake] CARE / Konque
Ocoeur :: A Parallel Life [A Parallel Life] n5MD
Tangent :: Radiating Singularity [Transience] Tympanik Audio
FSOL :: Slider [Isdn (Live)] ebV
Snowbeasts :: Under the Ice [Snowbeasts] Component
Wolke :: All The Pictures Will Be Gone [All The Pictures Will Be Gone] Abandon Building
Idlefon :: Of Rust [Intensive Collectivity Known as City] Tympanik Audio
Miguel Isaza :: Transparencia [Levedad] Eter Lab
Fennesz :: Static Kinds [The Liar] Mego
XTRNGR :: Uncover your imagination [Climbing] Discontinu
Random Value :: Coins [Chromatic Aberration] Clean Error
port-royal :: anya:sehnsucht [Afraid to Dance] Resonant
FSOL :: Part 4 [Cascade] Virgin
No Movement… :: Edit (Pole Remix) [Remove/Acetate] Lux Nigra
Snowbeasts :: Strange Footprints [Snowbeasts] Component
Moss Garden :: Floating in Memories [In the Silence…] Carpe Sonum
Maps and Diagrams :: Jaxom (Spina) [The Town Beneath the Sea] NKR
Driftmachine :: To Nowhere pt.1 [Nocturnes] Umor Rex
Jerome Chassagnard :: Floating [Inner Dialog] Hymen
Meat Beat Manifesto :: The Woods [Subliminal Sandwich] PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: The Utterer [Subliminal Sandwich] PIAS

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D::N release of the week :: Random Value Chromatic Aberration (Clean Error)