Playlist #416

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Solypsis :: Perpetually Out Of Control (Meat Beat Manifesto remix) [Boiling Ambergris] Sunwarped
Solypsis :: Perpetually Out Of Sorts [Boiling Ambergris] Sunwarped
Bogmon :: Demons May Trail [A Scream in the Void] Buried In Time
Nommo Ogo :: The Ancient Ones [Katabatik Kollektion Fall 2010]
Consolidated :: Mishima [Consolidated!] Nettwerk
Cavalcade :: Bypass (Meat Beat Manifesto remix) [The Variable EP] Electric Meter Room
Cavalcade :: Entertaining Circumstances (Cavalcade remix) [The Variable EP] Electric Meter Room
Bola :: Pae Paoe [Fyuti] Skam
Xurba :: Intertwiner [Euphoria Industries Inc.] Electric Studios
Mr. Projectile :: Capcavernal [Pug Times] Toytronic
Point 7 :: One Movie [What?] Toytronic
Gimmik :: Back To Basics [Back To Basics] Toytronic
Boc Scadet :: Sel Alterat [Everything Is Green] Toytronic
Displacer :: In Limbo [Night Gallery] Tympanik Audio
Tzolk’n :: Tezcatlipoca [Tonatiuh] Ant-Zen
Exeisms :: Interference Rig [Problem Locket] Buried In Time
Datacrashrobot :: Probe Interconnect [Asynchronous I/O] Crazy Language
Enabl.ed :: The Perfect Provider (XZICD Mix) [The Perfect Provider] Concrete Plastic
Brothomstates :: Te Noch RP [Claro] Warp
Machine Drum :: Machinebong (Funckarma) [Mergerz & Acquisitionz] Merck
3Tronic :: Wiporns [Anpassung]
DNN :: Try To Feel [Try To Feel] Halbsicht
Esem :: Eloki.Neadu [Enveloped] DeFocus

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Playlist #415 feat. Randomform m:x no:5



Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Citizengreen :: A Clever Ruse [Ulterior Motives EP] Nophi
Displacer :: Radioactive [Night Gallery] Tympanik Audio
Karsten Pflum :: Muntermacher [No Noia My Love] Hymen
Aphex Twin :: Ziggomatic 17 [Drukqs] Warp
Wauvenfold :: Moth [RND_0.34873349921] Pause_2

RANDOMFORM :: M:X No:5 [Sorin Paun]
Deccan Traps :: Little Shifter […]
Plaid :: Rakimou [Warp]
Dual Purpouse :: ANX9I [30ml Recordings]
Deru :: Peanut Butter & Patience [Mush]
FusedMARc :: WTLGD (SubtractiveLAD Lights Out Mix) [Sutemos]
Takeshi Muto :: Ntak [Schematic]
EU :: Snitch [Ark Tek]
Aaron Spectre :: Degrees (featuring Kazumi) [Ad Noiseam]
Scanner :: Interroom (E.stonji Remix) [Underscan]
Enabl.ed :: Tongue Typo [Global Vortex]
Velapene Screen :: Medical Breaths-Hidden Track [Frozen Empire Media]
Broken Fabiola :: Departure [Tympanik Audio]
Gridlock :: Distance [Hymen]
Portishead :: Machine Gun [Mercury]
Access To Arasaka :: term/echo [Tympanik Audio]
Atmogat :: With Open Eyes [Cromoart]
Usurai :: Fantom Limb [Xinthetic]
Funckarma :: Holdgaze (Mitoma Remix) [Section27]
Appogee :: Y Illuminative [Kanpai]
Flaque :: The Clouds And The Sun [Wycombe Music]
Nautilis :: 081301 [Planet Mu]
Kattoo :: Place 4 [Hymen]
Bob Humid :: How Many Fingers [Serve And Destroy]
NNID :: 19?11’17,3” [Crazy Language]

