Playlist #356

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Bad Loop :: Nth [Fragments] Soft Phase
Recue :: Punpuli [Leftover Love] Audiobaum
Arch Thyme :: Eltc Aa (Cc recomplete) [Clicks + Cuts V5] Mille Plateaux
Another Electronic Musician :: Venatici [States of Space] n5MD
Trills :: Shiva [Modular Puzzle] I, Absentee
Lusine :: Two Dots [A Certain Distance] Ghostly International
Worm Is Green :: The Politician (Skurken Remix) [The Politician EP] ata:digital
Dalot :: Above the Rooftops [MMX] n5MD
10-20 :: GalghothA [Lake EP] Highpoint Lowlife
BBCB :: Scrtyis_18else [28.58] Electroton
Cernlab :: Delay [52.03] Electroton
Loess :: Lll6 [Wind and Water] n5MD
Loess :: Lull [Burrows] nonresponse/n5MD
Deru :: Walk [Say Goodbye To Useless] Mush
Deru ::Tapah [Trying To Remember] Merck
Rec_Overlfow & Eedll :: Listen Through Da Window [Intelligent Toys 4]
Eeedl vs Rec_Overflow :: Dada [Chaos.Lovers] Love The Chaos
Amon Tobin :: Saboteur [Supermodified] Ninja Tune
Amon Tobin :: Rosies [Out, From Out Where] Ninja Tune
Manitoba :: Tits And Ass: The Great Canadian Weekend [Give’r EP] Leaf
Four Tet :: You Could Ruin My Day [Pause] Domino
Telefon Tel Aviv :: Fahrenheit Fair Enough [Fahrenheit Fair Enough] Hefty
edIT :: Crashes [Autonomous Addicts] The Designed Disorder
edIT :: Ashtray [Crying Over Pros for No Reason] Planet Mu
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Hellfire [Autoimmune] Metropolis
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Lonely Soldier [Lonely Soldier] Planet Mu
The Tear Garden :: You And Me And Rainbows [Tired Eyes…] Nettwerk
The Orb :: Into the Fourth Dimension [The Orb’s Adventures…] Island
Fortran 5 :: Two Curious Friends [Blues] Mute/Elektra

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Playlist #355

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Port-Royal :: Hermitage Pt. 1 [Dying In Time] n5MD
Lexaunculpt :: Oddrey Merged [The Blurring of Trees] Planet-Mu
Fennesz :: Caecilia [Endless Summer] Editions Mego
Aaron Spectre :: The Wrong Fuel [Lost Tracks] Ad Noiseam
Richard Devine :: Vecpr [Aleamapper] Schematic Music Co.
Dif:Use :: Kaddish [Mandrake] Symbolic Interaction
The Future Sound of London :: Part 3 [Cascade] Virgin
Jack Dangers :: Track 05 [Loudness Clarifies / Electronic Music From Tapelab] Important
Robert Ziino :: Raw Nuts [An Unusual Day In Montana] Experimental Artists
Jim Gordon :: Cave [Water & Oil] Self Released
Not Breathing :: Worlok Badar [Carrion Sounds] Kimosciotic
Bitcrush :: Shimmer [Shimmer & Fade] n5MD
Beautumn :: Faint Glow [Northing] Infraction
Autechre :: Nine [Amber] Warp
Hypnotone :: God C.P.U (Ambient) [Ai] Creation
The Orb :: A Huge Ever Growing… [The Orb’s Adventures…] Big Life
Aphex Twin :: Tassels [Selected Ambient Works V2] Warp
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Tweekland [Subliminal Sandwich] Mute
Atrium Carceri :: Spawing Pool [Souyuan] Cold Meat Industry
Parks :: Topaz [Umber] Infraction
Aerosol :: Infinite Expanse [Airborne] n5MD
Last Days :: This Is Not An Ending [The Safety of the North] n5MD
SubtractiveLAD :: The Deep And Lovely Quiet [Life at the End of the World] n5MD
Higher Intelligence Agency :: Spectral [Colourform] Waveform
Parallel Worlds :: Reflective [Obsesive Surrealism] DiN
Xela :: Afraid of Monsters [For Frosty Mornings…] Neo Ouija
Yasume :: Triumph of Two [Where we’re from…] City Centre Offices
Ulrich Schnauss :: Between us and Them [Far Away Trains…] City Centre Offices
Bitcrush :: Falling Inward [In Distance] n5MD
Syntaks :: Big Sur [Awakes] Benbecula
Dead Can Dance :: The Host of Seraphim [The Serpent’s Egg] 4AD
Seefeel :: Time to find me (AFX Fast Mix) [26 Mixes for Cash] Warp
Bola :: 01706 [0161] Skam

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Playlist #354 feat. DJ Stephen R. Mixtape


DJ Stephen R.

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Michael Fakesch :: Rand VA [Emerging Organisms 3] Tympanik Audio
Another Electronic Musician :: Late Monday [States of Space] n5MD
Casino vs Japan :: Nuclear Weapons Were Invented… [Casino vs. Japan] Moodgadget
Multiplex :: Sdne Machell [Xpand] U-Cover
Multiplex :: With Hands & Feet (Decadnids rmx) [WH&F] Multiplex Music
Funckarma :: Daltz Fango [MMX] n5MD
Atmogat :: Distorg [Thesis V1] Impulsive Art
Ch District :: M-bizzler 4shizzler ‘Kero remix [Slides] M-Tronic
Speedy J :: Actor Nine [A Shocking Hobby] Novamute
Tinfoil Teakettle :: Think Like Us [Snow Robots 3] Suction
DJ STEPHEN R presents “Zygote – The Mixtape”
Skytree :: Stomata Spirit [Emerging Organisms 3] Tympanik Audio
SubtractiveLAD :: Ne Plus Ultra [Life at the End of the World] n5MD
Yagya :: Rigning Fimm [Weirdcore 2]
The Orb :: Dolly Unit [Baghdad Batteries] Malicious Damage
Proem :: Social Pirhana [A Permanent Solution] n5MD
Esem :: Eloki Seagul [unreleased] George Marinov
Boards of Canada :: Sherbet Head [The Campfire Headphase] WArp
Boards of Canada :: Dandelion [Geogaddi] Warp
Boards of Canada :: Bocuma [Music Has The Right to Children] Warp
Boards of Canada :: Under the Coke Sign [Trans Canada Highway] Warp
Boards of Canada :: Melissa Juice [Twoism] Warp
Beautumn :: Garlic Serendiphy [Northing] Infraction
Aphex Twin :: Tree [Selected Ambient Works V2] Warp
Pole :: Klettern [3] Matador
Lazyfish / Mewark :: Tpahc – Topm03 [Untitled] Lagunamuch
Flexkiks :: RedoBox [Freeland] Lagunamuch
Klyxn :: Seared and Broken [Points.That.Matter] FEM
Lucidstatic :: Coal Cage (Access to Arasaka remix) [Emerging Organisms 3] Tympanik Audio

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