Playlist #470 :: Displacer ‘Foundation’ (release of the week)

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Mitoma :: Residual [Satellite Hive] Daddy Tank
Bass Kittens :: Rare Bread [The Electro Compendium] Anti-Social Network
Silicon Scally :: Triggered [The Electro Compendium] Anti-Social Network
Phoenecia :: Gesundheit [Demissions] Schematic Music Co./ DetUnd
port-royal :: Deca-Dance [Afraid To Dance] Resonant
Displacer :: Totality [Foundation] Hymen
Baby Kruger :: Inse Catt [Selkie] Schematic Music Co.
Gyu :: Supreme Being (Hajee Remix) [Supreme Being] Drawn
Asymmetrical Head :: Invisible Pedestrian [The Treehouse Symposium] A+H
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Future Worlds [Subliminal Sandwich] PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Future Worlds (Alt. Version) [V16 – Copulation Explosion!] Volume
Meat Beat Manifesto :: United Nations (E.T.C.) [Subliminal Sandwich] PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Luminol [Answers Come in Dreams] Metropolis
Datacrashrobot :: Probe Interconnect (Mitoma rmx) [Asynchronous I/O] Crazy Language
port-royal :: Nights in Kiev [Dying In Time] n5MD
10-20 :: Dust [Magnet Marsh] Broken20
Ion Driver :: Forward [Waves] Addictech
Rec Overflow & Eedle :: Listen Through Da Window [Intelligent Toys 4] Sutemos
Slemper :: Dusdatikaf [Now] Underscan
Displacer :: Distress Call [Foundation] Hymen

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D::N Album of the week :: Displacer :: Foundation (Hymen)

Playlist #469 feat. Anodyne Studio Mix

ANODYNE Studio Mix

Anodyne Mix

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
He3dless :: Straight [Perspective Change EP] Mindtrick
Eomac :: Apache [Eomac EP] Acroplane
Baby Kruger :: Sexual Shetland (Joe Lentini Remix) [Selkie] Schematic Music Co.
Jean-Paul Bondy :: L.A. is Burning [The Path of Most Resistors] Compost
Anodyne :: Empire of Dust (2012 Original) [4 Empires EP] Combat
port-royal :: Balding Generation (Losing hair as we lose hope) [Dying in Time] n5MD
Roel Funcken :: Mesmer [Mercury Retrograde] Schematic Music Co.
Plaster :: 7k_Lok (Plaster Exp Version [Soyuz EP] Crazy Language
C_C :: O-O-6 [Retro Action] Bedroom Research

ANODYNE :: Studio Mix (Aug-2012)
Mitoma :: Inert (Mitoma Industries)
Hans Zimmer :: Necessary Evil (Fausten edit)
Biosphere :: RachelÕs Dance (RachelÕs Wire)
Atari Teenage Riot :: Redefine the Enemy 97 (Digital Hardcore)
Aux 88 :: Electro Slaves (Transient Force)
Biosphere :: Antennaria (All Saints)
Ad Vanz Vs Gescom :: Viral (FatCat)
Defekt :: We are Automated (Takeover)
E621 & Link :: Antacid II (Jedi Knights Remix) (Evolution / ULP)
Bam Bam :: Wheres your Child (Desire)
Drums of Death :: WonÕt Be Long (Greco Roman)
Mochipet :: Complex Players Dub (Layerz Remix) (Daly City)
Hans Zimmer :: Dream Is Collapsing (Inception OST)
Anodyne :: Talon (Earwiggle)
Anodyne :: Goodbye is Never Enough (Psychonavigation)
Anodyne :: Empire of Light (strings) (Combat)
Speedy J :: Punnik (Novamute)
Anodyne :: Empire of Glass (Devilman remix) (Combat)
Tapeage & Meander :: Nectocalyx Barrage (Tympanik Audio)
Dead Fader :: Late Night

Phoenecia :: Nostrum Remedium [Demissions] Schematic / DetUnd
Baby Kruger :: Oyskjegger [Selkie] Schematic Music Co.
The Ebertbrothers :: Sympathy Changes (Badun Remix) [Engine Eyes EP] Mindwaves Music
David Kristian :: << Av >> [Beneath the Valley of the Modulars] Alien8

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Playlist #468 :: Mindbuffer ‘PanFM: Chapter 2’ (release of the week)

