Playlist #426

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Erode :: Detect [Horizon] Tympanik Audio
Dryft :: Caloc Pt. 1 [Integral Components] Component
Faithfull :: We Are Waves [Painting Pictures on Silence V1] Enig’Matik
This Morn’ Omina :: Oahspe [L’unification Des Forces Opposantes] Ant-Zen
Mobthrow :: Mirror Killer [Into Pieces] 33
Mobthrow :: Birds Fly High [Emerging Organisms 4] Tympanik Audio
Anklebiter :: One Three Two (Dryft Remix) [Queue] Tympanik Audio
MŸd :: A Smoke Break with Captain Spankowitz [Designer Merkin] Buried In Time
Solypsis :: Perpetually Out Of Control (Meat Beat Manifesto remix) [Boiling Ambergris] Sunwarped
ADJ :: Bias [Beats, Blips and other Dimensions] Shameless Toady
Infinite Scale :: Captured [Ekko Location] Ecoshock
Mint :: Daub [The Metronomical Boy] Boltfish
Plaid :: Upgrade [Scintilli] Warp
Asymmetrical Head :: I’m Vertical, D (I’m Vertical) [The Treehouse Symposium] Architects + Heroes
Maschine :: Nex#1 [Maschine] Psychonavigation
Dreissk :: Not Enough [The Finding] n5MD
FMcontrol :: Monolith’s Resonance [Genetic Control Frequencies] Crazy Language
Architect :: Fast Lane (Stendeck Remix) [Upload Select Remix] Hymen
Mobthrow :: Pitchblack (Hecq Remix) [Pitch Black EP] Mindtrick
Dirk Geiger :: Autumn Life (Pleq Remix) [Second Life] Tympanik Audio
Scanner :: Persephone [Mindfield] Psychonavigation
Fabrics :: The Mark 13 [Fabrics] From A Tree
DNN :: When Things Start To Move [When Things Start To Move] Halbsicht
Cavalcade :: Entertaining Circumstances (Remix) [The Variable EP] Electric Meter Room
Bola :: Pae Paoe [Fyuti] Skam
Autechre :: Nine [Amber] Warp

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Playlist #425 feat. Roel Funcken Mix


Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Mark Archer :: Frequency (Luke Vibert Remix) [Frequency Remixes] Balkan Vinyl
ADJ :: Spirit of IQ [Beats, Blips and other Dimensions] Shameless Toady
R/D :: Space Radio [Cricket EP] The Designed Disorder
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Hellfire [Autoimmune] Metropolis
The JD’s :: Now Returns [Education] Pretension
Bass Kittens :: Shield Dub 2 [Igloo Trax V2: The Most Music]
MŸd :: Psi Beam [Designer Merkin] Buried In Time
Esoteric Sob :: Antidote [Into Pieces] 33
Cuttooth :: Masquerade Ball [Elements] Psychonavigation
Displacer :: Outland [Emerging Organisms 4] Tympanik Audio
Vendor Refill :: It Takes Two [Mask 100] Skam
ROEL FUNCKEN :: September Studio Mix [ mixes]
Jake Mandell :: Taut [Alt. Frequencies 2] Worm Interface
Plaid :: Sšmnl [Scintilli] Warp
Funckarma :: Daltz Fango [MMX] n5MD
Scorn :: Glugged [Stealth] Ad Noiseam

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Playlist #424

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Not Breathing :: Neptunium [Christy Cores] Noize:Tek
Arandel :: In D#5 (Fraction Remix) [In D Remixed] Infine
Maschine :: Dubbed [Maschine] Psychonavigation
Plaid :: African Woods [Scintilli] Warp
ADJ :: Batstreet [Beats, Blips and other Dimensions] Shameless Toady
TwoFourteen :: Eye Thoughts (Mr. Atomics Blender edit) [Eye Thoughts EP] Outside
Bogmon :: Grey Dream [A Scream in the Void] Buried In Time
n.l.n :: Blackhole [Physic Or Surgery] Highpoint Lowlife
Stendeck :: The Secret Behind the Third Door [Emerging Organisms 4] Tympanik Audio
Architect :: Fast Lane (Stendeck Remix) [Upload Select Remix] Hymen
Erode :: Wither [Horizon] Tympanik Audio
Infinite Scale :: Live Feed [Ekko Location] Ecoshock
Mint :: Darker Than a Beginning [The Metronomical Boy] Boltfish
Tobias Lilja :: No Death Star [Delirium Portraits] n5MD
Haujobb :: Dead Market (Extended Remix) [Dead Market] Tympanik Audio
Front 242 :: Tragedy>For You< [Tyranny >For You<] Red Rhino
Front Line Assembly :: Mindphaser (12″ Version) [Mindphaser] Third Mind
Final Cut :: She Destroy’s [Deep Into the Cut] Big Sex
Intermix :: Requiem Dub [Intermix] Third Mind
808 State :: Nephatiti [Ex:El] ZTT
LFO :: We Are Back (Remix) [We Are Back] Tommy Boy
Dimensional Holophonic Sound :: LSD – 3D [The Difference Between…] Hangman
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Cease to Exist (MBM vs. DHS mix) [STS R.M.X.S.] TinoCorp.
Meat Beat Manifesto :: 4OUR [Totally Together EP] Metropolis

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