Gallery #370 feat. Another Electronic Musician Live

Playlist #370 feat. Another Electronic Musician Live

Playlist #370 feat. Another Electronic Musician Live

Another Electronic Musician *LIVE*

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Another Electronic Musician :: Late Monday [States of Space] n5MD
Yvat :: Tide Out To Sea [Unfolded] Boltfish
Anodyne :: Corrosion [Corrosion] Psychonavigation
Another Electronic Musician :: Live in-studio performance (n5MD)
Jan Jelinek :: Coliidae [IT: We Make Music]
Roel Funcken :: Gallice [Vade] Ad Noiseam
Candle Nine :: Internally Threaded [The Muse in the Machine] Tympanik Audio
Interview w/ Another Electronic Musician
Alex Delarge :: Drenchrom [Mimetika] Envizagae

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Playlist #369

Sub for Riders of the Plastic Groove (9pm-10pm)
Ruxpin :: various tracks from… [Where do we float from here?] n5MD
The Orb vs. MBM :: 1855 BC [Battersea Shield EP] Malicious Damage
The Orb :: Super Nova at the End of the Universe [The Orb’s Adventure’s…] Big Life
Thomas Fehlmann :: Fellmaus [Staedtizism] ~scape
Another Electronic Musician :: Treading [States of Space] n5MD
Scorn :: Night Tide (Scanner “Flaneur Electronique mix”) [Ellipsis] Scorn

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Digital::Nimbus Playlist #369 (5/14/2010)
Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Riverz End :: Triangle Man [Main Control Board] Lagunamuch
The JD’s :: Dead Calm [Education] Pretension
Access to Arasaka :: array[0..3216] [==null] s/r
10-20 :: Littoral [Mountain EP] Highpoint Lowlife
SE :: F-Sand-036 [L36] Tympanik Audio
Port-Royal :: Balding Generation (Losing hair as we lose hope) [Dying in Time] n5MD
The Detroit Escalator Co. :: Scram [Black Buildings EP] Peacefrog
Dif:Use :: Nectopod [Mandrake] Symbolic Interaction
Diaphane :: Isthme [Samdhya] Ant-Zen
Strange2 :: Nada [Ciclos] Lovethechaos
The Abbasi Brothers :: Mr. Boe [Something Like Nostalgia] Dynamophone
Aaron Spectre :: The Wrong Fuel [Lost Tracks] Ad Noiseam
Not Breathing :: Current [Christy Cores] Noize:Tek
Richard Devine :: Floccus [Asect:Dsect] Schematic Music Co.
Autechre :: d-sho qub [Oversteps] Warp
EU :: Snitch [IT: We Make Music]
Ginormous :: North, Part 1 [The Sound of Love Impermanent] Ant-Zen
Deru :: Cottonmouth Lothario [Say Goodbye to Useless] Mush
Yasume :: 2112 Crescent Heights [Where we’re from…] City Centre Offices
Plaid :: Quick Emix [Spokes] Warp
Trentemoller :: Take Me Into Your Skin [The Last Resort] Poker Flat

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