Playlist #460 :: The Forger ‘Test’ (release of the week)

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
The Forger :: Good The Bad And the Forger [Test EP] Flexidisc
Sideb0ard :: Grind [Physic Or Surgery] Highpoint Lowlife
Hell Interface :: Trapped [Mask 200] Skam
elDot :: Piper Phone [Fax2.22: Electronic Archives] From A Tree
Orbital :: Halcyon + On + On [Brown Album] FFRR
808 State :: Nimbus [Gorgeous] Tommy Boy
808 State :: Contrique [Gorgeous] Tommy Boy
Meat Beat Manifesto :: The Circular Cosmic Spot [Edge of No Control] PIAS
The Forger :: Microphone Test [Test EP] Flexidisc
The JD’s :: Core Limey [Education] Pretension
Not Breathing :: Worlok Radar [Carrion Sounds] Kimosciotic
Ben Milstein :: Pulsar [Interstellar Communications V1] Pyramid Transmissions
Scanone :: Insider [Gangsta Riddim EP] Outside
Frank Riggio :: Ten Aura [Painting Pictures On Silence V2] Enig’Matik
Phoenecia :: Mushroom Cloud over Miami [Demissions] Schematic / DetUnd
Esoteric Sob :: Out Of Space [Fax2.22: Electronic Archives] From A Tree
Johnny Jitters :: Closure (Nonimx) [Closure EP] Aud-Art
Hermann & Kleine :: Still Tired [Our Noise] Morr Music
AV8R :: Sun [Sun Salutation] High Grade Media
Crisopa :: White Vacuum [Biodance] n5MD
DNN :: With Each Step [When Things Stop To Move] Halbsicht
Ryan Hicks :: Radium [Epitome] Dynamophone
Banned Book :: Hollow Earth [Holographic Relationchip] Lagunamuch
Atra Aeterna :: Ten Tonne Machine [Of Fractures and Light EP]

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D::N EP of the week :: The Forger’s Test EP (Flexidisc)

Playlist #459 :: Ignatius ‘Alexithymia’ (release of the week)

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Point 7 :: One Movie [What?] Toytronic
Plaster :: Xenas (Datacrashrobot Rmx) [Soyuz EP] Crazy Language
ADJ :: Batstreet [Beats, Blips and other Dimensions] Shameless Toady
Senor Frio :: Rebuilt [Interstellar Communications V1] Pyramid Transmissions
Soul Oddity :: Soul Communication [Tone Capsule] Caroline
Phoenecia :: Smotherbeat [Good Man Bones EP] Detroit Underground
Plastikman :: Are Friends Electrik? [Artifakts] Novamute
Arovane :: Amine [Atol Scrap] DiN
Lexaunculpt :: Strangelove Offline [The Blurring of Trees] Planet Mu
Ignatius :: Faalto [Alexithymia EP] Buried In Time
Jeff Pils :: Celine [Useless]
Geskia! :: Abuttal [Epitome] Dynamophone
Syntaks :: Big Sur [Awakes] Benbecula
Ulrich Schnauss :: Clear Day [A Strangely Isolated Place] CCO
Crisopa :: Es Todo Mental [Biodance] n5MD
Boards of Canada :: The Color of the Fire [Music has the Right to Children] Warp/Skam
Yasume :: Rengoku (Condensed) [Where We’re From…] CCO
Loess :: Troper [Burrows] nonresponse / n5MD
Ab Ovo :: Escale [Le Temps Suspendu..] Ant-Zen
Josh Varnedore :: 186,000 Endings per Second [Sun Chapter] Dynamophone
Xurba :: Azure [Music From The Clear Channel] Kahvi Collective
Xurba :: Xerox Prochronism (Ruxpin rmx) [Xurbatronics System 3: Remix] Electric Studio
Abfahrt Hinwil :: Syntax Data [Links Berge Rechts Seen EP] Toytronic

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D::N EP of the week :: Ignatius Alexithymia EP (Buried In Time)

Playlist #458 :: Mr. Projectile “Lulwample” (track of the week)

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Semiomime :: D-Coherence [Six Steps EP] Mindtrick
Mojo Rising :: Zeus [Pantheon EP] Journees Music
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Helter Skelter ’97 [Original Fire] Nothing
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Edge of No Control Pt. 1 [Satyricon] PIAS
Hecq :: Sura [Sura EP] Ad Noiseaam
Kattoo :: Place8 [Places] Hymen
Einoma :: LF [Lost & Found] Shipwrec
Atmogat :: Berlin 4am (Access To Arasaka RMX) [Trigger Event] Impulsive Art
Ignatius :: Spillage [Alexithymia EP] Buried In Time
Plaster :: 7k_Lok [Atmogat Rmx) [Soyuz EP] Crazy Language
Displacer :: Wave [Night Gallery] Tympanik Audio
Squarepusher :: Sarcacid Parts 2 [Burningn’n Tree] Warp/Spymania
EOG :: Reqmx [Nummer Drie] DUB/Clone
NEV.ERA :: Esc.peranza [Acuario EP] Lovethechaos
Mr. Projectile :: Lulwample [Pug Times] Toytronic
Crisopa :: Gaviot [Biodance] n5MD :: -Freezing the Fourth String [Descending Into Crevasse] Glacial Movements
Autechre :: Seefeelmx [Basscadet EP] Warp
Gescom :: D1 [A1-D1] Skam
Ignatius :: Tachyphlaxis (Bogmon remix) [Alexithymia EP] Buried In Time

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D::N track of the week ::