Playlist #525 :: Atiq & EnK ‘Embracing the Uknown’ (release of the week)

Meat Beat Manifesto :: Digital Ear [D::N] Jack Dangers
Nearfield :: G5 (Nearfield’s Alt mix) [G5 EP] Clean Error
Atiq & EnK :: Moonlit Tea Party (Semiomime rmx) [Embracing the Unknown] Mindtrick
Echaskech :: Scanners [Origin] Just Music
Iuengliss :: Down Cosm [Down Cosm] Plastic Sound Supply
Xo:re :: Platform I [Cell EP] Enig’matik
Nev.era :: Con.tacto [Con.tacto EP] Discontinu
Kero :: MMVSMD [Friendly Integration V2] Detroit Underground
Nonima :: Gravity Prescription [Macro Flinching] Section 27
Aphex Twin :: Analogue Bubblebath 1 [Classics] R&S
Tim Tetlow :: Alpha Emotion [Beauty Walks a Razor’s Edge] Planet Mu
Christian Kleine :: Beyond Repair [Beyond Repair] City Centre Offices
Casino Versus Japan :: Go Hawaii [Go Hawaii] CCO
Ulrich Schnauss :: Between Us and Them [Far Away Trains…] CCO
Ulrich Schnauss :: A Letter from Home [A Strangely Isolated Place] CCO
Syntaks :: Big Sur [Awakes] Benbecula
Diamat :: Misunderstood Pt.2 [Being is the Sum of Appearing] n5MD
Atra Aeterna :: The Last of the Lost [Cut / Collide] s/r
Boc Scadet :: Concol [Temporary Oceans] Sun Sea Sky
Legion of Green Men :: Synaptic Responses (Faculties of Cognition) [Spatial Specific] Plus 8
Meat Beat Manifesto :: United Nations (E.T.C.) [Subliminal Sandwich] PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: The Utterer [Subliminal Sandwich] PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: All The Things You Are [99%] Mute
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Dynamite Fresh [R.U.O.K.] Tino Corp.

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D::N release of the week :: Atiq & EnK Embracing the Unknown (Mindtrick)

Playlist #524 :: Nearfield ‘G5’ (release of the week)

Meat Beat Manifesto :: Digital Ear [D::N] Jack Dangers
Sean Byrd :: Inside [Always Was] Plastic Sound Supply
Echaskech :: Ash Fallen [Origin] Just Music
Brim Liski :: Plume (Sean Byrd remix) [The Repetitions EP] Plastic Sound Supply
Nearfield :: Time [G5 EP] Clean Error
Iuengliss :: Descent (Scaffolding rmx) [Down Cosm] Plastic Sound Supply
Arovane :: leptr [Ve Palor] n5MD
Architect :: Neverending [Mine] Hymen
Yasume :: 2112 Crescent Heights [Where We’re From…] CCO
Atiq & EnK :: Moonlit Tea Party (Atiq’s Cup of Tea rmx) [Embracing the Unknown] Mindtrick
Mitoma :: Triangle Reprise [Iso:Forms] Brainstormlab
Speyer :: Connecting To You [Main Control Board] Lagunamuch
Dama :: Voyage 2 [theVoyage EP] Layer Based Human Activity
Nearfield :: G5 (Iameb 57 rmx) [G5 EP] Clean Error
Rentip :: Selective Memory Loss (Sever by Displacer) [Routine Remixes] The Crime League
Mental D-struction :: Erase [Leben Uber Aliese] Night Terror
Edoc :: Never Forget [You Hurt Me EP] Detroit Underground
Jesse Somfay :: No Ghost Woke [So Slow Heart EP] Detroit Underground
Ripple :: Regratmented [Refragmented] Hopskotch
Autechre :: rew(1) [Move Of Ten] Warp
Datacrashrobot :: Mmic [Bass Agenda V1] Bass Agenda
Fluorescent Grey :: Rakosa V [The Masonic Assassination of William Morgan] s/r
4T Thieves :: Sunshine in the Rain [The Expanse] Kahvi
Hecq :: Steeltongued (Si Begg unreleased alt. rmx) [Horror Vacui] Hymen
Echaskech :: Metic [Origin] Just Music
Atiq & EnK :: Stay With the Familiar (Zinovia Vocalized rmx) [Embracing the Unknown] Mindtrick
Sean Byrd :: What To Say [Always Was] Plastic Sound Supply

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D::N release of the week :: Nearfield G5 EP (Clean Error)

Playlist #523 feat. D-FRIED igloomag mix

D-FRIED igloomag mix

D-Fried igloomag mix

Meat Beat Manifesto :: Digital Ear [D::N] Jack Dangers
Mik La Vage :: Tensile [Future Conduit] Idio Sync
Mitoma :: Alpha Station (Nonima rmx) [Satellite Hive RMX] Section 27
Pistel :: Tour De Force [Electronic Dub Collective 2] BPM
Not Breathing :: Bebe BaronÕs Panties [Carrion Sounds] KimoSciotic
The Forger :: Microphone Test [Test EP] Flexidisc
Tycho :: Systems [The Science of Patterns] s/r
Bad Loop :: Nth [Fragments EP] Soft Phase
ENV(itre) :: Qumarr [Ruct EP] Detroit Underground
Dama :: Voyage 3 [theVoyage EP] Layer Based Human Activity
Edoc :: Forgetting the Future [You Hurt Me EP] Detroit Underground
Echaskech :: Test Exposure [Form | Function EP] Just Music
Rumpistol :: Adrift [Away] Rump
Plaster :: Radon [Soyuz EP] Crazy Language
Autechre :: Runrepik [Exai] Warp
Fluorescent Grey :: Banean [The Masonic Assassination of William Morgan] s/r

