Playlist #504 :: David Elsewhere ‘Amalgamix’


David Elsewhere Amalgamix

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Rontronik :: Shakka [Quatro EP] Self-Released
Rory St John :: Unceremony [Lugeri Sonus III] Acre
Luthor :: Warm Wax [Minor EP] Crackling Claps
Ambot :: Ameridium [A] Etalabel

David Elsewhere :: Amalgamix (info/download mix)
Featuring tracks by Amon Tobin, Andrea Parker, Aphex Twin, Arovane, Autechre, Boards Of Canada, Cylob, Datatheif, DJ Cam, Jega, Kraftwerk, Muziq, Orbital, Phonem, Plaid, Speedy J, Squarepusher, Theivery Corporation and more!

Ben Milstein :: Anemic Liters [Lugeri Sonus III] Acre
Dekode :: Lost Transmission (Nonima rmx) [Dying Star] Pripyat
NKH :: Four (To The Floor) Criteria [Quatro EP] Self-Released

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Playlist #503 :: Ambot ‘A’ (release of the week)

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Bass Kittens :: Das Erdgeschoss (Volum rmx) [120] Pretension
Volum :: Forced States of Matter (Bass Kittens rmx) [120] Pretension
Datacrashrobot :: Bacteriophage [PHI X 174] Pripyat
Bass Kittens :: Complex Chemistry (All Stars rmx) […Complex Chemistry] Pretension
Carl Finlow :: Hashtag (Fleck E.S.C. rmx) [Boot Loop EP] Electrix
Joseph Morton :: Split [Split EP] [d]-tached
Syndrom :: Hey Darling [Earthbound EP] Errance
Ambot :: Alfa Pinen [A] Etalabel
Autechre :: Eutow [Tri Repetae++] Warp
SubtractiveLAD :: Remain Removed [Giving Up the Ghost] n5MD
To Skiagrafhma :: American Drugstore is Blue [Dinner with Alexia EP] 33
Mojo Rising :: You Dig [On The Horizon] Cold Busted
Cuttooth :: FM Radio [Cuttooth LP] 4 Lux
Aphex Twin :: Schotkey 7th Path [Selected Ambient Works 85Ñ92] R&S
Boards Of Canada :: Telepath [Tomorrow’s Harvest] Warp
Valance Drakes :: In Pursuit of Happiness [Wisdom Comes Through Struggles EP] Luano
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Luminol [Answers Come in Dreams] Hydrogen Dukebox
Darkened :: Coins to Continue [Designer Violence] Octofoil
Delete :: Left To Wander [Predatory Things Of A Minute] Mindtrick
Ten and Tracer :: Deofol and Big Joe [A Secret is a Poisonous Snake] CARE / Konque
The Abbasi Brothers :: Mr. Boe [Something Like Nostalgia] Dynamophone
Tineidae :: Torchlights [Lights] Tympanik Audio
Anodyne :: Empire of Glass (214 mix) [Empires Remixes Part 2] Combat
Eomac :: Slide FX [Eomac EP] Acroplane
Ignatius :: Spillage [Alexithymia EP] Buried In Time
Crisopa :: Planets with Lava Oceans [Biodance] n5MD

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D::N release of the week :: Ambot A (Etalabel)

Playlist #502 :: Download ‘LingAM’ (release of the week)

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Atiq & Enk :: Moonlit Tea Party [Fear of the Unknown] Tympanik Audio / Mindtrick
Deru :: Straight Speak [Idol Tryouts 2] Ghostly
Mr. Projectile :: Impregnator [Neurokinetic] Toytronic
Download :: Kundi [LingAM] Metropolis
Access To Arasaka :: Jody [Oppidan] Tympanik Audio / Spectraliquid
Tim Tetlow :: Safety In Numbers [Beauty Walks a RazorÕs Edge] Planet Mu
Amon Tobin :: Marine Machines [Supermodified] Ninja Tune
E_LPHABET :: Dooms Day [Dooms Day] 33
Miktek :: Purity [Elsewhere] Ultimae
Abfahrt Hinwil :: Links Oben [Links Berge Rechts Seen] Toytronic
D-Fried :: Teardrops [The Lost Tomorrow] Discontinu
Bogmon :: What Demons May Trail (Squiddhartha rmx) [Echoes in the Void] Buried In Time
Arovane :: Norvum [Atol Scrap] DiN
Matt Robertson :: Not Joining [Forecast] Cartesian Binary
Yvat :: Accession [Circuits ImprimŽs Vol.03] Pavillon36
Ruby My Dear :: pH an.0 [Jelly EP] Blue Sub
Blakbody :: Totem [Atmos EP] Acre
Ocoeur :: Resonance [Light as a Feather] n5MD
Boards of Canada :: Split Your Infinities [Tomorrow’s Harvest] Warp
Diamat :: Zralocik [Being is the Sum of Appearing] n5MD
Dissolved :: Every Lime Pit Has A Radio [The Amber Surrealizations] Daddy Tank
Virlyn :: Ran [Man Asleep] ETALabel
The Mollusk :: Spore [DUSK] Enig’matik
Tangent :: Void [1 mk2] Mindtrick
Untide :: You are the longest hair on my head [Untide] Somewhere
Xurba :: Tri-Seq-3 [Third Symbol] Kahvi
Muziq :: Johnny Mastricht [Bilious Paths] Planet Mu

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D::N release of the week :: Download LingAM (Metropolis)