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Aphex Twin :: Windowlicker [Windowlicker EP] Warp
Clark :: Future Daniel [Totems Flare] Warp
Si Begg :: WhenHeTurnedRoundItWasGone [Painting Pictures on Silence V2] Enig’matik
Shit & Cheap :: Shadowlands [Gotterdammerung EP] Shipwrec
Scorn :: Running Rig [Stealth] Ad Noiseam
Plaid :: Super Positions [Greedy Baby] Warp
Morphology :: Information Paradox (Sync 24 rmx) [Information Paradox] Cultivated Electronics
Senor Frio :: Rebuilt [Interstellar Communications V1] Pyramid Transmission
Anodyne :: Empire of Light (Subjex mix) [Empire Remixes Part 2] Combat
Roel Funcken :: Zarwone [Mercury Retrograde] Schematic Music Co.
Funckarma :: Daltz Fango [MMX] n5MD
The Forger :: Microphone Test [Test EP] Flexidisc
The JD’s :: Core Limey [Education] Pretension
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Children of Earth [Autoimmune] Metropolis
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Storm The Dub Mix (TCDSS Remix) [STS RMXS] TinoCorp.
Tineidae :: Aquila [Lights] Tympanik Audio
Brim Liski :: Plume (Sean Byrd remix) [The Repetitions EP] Plastic Sound Supply
Anodyne :: Empire of Glass (Plaid remix) [Empire Remixes Part 2] Combat
Aphex Twin :: Schotkey 7th Path [Selected Ambient Works 85Ñ92] Warp
Boards of Canada :: Orange Romeda [We Are Reasonable People] Warp
Bright Pylon :: Winterslows [One On Twoism Vol.5] Twoism
Roel Funcken :: Deer [Mercury Retrograde] Schematic Music Co.
Mindbuffer :: PanFM (Woulg Remix) [PanFM Chapter 2] Enig’matik

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EP of the week :: Mindbuffer PanFM: Chapter 2 (Enig’matik)

Playlist #467 feat. Randomform m:x no:7


Randomform Mix 6

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Mindbuffer :: PanFM (Borealis Sleeing Hanging Crescent) [PanFM: Chapter 2] EnigÕmatik
Twiggy And The K-Mesons :: Synthetik Muzik [Technique] uvg212/Daddy Tank
Roel Funcken :: Mercury Retrograde [Mercury Retrograde] Schematic Music Company
Mindbuffer :: PanFM (Fine Cut Bodies’ Indian Summer Melancholy) [PanFM: Chapter 1] Enig’matik

RANDOMFORM :: M:X No:7 [Sorin Paun]
Leon Somov feat. Jazzu :: Mesmerize ~ Sutemos
Atmogat :: Bianconic ~ Crazy Language
Plaster :: Double Connection (Plaster Rmx) ~ Kvitnu
Jega :: Post Mid Arc ~ Planet Mu
Liquitex :: Droids ~ Skam
Kangding Ray :: Downshifters ~ Raster-Noton
Valance Drakes :: The Halo She Lost
Trifonic :: Infiltration ~ Trifonic Music LLC
Desiseq :: Endoskeletal-O-Di-Plazium ~ Hopskotch
Riga :: Kline ~ Chew-Z
Exeisms :: Interference Rig ~ Buried In Time
Autechre :: VL AL 5 ~ Warp
Emotional Spy :: Open Skulls ~ Warp Light District
3tronik :: Fluvermax ~ Lovethechaos
Diagram Of Suburban Chaos :: So Gone (Ventrimix) ~ Audiobulb
Unit :: Medicine Is Using (Maggots And Bats) ~ Co.Ad.Audio
Surface 10 :: Gigacosm ~ DiN
Colin Everingham :: Subtractrim ~ Enpeg
Subjex :: Iteration Dub ~ Schematic
[Heaven] :: Marrakech ~ Tympanik Audio :: Data Transmit ~ Tympanik Audio
Tripform :: Multiple Realities ~ Fateless Flows
Syl Kougaï :: Atoll Mécanique Swing ~ Bleeding Arts

Tineidae :: Torchlights [Lights] Tympanik Audio
Brim Liski :: Plume [The Repetitions EP] Plastic Sound Supply
Crisopa :: Que Nos Ataquen [Biodance] n5MD
Architect :: Blood Tracer [The Reconstruction of Fives] n5MD
Infinite Scale :: In Your Mind [Ekko Location] Ekko
Geskia! :: Melamine [Muon] Dynamophone

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