Playlist #362

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Deceptikon :: The Human Return [Mythology of the Metropolis]
Bassnectar :: Here We Go [Timestretch EP] Basshead
Anodyne :: 707 [Corrosion] Psychonavigation
Architect :: Pure [Consume Adapt Create] Hymen
Alex Delarge :: Asisonabasucasa [Mimetika] Envizagae
Another Electronic Musician :: Venatici [States of Space] n5MD
Ruxpin :: Kiruna [I Wonder if this is the Place]
Karsten Pflum :: Noclip [Idhax] Rump
Scorn :: Rove [Stealth] Ad Noiseam
Somatic Responses :: Another Rainy Day [Neon] Hymen
Lowfish :: Finishing the Stereotypes [Eliminator] Suction
Infinite Scale :: Plrkel [Sound Sensor EP] Toytronic
Esem :: Outburst Nue [Serial Human] Merck
Arovane :: Norvum [Atol Scrap] DiN
Arovane :: Tides [Tides] City Centre Offices
Boards of Canada :: Slow this Bird Down [The Campfire Headphase] Warp
Parks :: The Twilight [Umber] Infraction
Penfold Plum :: Metural [Scribbled I Infant] Wichita
Plod :: Om Man BlŒs Dom I Nosa SŒ Nys Dom [Pillow Talk] Worm Interface
Phonem :: Hydro Electric (H2o-Vac) [Hydro Electric] Morr Music
Gescom :: Iss:Sa [Iss:Sa] Skam
Autechre :: Aut Riche [Incunabula] Warp
Xurba :: Darshini [Third Symbol] Kahvi Collective
Xurba :: Old School Angel [Third Symbol] Kahvi Collective
While :: Chase [Even] Chocolate Industries

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Playlist #361

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Climnoizer :: Bossaknob Part One [The Electronik Soft Heart…] Neo Ouija
Phoenecia :: Phonbiaphilia [Echelon Mall] Schematic Music Co.
Another Electronic Musician :: Treading [States of Space] n5MD
Architect :: Awake (Album version) [Consume Adapt Create] Hymen
Autechre :: St Epreo [Oversteps] Warp
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Electric People [Subliminal Sandwich] PIAS
Mr. Projectile :: Rapture [To The West]
Einoma :: Stepoma [Tvenna EP] Lamadameaveclechien
Atmogat :: Sleepless [Trigger Event] Impulsive Art
Recue :: Leftover Love [Leftover Love] Audiobaum
Bad Loop :: Pinta [Fragments] Soft Phase
The Future Sound of London :: Slider [ISDN] EBv
The Future Sound of London :: Part 1 [Cascade] Virgin
Secede :: Born in a Tropical Swamp [Tryshasla] Sending Orbs
Syndrone :: Colnkft [Salmataxia] Merck
Syndrone :: Candidate [Triskaideka] Merck
Bauri :: Undivided [Slacker Journal] Neo Ouija
Autechre :: Surripere [Draft 7.30] Warp
Dither :: Mitec [Table of Elements 2.0] M-Tronic

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Playlist #360 feat. Randomform m:x no:2



Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Meat Beat Manifesto :: It’s Just The Music [It’s The Music] PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Future Worlds (Alt. Version) [V16 – Copulation Explosion!] Volume
Proem :: Sputterfly Naming Convention [You Shall Have Ever Been] Merck
Mr. Projectile :: Cinnamin In It [To The West]
Strange2 :: L’hotel de Ses Reves [Ciclos] Lovethechaos
:wumpscut: :: Evoke [Evoke] Beton Kopf Media
High Wycombe :: Room 101 [Reverser] Wycombe Music
Dicepeople :: Ghost [Time To Play] s/r
Riverz End :: Fresh Wound [Possible] Lagunamuch Community
Gimmik :: Wavefiles [Neurokinetic] Toytronic
Fisk Industries :: Quint Kills Sharks [EP’s & Rarities] Mush

RANDOMFORM :: M:X No:2 [Sorin Paun]
Biotron Shelf :: Secret Pathway [U-Cover CDr Limited]
Upsidedown Umbrella :: Well [Not On Label]
Loess :: Troper (Remix of Chrometaphore by Gridlock) [Noneresponse]
Lexaunculpt :: Plus And Minus Miss C-Bug [City Centre Offices]
Skipsapiens :: Nacimento De R2D2 [Mutek_Rec]
Arovane & Phonem :: Valid Rand [Vertical Form]
Phonem :: Suffer [Vertical Form]
Atmogat :: Tryclipse [Trachanik]
Crunch :: Tic Tac TC [Colony Productions]
SubtractiveLAD :: Nothing Is Enough [n5MD]
Fisk Industries :: Quint Kills Sharks [Mush]
Beatslaughter :: Innereleere [Camomille]
Bob Humid :: Preparation [Serve & Destroy]
Autechre :: Tankakern [Warp]
Aphorism :: Covert/Convert [Tympanik Audio]
Einoma :: Encam [Trachanik] :: Violynth [Hefty]
Hecq vs. Ginormous :: Dayout [Hymen]
Richard Devine :: Floccus [Schematic]

Candle Nine :: R5-D50-R8 [The Muse In The Machine] Tympanik Audio
Autechre :: d-sho qub [Oversteps] Warp
Alex Delarge :: Asisonabasucasa [Mimetika] Envizagae
Plastikman :: Are Friends Electrik? [Artifakts] Novamute
The Future Sound of London :: Part 2 [Cascade] Virgin
The Detroit Escalator Co. :: Force [Soundtrack [313]] Ferox
The Detroit Escalator Co. :: Gratiot [Excerpts] Peacefrog

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