Playlist #513 :: Claethan ‘Ghost Particles’ (release of the week)

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Claethan :: Noth Endings [Ghost Particles EP] Clean Error
Plaster :: Reflex in the Gloom [Nemesis EP] Touchin’ Bass
Wirewound vs. Datacrashrobot :: Disilyne [Xylogic Splitter EP] Crazy Language
Clark :: Amon TobinÑKitchen Sink (Clark rmx) [Feast / Beast] Warp
DraskoV :: Quantum_Shift [Friendly Integration V2] Detroit Underground
Kubus :: Peng [Benefit for the Psycho-In-Active] Eat Concrete
Nev.Era :: Con.Tacto (edit) [Con.tacto EP] Discontinu
Nev.era :: Esc.peranza [Acuario EP] Lovethechaos
BellÕs Worth :: Clutch [Bountiful Findings EP] Clean Error
LPF12 :: I Fall… But I Shall Rise [Rising Through Barricades] The Crime League
Ghost Bike :: Up in Her Room, Just Sleeping [Sun of the Dead] n5MD
Maduro :: Burn the Negatives [Terror is the Night] Octofoil
Autechre :: newbound [L-Event EP] Warp
Valance Drakes :: In Pursuit of Happiness [Wisdom Comes Through Struggles EP] Luano
Hecq :: Rye [Horror Vacuii] Hymen
Keosz :: Revenge [Fate EP] Crackling Claps
Preghost :: Snow Leopard [Ghost Story] n5MD
Crisopa :: Planets with Lava Oceans [Biodance] n5MD
Nonima :: Wavefire [Macro Flinching] Section 27
Ambot :: Ameridium [A] Etalabel
Dissolved :: Stickleback Red [Surge of the Lucid] Daddy Tank
Ulrich Schnauss :: The Weight of Darkening Skies [A Long Way to Fall] Scripted Realities
Future Sound of London :: Her Face Forms In Summertime [Dead Cities] ebV
Future Sound of London :: Part 1 [Cascade] Virgin

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D::N release of the week :: Claethan Ghost Particles (Clean Error)

Playlist #512 :: Maduro ‘Terror Is The Night’ (release of the week)

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Kero :: MMVSMD [Friendly Integration V2] Detroit Underground
Plaster :: Alight to the Earth [Nemesis EP] TouchinÕ Bass
Maduro :: Jinxed [Terror is the Night] Octofoil
Takeshi Muto & Joe Lentini :: Opossum Pouch [Nourishment by Radio] Schematic
Phoenecia :: Gesundheit [Demissions] Schematic / DetUnd
Phoenecia :: Y-Intercpnkt [Randa Roomet EP] Warp
Eezir :: Destination Threshold [Galactic Parata EP] Detroit Underground
Sync 24 :: Night Scenes (Carl Finlow rmx( [Life Scenes EP] Electrix
Hecq :: The Descent feat. Nebulo (Roel Funcken rmx) [Horror Vacui] Hymen
Roel Funcken :: Demic [Friendly Integration V2] Detroit Underground
Keosz :: Fate [Fate EP] Crackling Claps
Nonima :: Adviruz (Nonima rmx) [Remixes V2] Self-Released
Displacer :: Dead Man (Golden Stairs mix) [Neoteric Components] Component
Xurba :: Eclishia [Third Symbol] Kahvi Collective
Xurba :: The Ischronal Omen [Euphoria Industries Inc.] Xurbatronics
Arovane :: Leptr [Ve Palor] n5MD
Badun :: Fradig James [s.o.t.s] Schematic
Claethan :: Methic [Ghost Particles] Clean Error
The Oceanographer :: This is Not Futuristic [B Minor] Detroit Underground
Aphelion :: Syd [Zugzwang] Defocus
Params :: Cyclic [Grids Grains & Waves] Self-Released
Dissolved :: Reassembled Vision [Macro Flinching] Section 27
Planet Pluto :: Super Cush [Friendly Integration V2] Detroit Underground
Erratic :: Flotation Dub [Downward Echoes EP] Acre
Architect :: Neverending [Mine] Hymen
Hecq :: Flame I [Horror Vacui] Hymen

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D::N release of the week :: Maduro Terror Is The Night (Octofoil)