Playlist #480 :: Khafru ‘Mirrors Become Doors At Night’ (release of the week)

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Orbital :: Lush 3.1 [Orbital 2: Brown Album] FFRR
Bass Kittens :: Rare Bread [The Electro Compendium] Anti-Social Network
Wave-O-Matic :: Ephialtes’s Dream [Unreleased]
Wave-O-Matic :: Then and Now [Unreleased]
The Mollusk :: Water [DUSK] Enig’matik
Delete :: Remember Us [Predatory Things of a Minute] Mindtrick
He3dless :: Lousebath [Perspective Change EP] Mindtrick
Semiomime :: D-Coherence [Six Steps EP] Mindtrick
Subminimal :: Future Echos [Microfluidics] Moller
Displacer :: Rattlesnake (feat. Aidan Baker) [Accretion] Tympanik Audio
r.roo :: Empty Dreams [Fall Is A House of Gold & Rain] VoxxoV
Khafru :: Mirrors Become Doors At Night [Mirrors Become Doors At Night EP] Loomis & Jones
citizenGreen :: Foliage (Vascular mix) [citizenGreen] High Grade Media
Skytree :: Chequamegon Dream (Bear-O-Bees refix) [Treemixes V1] Skytree Music
Rec_Overflow :: Filter Tips [Unemployed] Crazy Language
Ten And Tracer :: CHEBI17045 [A Secret Is A Poisonous Snake] CARE/Konque
10-20 :: Hallow [Island EP] Highpoint Lowlife
Boards of Canada :: Alpha & Omega [Geogaddi] Warp
Donny McCaslin :: Alpha & Omega [Casting For Gravity] Greenleaf Music
Ambidextrous :: Arp in the Fridge [Radio Not] SEALT
Scald Rougish :: Spwfa [Bytreqw] Icasea
Crisopa :: Planets With Lava Oceans [Biodance] n5MD
Drifting In Silence :: Vital [Place In Time] Labile

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D::N release of the week :: Khafru Mirrors Become Doors At Night EP (Loomis & Jones)

Playlist #479

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Phoenecia :: Y-Intercpnkt [Randa Rommet EP] Warp
Datacrashrobot :: VXI [Disassembler] Battery Park Studio
RD :: Space Radio [Cricket EP] The Designed Disorder
Req :: Love Ache [Sketchbook] Warp
Point B :: Fen [Moments Of Inertia] The Centrifuge
Seesound :: Astral Ghosts [Mediumship] Aud-Art
Stendeck :: Let Us Conversate Again [Accretion 5yr Anniversary] Tympanik Audio
The Mollusk :: Spore [DUSK] Enig’matik
Subjex :: Rainforest’s Arythmetic [Echo System] Schematic Music Co.
Cain :: Thirst [Gathering EP] Crackling Claps
Ulrich Schnauss :: Borrowed Time [A Long Way To Fall] Scripted Realities
Khafru :: Industry of Man [Mirrors Become Doors At Night EP] Loomis & Jones
Nathan Fake :: Paean (Lukid Remix) [Paean EP] Border Community
Phoenecia :: Biorepo [Brownout] Schematic Music Co.
Ten And Tracer :: Withered, But What Personality [A Secret Is A Poisonous Snake] CARE/Konque
Kettel & Secede :: Admittance [When Can] Sending Orbs
Eraserhead :: Cusp [Moments Of Inertia] The Centrifuge
Maps & Diagrams :: Piedras Blancas [Glaciarc EP] Tundra-Music
Brendan Byrnes :: Zibra Island [Micropangaea] Spectropol
Plaid :: Twin Home [Double Figure] Warp :: Airport [Never_Land] (Sean Byrd rmx) […At The End… Remixed] Tympanik Audio
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Children of Earth [Autoimmune] Metropolis
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Hardware Performance [Autoimmune Outtakes Live ’08]
Doubleheart :: Fuentles [Roca EP] Shipwrec
The Forger :: My Son The DJ The Forger [Test EP] Flexidisc
The JD’s :: Into The World [Education] Pretension

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Playlist #478 :: Rec_Overflow ‘Unemployed’ (release of the week)

