Playlist #539 :: Driftmachine ‘Nocturnes’ (release of the week)

Meat Beat Manifesto :: Digital Ear [D::N] Jack Dangers
S.Sturgis :: Free [In A Haze EP] Positron
Driftmachine :: Call Mr. Moriba [Nocturnes] Umor Rex
Nmls :: On Air (K-not rmx) [Transmission EP] Component
2ndMouse :: Walking in my Shoes [Communique] s/r
Tangent :: Reformed Construct [Transcience] Tympanik Audio
Ocoeur :: Universe [A Parallel Life] n5MD
Glanko :: Transform hn [Alset] Halbsicht
SSI :: E Pluribus Unum I [E Pluribus Unum EP] Azra / Chlorophyll
Dryft :: These Walls [The Blur Vent] n5MD
Tycho :: Adrift [Dive] Ghostly International
Boards of Canada :: Split Your Infinities [Tomorrow’s Harvest] Warp
Ten and Tracer :: Withered, But what Personality [A Secret…] CARE / Konque)
Idlefon :: In the Sea [Intensive Collectivity Known as City] Tympanik Audio
Asymmetrical Head :: Black Awareness (Live) [Information World EP] Bewegung
Jerome Chassagnard :: Sparkle / Time [Inner Dialog] Hymen
Plaid :: Wallet [Reachy Prints] Warp
Speedy J :: Drainpipe [Public Energy No.1] Plus 8
Scorn :: Exodus (Scorn mix) [Ellipsis]
Stoloff & Hopkinson :: Idead [Idead_Dual_Woodpecker] Pause_2
Autechre :: Maetl [Incunabula] Warp
David Kristian :: I Have A Drug (Phoenecia) [Woodworking…] Alien8
Phoenecia :: Two-Part Invention [Demissions] Schematic/DetUnd
Phoenecia :: Diganesa [Brownout] Schematic Music Co.
Lowfish :: Finishing the Stereotypes [Eliminator] Suction
Solvent :: Rel’s Comb [Solvent] Suction
Crisopa :: Ruled by Strange New Laws [Biodance] n5MD
port-royal :: Putin vs Valery [Afraid To Dance] Resonant
port-royal :: Jeka [Flares] Resonant
Mr. Projectile :: Slow Rewards [Sinking] Merck
Mr. Projectile :: Capcavernal [Pug Times] Merck
Syntaks :: Stars Fall on the Shore [Awakes] Benbecula
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Chimie Du Son [Answers Come in Dreams] Hydrogen Dukebox
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Radiation Dub […In Dub] Run

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D::N release of the week :: Driftmachine Nocturnes (Umor Rex)

Playlist #538 feat. Randomform m:x no:10 ‘Instruments of Darkness’


Randomform Mix 10

Meat Beat Manifesto :: Digital Ear [Intro] Jack Dangers
Phylum Sinter :: Back 2,1 (Anklebiter rmx) [Colony Collapse Reorder] DetUnd
Asymmetrical Head :: Information World (ext.) [Information World EP] Bewegung
tay0 :: Cloudbound [Back to the Source EP] s/r
Driftmachine :: To Nowhere pt.2 [Nocturnes] Umor Rex
Fragile Balloon :: Alone or Something [Lamprophonies] Numb Capsule
Laica :: ID Situations (Decadnids rmx) [ID Situation EP] Phatic Musk
Ignatius :: radiusb [NoddingÕs Uses] Buried In Time
Melorman :: Hold Us [Out In a Field] Sun Sea Sky
Northcape :: Raytracing [Glasshouse] Sun Sea Sky
Ganko :: vathal [Alset] Halbsicht
Nonima :: Escape Path (Dekode rmx) [Departure:RMX] Mitoma Industries
Dryft :: Czalyon [The Blur Vent] n5MD
VHS Head :: Dead to Morrow [Persistence of Vision] Skam
Random Value :: More Power [Chromatic Aberration] Clean Error

