Playlist #378

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Emergency Broadcast Network :: 3:7:8 [Telecommunication Breakdown] TVT
214 :: Live Animals [Cascadian Nights] Touchin’ Bass
Jean-Paul Bondy :: L.A. is Burning [The Path of Most Resistors] Compost
Sem :: Phox [Electro Phunk] Adrenalin
MBM :: I.A.M.E.L.E.C.T.R.O. (Basin Jently) [Fans Who Are Musicians Remixes] Digital Chemist
Karsten Pflum :: Nemo Loon part I [Nemo Loon] Ad Noiseam
Dica :: DopeonAcid [Dica EP] Buried in Time
Two Lone Swordsmen :: Hope We Never Surface [Stay Down] Warp
Meat Beat Manifesto :: The Utterer [Subliminal Sandwich] PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: I Control (Audio Collage #2) [It’s The Music] PIAS
Req :: Love Ache [Sketchbook] Warp
Similar :: Cit [MD8] n5MD
Damiak :: Cocol Re Fin [Ions] Konstrukt
Bitcrush :: Colder [In Distance] n5MD
Proem :: Sleep is for Lunch [LiveMD] n5MD
Aphex Twin :: Cliffs [Selected Ambient Works V2] Warp
Aphex Twin :: Rhubarb [Selected Ambient Works V2] Warp
Beautumn :: Everfields [White Coffee] Infraction
Marsen Jules :: Yara 1 [Yara Remastered] Oktaf
Parks :: Topaz [Umber] Infraction

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Playlist #377 feat. Insukati Live @ Ambient Ping Mix

Insukati *LIVE MIX*


Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Chris 214 :: The Curve’s Neck [Cascadian Nights] Touchin’ Bass
The JD’s :: Core Limey [Education] Pretension
Autechre :: Dael [Tri Repetae++] Warp
Muziq :: Hasty Boom Alert [Lunatic Harness] Astralwerks
Mika Goedrijk :: Thistledown [Looking Glass World] Ant-Zen
Proem :: She Never Cries [Enough Conflict] n5MD
Xurba :: You Are A Circle [The Clear Channel] Kahvi Collective
Quench :: Matics [Caipruss] n5MD
Roel Funken :: Skarm Sfias [Vade] Ad Noiseam
Autechre :: ylm0 [Move of Ten] Warp
Eitan Reiter :: Closure [Places I Miss That I Haven’t Been To] Aleph Zero
Dryft :: No Bargains, No Pleas [Ventricle] n5MD
Anklebiter :: Happy Hollandaise [I Will Wait] Tympanik Audio
INSUKATI :: Live @ Ambient Ping 6/22/2010

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Playlist #376 feat. Randomform m:x no:3



Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Coax :: Blue Racer [The Third Mobius] Med-Rec
Totakeke :: Untitled 09 [On the First of November] Tympanik Audio
Mika Goedrijk :: Dangling From Rooftops [Looking Glass World] Ant-Zen
Karsten Pflum :: Nemo Loon part V [Nemo Loon] Ad Noiseam
Meat Beat Manifesto:: Children of Earth [Autoimmune] Metropolis
Zeller :: Sub Galaxies Riot [Turbulences] Tympanik Audio

RANDOMFORM :: M:X No:3 [Sorin Paun]
Beefcake :: Hôte #03 [Hymen]
Kattoo :: Oddly Space [Hymen]
Lusine ICL :: Abaft [Hymen]
Duuster :: Trosje – DPI to BPM [M-Tronic]
Dryft :: Caloc (Version) [Component]
Aphorism :: Wha We See Now (Remixed by Access to Arasaka) [Tympanik Audio]
Quench :: Raw Curtain [U-Cover]
Bob Humid feat. Twilla too :: Danger Angel [Serve & Destroy]
Gridlock :: Return [Hymen]
Nonima :: Filth [Section27]
Architect :: Speed O.J. [Hymen]
Dryft :: Transmission [Tympanik Audio]
Hecq :: Scumdrum [Hymen]
Beefcake :: 003-B1 [Hymen]
Access to Arasaka :: 400 Bloc Overground [Tympanik Audio]
Massive Attack :: Protection [Circa Records Ltd.]
Aphorism :: Arc Towards [Tympanik Audio]
Flaque :: Black Shadows In The Fog [Tympanik Audio]
Celine & Funckarma :: Here And Now [M-Tronic]
Richard Devine :: Captraccs [Warp]
Proem :: Little Littles [Merck]
Pneumatic Detach feat. It-Clings :: Mindless Brutal Apparatus [Hive]
Richard Devine :: Arc-Acid [Sublight]
Iqbit :: Megamorph 3 [Brainstorm Lab]
Shapeshifter :: Propulsion Barriers [Schematic]

Dryft :: …and again [Ventricle] n5MD
Coax :: Reincarnation [The Third Mobius] Med-Rec
10-20 :: jjuvxszla [10-20] Highpoint Lowlife
Anklebiter :: Frigid [I Will Wait] Tympanik Audio
Eitan Reiter :: Coffee [Places I Miss That I Haven’t Been To] Aleph Zero

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Playlist #375

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Meat Beat Manifesto :: United Nations (E.T.C.) [Subliminal Sandwich] PIAS
Autechre :: Gaekwad [Peel Session 2] Warp
Aphex Twin :: We Are The Music Makers [Selected Ambient Works 85-92] Apollo
Boards of Canada :: You Could Feel the Sky [Geogaddi] Warp
Wild Shores :: R.P.E. [Illusion of Movement] M-Tronic
Mika Goedrijk :: White San Semantics [Looking Glass World] Ant-Zen
Beaumont Hannant :: A Coffee with Benson [Notions of Tonality V2] General Production
Bola :: Pendulos [Soup] Skam
808 State :: Pacific 202 [Utd. State 90] Tommy Boy
Fortran 5 :: Crazy Earth [Blues] Mute / Electra
The Orb :: Little Fluffy Clouds [Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld] Big Life
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Helter Skelter [Helter Skelter/Radio Babylon] PIAS
Pop Will Eat Itself :: Dance of the Mad Bastards [Cure for Sanity] BMG
A Guy Called Gerald :: Survival [Black Secret Technology] Juice Box
Squarepusher :: Fat Controller [Hard Normal Daddy] Warp
Plaid :: Prague Radio [Not For Threes] Warp
Amon Tobin :: Slowly [Supermodified] Ninja Tune
Fire Escape :: Earthsick [Abandon Head] Iris Light
DHS :: Holophonic Sound [The House of God] Hangman
Mind Over Rhythm :: Sniper [Winter Sun] Rumble
Orbital :: Halcyon [Halcyon] FFRR

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