D-FRIED :: LDN-TKY-BCN [ mix] Discontinu
Featuring music by D-Bridge, Secal, Geskia, Xtrngr, Fugeed & The White Elephants, Es.tereo, Nev.era, Paradrags, Consequence and Antennasia

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Playlist #522 :: Iuengliss ‘Down Cosm’ (release of the week)

Meat Beat Manifesto :: Digital Ear [D::N] Jack Dangers
Bitstream :: Open Sesame [Domestic Economy 7] Modern Love
Nonima :: Waratel [Departure EP] Pripyat
Wirewound vs.Datacrashrobot :: Unknown Sector [Xylogic Splitter EP] Crazy Language
Phoenecia :: Two-Part Invention… (V. Drakes rmx) [Beta Bodega Coalition 2K12] Schematic
Takeshi Muto & Joe Lentini :: Opossum Pouch [Nourishment by Radio] Schematic
Iuengliss :: Descent [Down Cosm] Plastic Sound Supply
Kaeba :: Mirrorless (pt 1-2) [Mirrorless EP] self-released
Fluorescent Grey :: Telsius [The Masonic Assassination of William Morgan] self-released
Erratic :: Flotation Dub [Downward Echoes EP] Acre
Valance Drakes :: Freedom is an Illusion [Stranger Symphony EP] Schematic
Midimode :: Ferrumones [Spaceability] Enpeg
Hecq :: 243p [Horror Vacui] Hymen
Octavcat :: Nguyen [In Memory of Old Gear] Uncharted Audio
Scanone :: Menace 44 [Scenes] Yellow Machine
Global Goon :: Fluwephss [Music Sans Frontiers] Balkan Vinyl
Esem :: Dive [Aquanaut EP] self-released
Ghost Station :: Sardines [Ghost Station] Lost Frequencies
DraskoV :: Quantum_Shift_ [Friendly Integration V2] Detroit Underground
Miles Tilmann :: Wrong Move [Xenon EP] The Consumers R&D
ENV(itre) :: Framage [Ruct EP] Detroit Underground
Somatic Responses :: Travel Advice (eat around the egg) [Sketches] Photon Emissions
Keosz :: Fate [Fate EP] Crackling Claps
Xurba :: Serina [The Green Man] Electric Studio
LPF12 :: The Place You Called Home [Rising Through Barricades] The Crime League
Plaster :: Alight to the Earth [Nemesis EP] Touchin’ Bass
AFTR :: Dronos [Exothing EP] Cunei Media
Einoma :: Blindaedin [Milli Tonverka] Vertical Form
Ambot :: Azmol Cevz [A] Etalabel
Bvdub & Lossil :: Thanatos [Erebus] Glacial Movements
Matt Robertson :: Not Joining [Forecast] Cartesian Binary
Valance Drakes :: In Pursuit of Happiness [Wisdom Comes Through Struggles EP] Luana

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D::N release of the week :: Iuengliss Down Cosm (Plastic Sound Supply)

Playlist #521 :: Esem ‘Aquanaut’ (release of the week)

Meat Beat Manifesto :: Digital Ear [D::N] Jack Dangers
Roel Funcken :: ALHB84001 [Fes Bace EP] Eat Concrete
Hosmoz :: Srom [Vulva EP] Bedroom Research/DetUnd
ADJ :: Beat [Beats, Blips and other Dimensions] Shameless Toady
Jeff Pills :: Kalkbreite [Useless]
Dama :: John Doe E [John Doe EP] 33
Nina Georgieva :: Mloski-An Introduction To Labyrinth (rmx) [Collision Detect] Enig’matik
Tipper :: Cyclewithincycles (Sun In Aquarius rmx) [Bootleg Promo] Enig’matik
Pauk :: Insekt 3 (Cauto rmx) [Remixed] Discontinu
Kaeba :: Stereopticon ( rmx) [Mirrorless EP] s/r
Subjex :: Fractal Geometry [Echo System] Schematic Music Co.
Not Breathing :: Current (Jack Dangers rmx) [Dude Ranch EP] s/r
Suboctane :: Existentialism [Underground Traffic] Mindtrick
10-20 :: Dust [Magnet Marsh] Broken20
Sense :: ardk-etmis [AXxil Of Macial EP] DetUnd/Psychonavigation
Arovane :: Amine [Atol Scrap] DiN
Esem :: Ssyeru [Aquanaut EP] s/r
Autechre :: st epreo [Oversteps] Warp
D-Fried :: Lies Booklet [The Lost Tomorrow] Discontinu
Fade Runner :: Klenddathu [Fade Runner EP] Bedroom Research
Gyu :: Supreme Being [Supreme Being] Drawn :: Artificial Intelligence (ATA rmx) […At the End of it All Rmxd] Tympanik Audio :: Moonshine [Descending Into Crevasse] Glacial Movements
Crisopa :: Ruled by Strange New Laws [Biodance] n5MD
Crisopa :: Gaviot [Biodance] n5MD
Bogmon :: SubWreck (Senor Frio rmx) [Echoes in the Void] Buried In Time
Valance Drakes :: Our own private Heaven 2.0 [Morphing Into…] Irrational Media
Anodyne :: Empire of Light (Dead Fader rmx) [4 Empires EP] Combat

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D::N release of the week :: Esem Aquanaut EP (s/r)