RANDOMFORM :: M:X No:10 Instruments of Darkness
The Art Of Noise :: Instruments Of Darkness [China Records] 1986
Skinny Puppy :: Dig It [Play It Again Sam] 1986
Bigod 20 :: Kreusch [Sire] 1992
Nitzer Ebb :: Join In The Chant (Metal Mix) [Mute] 1987
Front 242 :: Headhunter (V1.0) [Red Rhino Europe] 1988
Yum Yum :: Einstein [Zoth Ommog] 1990
Bigod 20 :: The Bog (Shot Mix) [Sire] 1990
Front Line Assembly :: Mindphaser [Third Mind Records] 1992
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Helter Skelter [Play It Again Sam] 1990
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Track 15 [Play It Again Sam] 1990
Clock DVA :: Sound Mirror II [Wax Trax!] 1990
Cyberaktif :: Nothing Stays [Wax Trax!] 1990
Stromkern :: Heretic I (Inquisition) [Broken Seal] 1996
Gridlock :: Retina [Pendragon Records] 1997
Skinny Puppy :: Process [American Recordings] 1996
Consolidated :: Consolidated (Radio Mix) [Nettwerk] 1989
Noise Unit :: The Drain [Metropolis] 1996
Download :: Suni C [Nettwerk, Sub-Conscious Communications] 1996

Plaid :: Ropen [Reachy Prints] Warp
Ganko :: ac [Alset] Halbsicht
Asymmetrical Head :: Convex Hull [Information World EP] Bewegung
Driftmachine :: Reveil des Oiseaux [Nocturnes] Umor Rex
Jerome Chassagnard :: Urban Sand [Inner Dialog] Hymen

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Playlist #537 :: Dryft ‘The Blur Vent’ (release of the week)

Meat Beat Manifesto :: Digital Ear [D::N] Jack Dangers
Plaid :: Matin Lunaire [Reachy Prints] Warp
Defrag :: If you were a dream [Drown] Hymen
Skytree :: Cloud People [Cirrus Sapiens] Skytree Music
Mend :: You know me [Vanishing Point] Alphabasic
Mud :: Fried Acid Acid [Acid Offspring] Buried In Time
Adapta :: Low Rise [Present Tense] Touchin’ Bass
Glanko :: prol5 [Alset] Halbsicht
Access To Arasaka :: Jody [Oppidan] Tympanik Audio / Spectraliquid
Driftmachine :: Sternenmeer [Nocturnes] Umor Rex
Loomis & Jones Ft. lee’tal :: Motion (Breakdown rmx) [Motion] Loomis & Jones
Moss Garden :: Daily Catachresis [In the Silence of the Subconscious] Carpe Sonum
Petrichoir :: Jante [Twineman] s/r
Pattern Behavior :: Eliphas [Collapsar] The Crime League
Nonima :: Nanoarrow (v2) [Departed:RMX] Mitoma Industries
Atomic Reactor :: Spirit State [Android Soul] Addictech
Asymmetrical Head :: A Serious Fault [Information World EP] Bewegung
Jerome Chassagnard :: Sea-shell Necklace [Inner Dialog] Hymen
tay0 :: Cloudbound [Back to the Source] s/r
Dryft :: Blue Windows [The Blur Vent] n5MD
Mokhov :: Golden Waves [Future Hope] Sun Sea Sky
Teebs :: NY Pt.1 [E s t a r a] Brainfeeder
Known Rebel :: Ocelo [Ocelo EP] Mindtrick
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Token Words [Answers Come in Dreams] Hydrogen Dukebox
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Hallucination Generation [99%] Mute
Meat Beat Manifesto :: The Tweak [Actual Sounds & Voices] PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Untitled x 2 [Free Piece Suite] Run
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Simulacra [Subliminal Sandwich] PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Intermission Dub […In Dub] Run

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D::N release of the week :: Dryft The Blur Vent (n5MD)