Slowcream :: In The Cave [Nine] Nonine
Proqxis :: Four-Square [Parallax Utopia] Buried in Time
Dreissk :: Not Enough [The Finding] n5MD
Strange2 & Nev.Era :: Rutina [Diario Sonoro] Lovethechaos
Zero Degree :: Phytron [Probe] Ant-Zen

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Playlist #414

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Tipper :: Dissolve (Out) (Phoenecia remix) [Well-Suited…] Schematic Music Co.
Bitstream :: Bass Lobe [Domestic Economy 7] Modern Love
Orphx :: Simulacra [Circuitbreaking] Hymen
Gridlock :: Invert [Formless] Hymen
Ab Ovo :: Soundgate (Emphasis remix) [Le Temps Suspendu..] Ant-Zen
Architect :: Blood Tracer [The Reconstruction of Fives] n5MD
Xurba :: Downstairs [Third Symbol] Kahvi Collective
Clock DVA :: Sound Sweep [Digital Soundtracks] Contempo
Intermix :: Targeted [Intermix] Third Mind
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Paradise Found [Now] Mute
Boards Of Canada :: Julie And Candy [Geogaddi] Warp
Solvent :: Nervous [Solvent] Suction
Anklebiter :: Accessible (Irulan remix) [Queue] Tympanik Audio
Front Line Assembly :: Afterlife [Improvised.Electronic.Device.] Metropolis
Android Lust :: Rub Me Raw [The Human Animal] Synthellec Musioc
David Kristian :: Folksforms [Rythms for a Rainy Season] Apegenine
Ard Bit :: FIber [Spanon] Symbolic Interaction
Roel Funcken :: Daze Flextone [Vade] Ad Noiseam
Scorn :: Falling (Autechre – FR 13 Mix) [Ellipsis] Scorn
Access To Arasaka :: Ellipse [Orbitus] Tympanik Audio
Phoenecia :: Homosote [Well-Suited…] Schematic Music Co.
Tonikom :: Salvo Infinitum [Epoch] Hymen
Xurba :: Lucxy [Music from the Clear Channel] Kahvi Collective

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Playlist #413

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Anklebiter :: One Three Two (Dryft remix) [Queue] Tympanik Audio
Displacer :: Orchid [Night Gallery] Tympanik Audio
Casino vs Japan :: It’s Very Sunny [Go Hawaii] City Centre Offices
Christian Kleine :: Unauthorized [Valis EP] Morr Music
Faithfull :: We Are Waves [Painting Pictures on Silence V1] Enig’Matik
Millipede :: No Place To Stand (w/ Lucidstatic) [Powerless] Hymen
Bogmon :: Grey Dream [A Scream In The Void] Buried In Time
Miktek :: Life In Reverse [Quiet EP] 33
Winterlight :: NatvardsgŠsterna [Hope Dies Last] n5MD
Herrmann & Kleine :: Headlights [Our Noise] Morr Music
Aphex Twin :: Analogue Bubblebath [1994 – AFX: Analogue Bubblebath] Rephlex
Access To Arasaka :: Cynosure [Orbitus] Tympanik Audio
Karsten Pflum :: Lpkip [No Noia My Love] Hymen
Proqxis :: Nom Nom [Parallax Utopia] Buried In Time
Autechre :: Etchogon-5 [Move Of Ten] Warp
Mobthrow :: The 3 Marks [Mobthrow] Ad Noiseam
Ben Milstein :: Kombination [Untitled EP] Buried In Time
Rontronik :: GONE-Instr-8 [Demos 2011] Ron Croudy
Pleq :: A Point of Unconscious [When Lights Drillin’ The Haze] Chronique Electroniques
Dreissk :: Disappearance [The Finding] n5MD
Aaron Spectre :: The Wrong Fuel [Lost Tracks] Ad Noiseam
The Abbasi Brothers :: Mr. Boe [Something Like Nostalgia] Dynamophone
Deru :: Peanut Butter & Patience (Ginormous remix) [Peanut Butter & Patience EP] Mush
Deru :: Echoes Of Me [Pushing Air] Merck
RD :: Safemode (RD’s BiosRmx) [Archive] The Designed Disorder

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