Playlist #439 feat. Datacrashrobot ‘Xylogic Technology Crash’ Mix


Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
The Carapace :: 06/29/2011 [Moments In Time.] Signifier
Known Rebel :: Science [Hollow] Tympanik Audio

DATACRASHROBOT :: Xylogic Technology Crash *MIX*
Apparat Expansion
Piezoelectric Actuator
Symmetric Difference
Nonspacing Mark (Version 2) (unreleased)
Deprecated (RE-precated by Randomform)
Segmentation Fault (Arc Drop Edit by [//cut*repeat])
Wirewound (Symmetric Crash Version 2) (unreleased)
Synchronisation 1 (unreleased)
Ferromagnetism (unreleased)
Adaptive Opcode (unreleased)

Tapage :: Ethyl [Overgrown] Tympanik Audio
Maschine :: Linre [Maschine] Psychonavigation
Access To Arasaka :: Rana [Geosynchron] Tympanik Audio
Flint Glass :: At Takwi [Hyperreality Sampler] Aliens :: A Map of the Human Heart […At the End of it All] Tympanik Audio
Pauk :: Electric Jazzmine (Edison’s slo drops rmx) [Remixed] Discontinu
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Cease to Exist (MBM vs. DHS mix) [STS R.M.X.S.] TinoCorp.
Tommi Bass vs Neytoda :: Fraktured [OnePointOne] Rednetic
Patch :: Sinaaq [1 Degree C] Cartesian Binary
Plaid :: Unbank [Scintilli] Warp
Infinite Scale :: Captures [Ekko Location] Ecoshock

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Playlist #438 feat. Displacer ‘Renaissance Festival edit’ Mix


Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Ion Driver :: Dirt [Waves] Addictech
Memory Geist :: Metaphore [Benthos] DiNDDL
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Chimie De Son [Answers Come in Dreams] Metropolis

Displacer :: Live *MIX* (Renaissance Festival edit)
Phantom Limb
The Witching Hour
Ghost Planet
Spare Parts
In Limbo

Integral :: Asphalt Architecture [The Past is My Shadow] Tympanik Audio
Millipede :: The Measure of the Infinite Dance [These Sounds Have To…] Signifier
Access To Arasaka :: Lysithea [Geosynchron] Tympanik Audio
Haujobb :: Crossfire (Dryft remix) [New World March – Remixes] Tympanik Audio
Esoteric Sob :: Life (with Amorph) [Abnormal Psychology] From A Tree
Banned Book :: Hollow Earth [Holographic Relationchip] Lagunamuch
Machine Drum :: Stevie Bam Jackson Apology Mix [Mergerz & Acquisitions] Merck
Pauk :: Suite 30 [Snails’n’dragons] Enpeg
Pauk :: Apartment In Vauxhall (Senmove rmx) [Remixed] Discontinu

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Playlist #437 feat. Kris Krause (Mr. Atomic) Mix


Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Phoenecia :: Don’t You Stop Remix (Solvent vs. Adult.) [Well-Suited…] Schematic Music Co.

Kris Krause (Mr.Atomic of Outside Rec.) D::N Mix
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Databrokers :: “Gigaslop”
Milk Money :: “Milk Money Mafia”
Middle Men :: “What on Earth”
Volsoc :: “Evacuate the Planet”
Phausis :: “Moscow”
The Wee DJs :: “Remix”
Phoenecia :: “Odd Jobs (Soul Oddity Get Fresh Mix)”
Scanone :: “Insider”
ADJ :: “Translate the Past”
Phausis :: “Sunspot”
Alpha 606 :: “Warped Juice”
The Wee DJs :: “Renumerate”

Bola :: Noop [Kroungrine] Skam
Riverz End :: Fresh Wound [Possible] Lagunamuch Community
Lazyfish / Mewark :: Pomah C Kamhem [Untitled] Peace Tech / Lagunamuch
Gyu :: Lost [Cerebral EP] Drawn
Skytree :: To Illumination [Crystal Consciousness] Skytree Music
AV8R :: Sun [Sun Salutation] High Grade Media
Shadow Attack :: After Dark [Aqua Dipped] Deepblip
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Waterphone [Answers Come in Dreams] Metropolis
Patch :: Basel [1 Degree C] Cartesian Binary
Patch :: Taaule [1 Degree C] Cartesian Binary
NQ :: Galvanic Birds [Our Own Distance] Neo Ouija
3Tronic :: Wiporns [Anpassung]

