Playlist #442 feat. Asymmetrical Head Live


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Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Burnibus :: Treadl (C. Mantle Remix) [Signified Other] Acre
10-20 :: Dust [Magnet Marsh] Broken20
Sense :: 40dae [AXxil of Macial EP] Detroit Underground / Psychonavigation
Phoenecia :: Livelihoods [Demissions] Detroit Underground / Schematic Music Co.
Asymmetrical Head :: Live In-Studio Performance (Architects + Heroes)
Kemek :: Ultimately Always 5 [Ultimately Always] Architects + Hereos
Zygote :: Dracula Variations [Architects + Hereos V1] Architects + Heroes
Neotropic :: Sirens Sister (Minor Blow Remix) [Equestrienne Remixes] Architects + Heroes
On-air interview w/ Architects + Heroes
Drifting In Silence :: Interminable [Waves Of Consciousness] EverythingIsChemical
Ghostek :: Stolen Generation [Easy Changes EP] Shipwrec
Kossak :: Karmliuk Posse [You Forgot to Kick It] RecordLabelRecords

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Playlist #441

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Richard Devine :: Varseop [Risp EP] Detroit Underground
Randomform :: Treact [Vapr Core EP] BrainstormLab
Access To Arasaka :: Talitha [Geosynchorn] Tympanik Audio
Dryft :: Vapours & Waste [Ventricle] n5MD :: The Stillness of Hours […At The End of it All] Tympanik Audio
Hecq :: Sura [Sura EP] Ad Noiseam
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Annihilating Rhythm [Loudness Clarifies] Important
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Sig Sally [The Most Music: Igloo Trax V2]
Ghostek :: Stolen Generation [Easy Changes EP] Shipwrec
The Carapace :: 06/29/2011 [Moments In Time.] Signifier
Asymmetrical Head :: Likeishesque [The Treehouse Symposium] Architects + Heroes
NQ :: Galvanic Birds [Our Own Distance] Neo Ouija
Haujobb :: Echo [New World March] Tympanik Audio
Kattoo :: Place3 [Places] Hymen
Tropa :: Wind In [Love, Song’s And Alibis] Outside
Ion Driver :: Deep Sands [Waves] Addictech
Phoenecia :: Two-Part Invention.. [Demissions] Schematic Music Co./DetUnd
Autechre :: No Border [Move Of Ten] Warp
Drifting In Silence :: When the Sun Goes Down [Waves of Consciousness] EverythingisChemical
10-20 :: Dust [Magnet Marsh] Broken20
Miles Tilmann :: Through the Time [3D Concepts] Toytronic
Atra Aeterna :: Black Fog [Machinations] s/r
The Orb :: Earth (Gaia) [The Orb’s Adventure’s…] Island
Sense :: Somethings Gotta Give (Ewapreview) [Selected Moments V1] Psychonavigation

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