Playlist #453 feat. KUCI Fund Drive 2012

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Hatch :: Move Me [Interstellar Communications V1] Pyramid Transmissions
Phoenecia :: Gesundheit [Demissions] Schematic / DetUnd
Ion Driver :: Forward [Waves] Addictech
Mojo Rising :: Zeus [Pantheon EP] Journees Music
Raab Codec :: Gravity [Life Amongst the Wires] Mojura Digital
Jeff Pils :: Wison [Useless] Digital Gadget
Posthuman :: Genetic Coder [Nebula EP] Acroplane
hosmOz :: Srom [Vulva EP] Bedroom Research / Detroit Underground
Mitoma :: 7th Fall [Satellite Hive] Daddy Tank
Ben Milstein :: Test Drive [Interstellar Communications V1] Pyramid Transmissions
Tomoroh Hidari :: Black Star #7 [The Black Star Variations] Laridae
Nev.Era :: 2112 [Acuario EP] Lovethechaos
Brothomstates :: Mdrmx [Claro] Warp
Superlauncher :: Transmutation [Catalysm] UNOIKI
Proqxis :: Mnymosnic [Wave Exploit Lens] Buried In Time
Access To Arasaka :: Kaguya [Geosynchron] Tympanik Audio
Clark :: Skyward Bruise/Descent [Iradelphic] Warp
LPF12 :: Reverse Continental Drift [Circular Collapse]
NXV :: Wavering [Bridging Divisions] Signifier
Tomoroh Hidari :: Regulus [Some Stars Not Black Holes] RLR
Zygote :: Enthusiasm & Superstition [00/10] Architects & Heroes
Photophob :: Mad Nomad No.8 Wasteland Vibes] Laridae
Quanta :: Recept [Overflow EP] Enig’matik

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Playlist #452

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Jeff Pils :: Kalkbrette [Useless] Digital Gadget
Senor Frio :: Rebuilt [Interstellar Communications V1] Pyramid Transmissions
Datacrashrobot :: Nonspacing Mark [Interstellar Communications V1] Pyramid Transmissions
Superlauncher :: Borg [Catalysm] UNOIKI
Ignatius :: Asparaguspiss [Strays] Buried In Time
Mitoma :: Rawling 4851 [Satellite Hive] Daddy Tank
Onionboy :: Kokon [Rusty Kokon EP] Shipwrec
Jeff Pils :: Saerum [Useless] Digital Gadget
ADJ :: Translate the Past [Beats, Blips and Other Dimensions] Shameless Toady
TwoFourteen :: 3 Lament [Eye Thoughts EP] Outside
Let’s Go Outside vs. Senor Frio :: Skein [Buried In Time 001] Buried In Time
Scanone :: Gangsta Riddim [Gangsta Riddim EP] Outside
Shadowhuntaz :: Medic [Corrupt Data Instrumentals] Skam
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Please [Answers Come in Dreams] Metropolis
The JD’s :: I Don’t Know When To Stop [Education] Pretension
Clark :: Broken Kite Footage [Iradelphic] Warp
LPF12 :: Tectonics [Circular Collapse]
Human Error :: The DNA is DOA [The DNA is DOA] CRL Studios
Access To Arasaka :: Sao [Geosynchron] Tympanik Audio
Gridlock :: Distance [Formless] Hymen
Displacer :: Wraith (Gridlock Rmx) [Moon_Phase] M-Tronic
Photophob :: Wasteland Dub [Wasteland Vibes] Laridae
Ion Driver :: Deep Sands [Waves] Addictech

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Playlist #451 :: Clark “The Pining pt2” (track of the week)

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Clark :: The Pining Pt2 [Iradelphic] Warp
Mitoma :: Residual [Satellite Hive] Daddy Tank
Datacrashrobot :: Piezoelectric Actuator [Asynchronous I/O] Crazy Language
Ion Driver :: Dirt [Waves] Additech
Anodyne :: Reactor IV [We Decode the Future] Acroplane
Randomform :: Dylon Section [Enfeld] High Grade Media
Fabrics :: Deconstruction (Yard Genuss Remix) [Refabricated] From A Tree
FURS :: Freezy [Anti-Node EP] Detroit Underground
USRNM :: No Praw [Instant Message EP] Photogram
Nev.Era :: Futuro [Acuario EP] Lovethechaos :: Artificial Intelligence […At The End of it All] Tympanik Audio
Tapage :: Unfolded [Overgrown] Tympanik Audio
Jeff Pils :: Part 71 [Useless] Self-Released
Phoenecia :: Nostrum Remedium [Demissions] Schematic / DetUnd
Photophob :: Dust Devil [Wasteland Vibes] Laridae
Funckarma :: Daltz Fango [MMX] n5MD
Posthuman :: Tessier Ashpool (Datacassette Remix) [Nebula Remixes] Acroplane
Monolake :: Invisible [Polygon Cities] Imbalance Computer Music
10-20 :: Dust [Magnet Marsh] Broken20
Tomoroh Hidari :: Arcturus [Some Stars Not Yet Black Holes] RLR
Me Raabenstein :: Buttered Rolls [All These Precious] nonine

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