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Playlist #436 :: Stripped Back Hinge

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Krusseldorf :: The Cell [From Soil to Space] Aleph Zero
Mojo Rising :: Hanging Gardens [Seven Wonders] Cold Busted
Cubenx :: Sierra Madre [On Your Own Again] Infine Music
Tobias Lilja :: Birthday Cake [Delirium Portraits] n5MD
Clark :: Future Daniel [Totems Flare] Warp
Secret Frequency Crew :: Black Moss Caves Pt.1 [Forest of the Echo Downs] Schematic
Somatic Responses :: Fairy Light Massacre [Concrete Glider] Hymen
Hecq :: Shutter [Avenger] Hymen
Scanner :: Interreum [Now] Underscan
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Untitled 5 [Archive Things 82-88] Self-released
Not Breathing :: Night Driving [Carrion Sounds] KimoSciotic
Tzolk’in :: Sotz [Haab’] Ant-Zen
Dryft :: Clustr2 [Emerging Organisms 4] Tympanik Audio
9 Elma :: Shaman [Coeur Liquide] M-Tronic
Wild Shores :: Illusion of Movement [Illusion of Movement] M-Tronic
Shadowhuntaz :: Roar [Corrupt Data Instrumentals] Skam
Neytoda :: Bass Ghost [Latest Dubs from Nestor House Studios] Rednetic
Scorn :: Stripped Back Hinge [Stealth] Ad Noiseam
Patch :: Taksen [1 Degree C] Cartesian Binary
Fisk Industries :: Death is the Final Step [Physic Or Surgery] Highpoint Lowlife
Machine Drum :: Half the Battle (Riveurs Enjienrd by Brothomstates) [Half The Battle] Merck
Deceptikon :: Way of the Samurai [Lost Subject] Merck

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Playlist #435 :: These Sounds Will Have To Meet Somewhere in Between

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Tonikom :: Insence [These Sounds Will Have To…] Signifier
Einoma :: Celvoir [Undir Feilnotum] Vertical Form
Mika Goedrijk :: Sore Eyes [Miwak Twelve] Hymen
Woulg :: Cheap Wine [Hinchliffe Shuffle EP] Enig’Matik
Gyu :: Cerebral [Cerebral EP] Drawn
Tipper :: Cycleswithincycles (Sun In Aquarius RMX) [unreleased] Enig’Matik
Skytree :: Echo Canyon [Crystal Consciousness] Skytree Music
Hecq :: :: Bane (Architect mix) [Avenger] Hymen
Steindor Kristinsson :: Take Two [Flute Machine EP] Shipwrec
Josh Preston :: Exchange 3 [Exchanges 1-4]
d.Forma :: Unplayedtrack3 [Amplia Grey] Lovethechaos
Asymmetrical Head :: Forward Lateral [The Treehouse Symposium] Architects + Heroes
Memory Geist :: Metaphore [Benthos] DiNDDL
The Early Exploits of Tras Taylor :: Safety is Overrated [Weirdcore] Weirdcore
Twinkle :: Les Voies Infectees [Le Jouet] Ant-Zen
Orphx :: Radiotherapy 1 [Radiotherapy] HANDS
Randomform :: In VI [Enfeld] High Grade Media
Zero Degree :: Bury Me With Silence [These Sounds Will Have To…] Signifier
Patch :: Lichen [Western Slope] Cartesian Binary
Undermathic :: Far From You [Deleted: 1999-2006] Tympanik Audio
Plateau :: Untitled [Mask 300] Skam
Odori :: It was ourselves we lost there [Gatherling Lines]
Ignatius :: Stutter3 [The 2EPs LP] Buried In Time
Philipp Munch :: Duotone [Into The Absurd] Ant-Zen
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Moving Body [Totally Together] Metropolis

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