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Dirk Geiger :: Anniversary Of Giants [Accretion 5yr Anniversary] Tympanik Audio
Ten and Tracer :: Fountain Four Feet [A Secret Is A Snake] CARE / Konque
Ard Bit :: Bongite [Spanon] Symbolic Interaction
Bytone :: Grand Style [Death Of A Typographer] Raster-Noton
Phoenecia :: Odd Job (Soul Oddity Rhythm Box Version) [Odd Jobs] Schematic
Datacrashrobot :: Disassembler [Disassembler] Battery Park Studio
Bitstream :: Open Sesame [Domestic Economy 7] Modern Love
Rec_Overflow :: Anisette [Unemployed] Crazy Language
Monolake :: Deadbeat Remix [Plumbicon Versions] Imbalance Computer Music
Amon Tobin :: Cosmo Retro Intro Outro [Out From Out Where] Ninja Tune
Whitebear :: Smaller Things [Painting Pictures On Silence V2] EnigÕmatik
Cain :: Ruinous Heen [Gathering EP] Cracklng Claps
Woulg :: End [FragÕmnts] EnigÕmatik
Alder & Elius :: Introduction to the Oppostie (Made rmx) [Hazardous Materials] TCR&D
Alex Delarge :: Drenchrom [Mimetika] Envizagae
Bauri :: The Slacker Journal [Slacker Journal] Neo Ouija
Ben Milstein :: NeginvFac [Untitled EP] Buried In Time
Autechre :: Inhake 2 [Peel Session] Warp
AV8R :: Sun [Sun Salutation] High Grade Media
~Liv :: Sdet [Fall Is A House of Gold And Rain] VoxxoV
Pest(e) :: Angel [Test(e)] Suction
Aspen :: Lost at Sea [Album] Elephant Electronic

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D::N Album of the week :: Rec_Overflow Unemployed (Crazy Language)

Playlist #477 :: ‘Accretion: Tympanik Audio 5yr Anniversary’ (release of the week)

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Tineidae :: Damaged Datastream [Accretion 5yr Anniversary] Tympanik Audio
Patscan :: Swoosh (Spandex Remix) [Stum Futter EP] Digital Distortions
Rec_Overflow :: Pie [Unemployed] Crazy Language
SCAN 7 :: Mental Reaction (Annie Hall rmx) [Mental Reaction EP] Detroit Underground
Zentriert Ins Antlitz :: Pasiphae [Accretion 5yr Anniversary] Tympanik Audio :: Seven Days Warning (Oldschool Architect rmx) […At The End… Remixed] Tympanik Audio
David Ezra Brown :: Eleven Camels [David Ezra Brown EP] Bedroom Research
RD :: Chumgen [Archive] The Designed Disorder
Deru :: Peanut Butter & Patience [Peanut Butter & Patience EP] Mush
Altered:Carbon :: Hydroxytryplophan [Questasian] Section 27
Wave-O-Matic :: Then and Now [unreleased]
Patscan :: Stum Futter (Mad-Tek rmx) [Stum Futter EP] Digital Distortions :: This Stillness Of Hours (Tineidae rmx) […At The End Of It All Remixed] Tympanik Audio
Adam Johnson :: Autopop [Chigliak] Merck
Boards of Canada :: Oscar See Through Red Eye [The Campfire Headphase] Warp
Aphex Twin :: Mookid [I Care Because You Do…] Warp
Access To Arasaka :: Alcyone [Geosynchron] Tympanik Audio
Proem :: Enough Conflict [Enough Conflict] n5MD
ABS6 :: Premiers Traitements [Miwak Twelve] Hymen
Cain :: Thirst [Gathering EP] Cracklng Claps
Boards of Canada :: Roygbiv [Music Has the Right to Children] Warp
citizenGreen :: Kaini Industries (Greenmix) [Embryotic EP] High Grade Media
Ulrich Schnauss :: Her and the Sea [A Long Way To Fall] Scripted Realities
Syntaks :: Stars Fell on the Shore [Awakes] Benbecula

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D::N Album of the week :: V/A Accretion 5yr Anniversary (Tympanik Audio)