Playlist #405 feat. Xxon Mill In-Studio Selections


Pietrobot & Xxon Mill

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
ESA :: How Pure Would Your Utopia Be? [How Pure Would Your Utopia Be?] Hive
The Empath :: Future Space Junk [Meanwhile] Hymen
Symphony Space :: LCR [Electr-Ohm V1] Electr-Ohm
Captive Six :: Shut Down Everything [Screaming Into The Void V1] Crunch Pod
Undermathic :: Submissive Woman [Return to Childhood] Tympanik Audio
Orphx :: Intercession (Edit) [Miwak Twelve] Hymen
9 Elma :: Uranium 238 [Coeur Liquide] M-Tronic
Pan Sonic :: Laptevinmeri [Katoivaihe] Blast First Petite
Cold Cave :: Heavenly Metals [Cremations] Hospital
Talvekoidik :: Such A Perfect Day [Silent Reflections] Brume
Geomatic :: Serpent’s Tooth [64 Light Years Away] Tympanik Audio
Tapage & Meander :: Chestnut Theory: Ice Cavern (Death) [Issue 02 Albuminurophobia] Meta4
Twinkle :: Ton Style [Le Jouet] Ant-Zen
Chaos & Terror :: All of this had to Happen [Chaos & Terror Megamix] Chaos And Terror Prod.
Aphorism :: Two Sides of the Bullet [Surge] Tympanik Audio
Black Lung :: Mr. Love Teeth [The Soul Consumer] Ad Noiseam
Cervello Elettronico :: Process of Elimination (Remixed by Geistform) [Bipolar] Rustblade
Architect :: Ghost Of A Working Man (Torrent Vaccine Remix) [Lower Lip Interface] Hymen
Xotox :: Verlust (Remix by Phil J.) [In Den Zehn Morgen] Pro Noize
Lith :: Hiroshima [Gaia] Brume
Xsoz :: Operation 2 [Basic Topology] Fitch-Art
Talvekoidik :: Hymn [Emerging Organisms V1] Tympanik Audio
Autoclav1.1 :: Dead Sea Tears [Visitor Attractions] Crunch Pod
Seacrypt :: 2011 Glass Eye (Remix) [Katabatik Kollection Summer 2010]

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Playlist #404

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Datacrashrobot :: Yarrow Algorithm [Deformation Retract EP] Ghost Technology
Datacrashrobot :: Piezoelectric Actuator (Remixed by Huron) [Asynchronous I-O] Crazy Language
Jean-Paul Bondy :: Dry Humper [The Path of Most Resistors] Compost
The JD’s :: Now Returns [Education] Pretension
TwoFourteen :: Pogo Bounce [Cascadian Nights] Touchin’ Bass
EVAC :: Crunch – Sigh-Fi (EVAC_Fullmix) [Unreleased]
The Mellowtrons :: Resolution 9 [Evacuate] Chill Out
EON :: Electromagnetic Waves [Void Dweller] Vinyl Selection
Coldcut :: Atomic Moog 2000 (The Bomb Remix by Luke Vibert) [Atomic Moog 2000] Ninja Tune
wAgAwAgA :: Chubby Dub [Hyper Typewriter] Acroplane
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Moving Body [Totally Together EP] Metropolis
Deru :: Days, Then… [Say Goodbye to Useless] Mush
Arovane :: Thaem Nue [Atol Scrap] DiN
Digitonal :: Come And Play [23 Things Fall Apart] Toytronic
Point 7 :: Dna Conflict [What?] Toytronic
Xurba :: Intertwiner (Mrs. Jynx) [Xurbatronics System 3 Remixes] Electric Studio
Pest(e) :: Sieve [test(e)] Suction
Intricate :: Replace [In Pectra] Spezial Material
Traject :: Chkal [Strengir Hrynja] Spezial Material
Einoma :: Vetrarvelin [Milli Tonverka] Vertical Form

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Playlist #403 feat. Evac IDmix

EVAC *IDmix*

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
The Future Sound of London :: Egypt [ISDN Live] EBv
Secede :: Vega Libre: The Citadel [Vega Libre] Sending Orbs
Brothomstates :: vs. Bill Yard [Qtio EP] Warp
Aphelion :: Fornax [Zugzwang] DeFocus
Aphelion :: Click [Did You See] DeFocus
Autechre :: Doctrine [Incunabula] Warp
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Intermission Dub […In Dub] Run

EVAC :: IDmix (2003) [Soundcloud] Q5 Studio
Lusine :: Shin
Bauri :: Lakonia
Phako :: Ilonic
David Kristian :: I have a Drug (Phoenecia Remix)
Jega :: Post Mid Arc
Tipper :: Tepid Bile
Dabrye :: Smoking the Edge
Dexter :: I Program
Damn Random State Shapes
Funkstorung :: Dead Frog
Funkstorung :: Dead Frog
Speedy J :: Borax
Electro Organic Sound System :: Carrot (Hrvatski Remix)

Legion of Green Men :: Extended Shadows [Spatial Specific] Plus 8
port-royal :: Illiminated Faces – Damage [2000-2010: The Golden Age of Consumerism] n5MD
Tzolk’in :: Xipe Totec [Tonatiuh] Ant-Zen
The Detroit Escalator Co. :: Manual Transmission [Black Buildings] Peacefrog
The Detroit Escalator Co. :: Crystalized [Blue Science / Between Dubnotes] Peacefrog

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Playlist #402

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Orbital :: Science Friction [Snivilization] Internal
Plastikman :: Are Friends Elektrik? [Artifacts (BC)] Novamute
808 State :: Contrique [Gorgeous] Tommy Boy
Aphex Twin :: Digeridoo [Classics] R&S
Consolidated :: Butyric Acid (Synthenge Mix) [Butyric Acid] London
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Mindstream (Psychedelically Speaking) [Australian Tour EP] Shock
Boom Boom Satellites :: A Moment Of Silence (Trapezoid Mix) [Push Eject] R&S
Altern 8 :: Move My Body (Beltram Remix) [Infiltr-8 America EP] Network
The KLF :: 3 A.M. Eternal (Live At The S.S.L.) [The White Room] Arista
LFO :: We Are Back (Remix) [We Are Back] Tommy Boy
A Guy Called Gerald :: Cyberjazz [Black Secret Technology] Juicy Box
Cabarete Voltaire :: Colours [Colours] Mute
Legion of Green Men :: Veneration of the Goddess [Spatial Specific] Plus 8
Fortran 5 :: Love Baby [Blues] Mute/Elektra
The Future Sound of London :: Slider [ISDN] EBv
Boards of Canada :: Sixtyten [Music Has The Right to Children] Warp
Autechre :: Lost [Anti EP] Warp
Squarepusher :: Port Rhombus [Port Rhombus EP] Warp
Muziq :: Hasty Boom Alert [Lunatic Harness] Astralwerks
Photek :: Hybrid [Risc vs. Reward] Astralwerks

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