Playlist #530 :: Wooky ‘Montjuic’ (release of the week)

Meat Beat Manifesto :: Digital Ear [D::N] Jack Dangers
Enabl.ed :: 6 years and 8 VideosÉ [#DatGlitch] Clean Error
Annie Hall :: Bandit 28930 (R. Devine rmx) [Random Paraphilia] Detroit Underground
Weldroid :: Not Your FaultÉ (IllÕs Bipolar Disorder [Protozorq Remixes]
Franck Kartell :: Afterlife [Afterlife] Bass Agenda
Atiq & EnK :: Moonlit Tea Party (SubOctane rmx) [Embracing the Unknown] Mindtrick
Suboctane :: Solution [Underground Traffic] Mindtrick
the_empath :: Re-quietude (Dirk Geiger rework) [Growling Unrest] Hymen
Wooky :: Lisboa [Montjuic] spa.RK
Enkephalin :: Climatic Behaviours [Cloud Surfer EP] Kaometry :: Ae1 Ghoeb ( rmx) [Terrestrial] Self-Released
MultiColor :: A Special Moment (Balkansky rmx) [Cyclicty EP] Tympanik Audio
Shadow Priest :: Everseen [Street Theatre] Section 27
Shadow Priest :: Eightyfour [Street Theatre] Section 27
Echaskech :: Test Exposure [Form | Function EP] Just Music
King of the Mountain :: Zebra Girls [Zoetrope] Melodic
Nmls :: On Air [Transmission EP] Component
Anklebiter :: Tickle Monster [Weight of a Pronoun] The Crime League
Mental D-struction :: Erase [Leben Uber Alies…] Night Terror
Nonima :: Escape Path [Departure EP] Pripyat
Iuengliss :: Descent [Down Cosm] Plastic Sound Supply
Jacob Birge :: galan [Fountainhead EP] Acre
Autechre :: newbound [L-Event EP] Warp
Autechre :: Basscadubrmx [Basscad EP] Warp
Autechre :: 444 [Incunabula] Warp

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D::N release of the week :: Wooky Montjuic (spa.RK)

Playlist #529 :: Shadow Priest ‘Street Theatre’ (release of the week)

Meat Beat Manifesto :: Digital Ear [D::N] Jack Dangers
Weldroid :: Morning Blinds (Nonima rmx) [Protozorq Remixes]
XTRNGR :: Driving Noises [Climbing] Discontinu
Dead Fader :: Town [Scorched] Robot Elephant
Nmls :: Transmission (Zyxt rmx [Transmission EP] Component
Anklebiter :: Shape of Rage [Weight of a Pronoun] The Crime League
eyesix :: Lacuna [Limerence] Sparkwood
Shadow Priest :: Sun [Street Theatre] Section 27
Franck Kartell :: Brain Dead [Afterlife] Bass Agenda
BeK :: Unfinished (Le-Porche Oreille rmx) [Cheikh EP] Kaometry
Enabl.ed :: Rephlexian Scholar [#DatGlitch] Clean Error
Wooky :: Inicii Skin [Montjuic] spa.RK
Weldroid :: Survival Kit [Protozorq Remixes]
Nev.era :: Con.tacto [Presion Profunda] Discontinu
Cyance :: Blunt [Aphelion EP] Mindtrick :: The Singularity is Near [Terrestrial] Self-Released
Dead Fader :: Tap [Blood Forest] Robot Elephant
Dead Fader :: In Cover [Blood Forest] Robot Elephant
Echaskech :: Scanners [Origin] Just Music
Rec_overflow :: Amor Gatuno [Friendly Integration V2] Detroit Underground
Derek Michael :: Melting Point [Friendly Integration V2] Detroit Underground
Shadowhuntaz :: That Aint Were its @ [Corrupt Data Instrumentals] Skam
Shadowhuntaz :: Trenches [Corrupt Data Instrumentals] Skam
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Transmission [Subliminal Sandwich] PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Yuri [R.U.O.K?] Run/TinoCorp.
Cyance :: Demonic [Aphelion EP] Mindtrick
Jon Porras :: Apeiron [Light Divide EP] Thrill Jockey

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D::N release of the week :: Shadow Priest Street Theatre (Section 27)

Playlist #528 :: Nmls ‘Transmission’ (release of the week)

Meat Beat Manifesto :: Digital Ear [D::N] Jack Dangers
Nmls :: On Air [Transmission EP] Component
Nmls :: On Air (K-not rmx) [Transmission EP] Component
Clockvice :: Places Where We’d Lose Ourselves [Nomen EP] Enig’matik
I AWAKE :: Soft Lightening [Tierra EP] Ultimae
Dead Fader :: Lousey [Blood Forest] Robot Elephant
Enabl.ed :: Early Breakfast with a side of Lexaunculpt Toast [#DatGlitch] Clean Error
Nearfield :: Time [G5 EP] Clean Error
Wooky :: Inicii Skin [Montjuic] spa.RK
eyesix :: Idaho Transfer [Limerence] Sparkwood
Shadow Priest :: Love [Street Theatre] Section 27
Nmls :: Transmission [Transmission EP] Component
KiloWatts :: Gollum Fingers [Severn Succulents] KiloWatts Music
Rusuden :: Spirit Animal [Volna] Soho Six
Boards Of Canada :: Palace Posy [Tomorrow’s Harvest] Warp
Dead Fader :: In Cover single B side, Hiphoop [Blood Forest] Robot Elephant
Jacob Birge :: vaeqt [Fountainhead EP] Acre
David Last :: Green [Early] Mesa
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Electric People [Subliminal Sandwich] PIAS
Baby Kruger :: Sexual Shetland (Joe Lentini rmx) [Selkie] Schematic
Bass Kittens :: Rare Bread [The Electro Compendium] Anti-Social Network
DHS :: Attention Earth People [Attention Earth People] TinoCorp.
Exillon :: Joqavz [It’s OK To Dance] Ad Noiseam
Mr. Atomic :: BioRobotic Lifeform [SubAtomik Freque EP] Outside
Lowfish :: fatBlex [Eliminator] Suction

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D::N release of the week :: Nmls Transmission EP (Component)