Playlist #351 feat. Kingbastard ‘Cooks Slab Styli with Reversed Beard’ Mix



Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
PSGirl :: Structural Plasticity [FEM Sampler] FEM
Mewark :: Hi Fred [Little One] Lagunamuch Community
10-20 :: Boat [Lake EP] Highpoint Lowlife
Richard Devine :: Corina Chirac [Asect:Dsect] Schematic Music Co.
Monolake :: Far Red [Silence] Imbalance Computer Music
Lexaunculpt :: Tell Me You Love Me [Squadron] Merck
Bola :: Ballast (Triangles) [Shapes] Skam
Harmonic 313 :: Dirtbox [Dirtbox EP] Warp
Broken Note :: Dubversion [Terminal State] Ad Noiseam
Cardopusher :: Toothsmasher [Mutant Dubstep V2] Spectraliquid
Funckarma :: Woodface [Dubstoned EP1] Highpoint Lowlife
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Less [Autoimmune] Planet Mu
Meat Beat Manifesto :: No Purpose, No Design [Live ’05]
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Dub [Prime Audio Soup] PIAS
Consolidated :: Butyric Acid (Oblimov Syndrome mix) [Butyric Acid] London
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Acid Again (Depth Charge mix) [Acid Again] Nothing
Autechre :: Eutow [Tri Repetae++] Warp
Autechre :: Lowride [Incunabula] Warp
Eden Grey :: Ice Rivers [FEM Sampler] FEM
KINGBASTARD :: Cooks Slab Styli with Reversed Beard [D::N mix] Herb
Aphex Twin :: Ventolin (Video Version) [I Care Because You Do] Warp
DHS :: Then Your CD Skips [The Difference Between…] Hangman
DHS :: Digital Voodoo [The Difference Between…] Hangman
DHS :: The House of God (Unholy Version) [The House of God] Hangman
DHS :: This is a Journey [The Difference Between…] Hangman

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Playlist #350 feat. Cane Mix



Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
ESA :: Your Anger is A Gift (Access to Arasaka) [The Immaculate Manipulation] Tympanik Audio
Detritus :: Left Behind [Things Gone Wrong] Ad Noiseam
Monolake :: Shutdown [Silence] Imbalance Computer Music
Exillon :: Darkassid [It’s OK To Dance] Ad Noiseam
Clark :: Growl’s Garden [Growl’s Garden] Warp
Kylxn :: Hemarre [Comp.] FEM
Lusine :: Neon [Condensed] Hymen
Proem :: Untitled. [LiveMD] n5MD
Scorn :: The End (PCM remix) [Ellipsis] Scorn
Plug :: Maker of All [Drum’n’ Bass For Papa] Blue Planet
CANE :: Lowlands 2009 P1 Mix [D/R Funcken]
RD :: Space Radio [Cricket EP] The Designed Disorder
Monolake :: Infinite Snow [Silence] Imbalance Computer Music
Markus Guentner :: Toter Hafen [Doppelgaenger] Sending Orbs
Gridlock :: Chrometaphor (Remix by Loess) [MD8] n5MD
Loess :: Lull [Burrows] nonresponse / n5md
Deru :: Days, Then [Say Goodbye to Useless] Mush
Boy Is Fiction :: If You Hear Me Fall [Boy Is Fiction] List
Spyweirdos :: The Oldest Door [Thesis V1] Impulsive Art
i/Dex :: Lanthen [Layers] Lagunamuch
Gjoll :: The Only True Philosphical Problem [Sum of Transformation] Ant-Zen

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7-yr Look back :: Playlist #349 feat. Randomform m:x no:1



Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Detritus :: Beautiful People (Remix by Mothboy) [Things Gone Wrong] Ad Noiseam
Defrag :: The Old Growth [Lament Element] Hymen
Broken Note :: Dubversion (Remix by Hecq) [Terminal Static] Ad Noiseam
Hecq :: Misantron (vs. Architect) [Bad Karma] Hymen
Fraction :: Inside the Neighbour’s Cat’s Head [Superposition] Infine Music
Mobthrow :: Shogun [Thesis V1] Impulsive Art
Atmogat :: Distorg [Thesis V1] Impulsive Art
Sidechain :: Geiger Counter [Dubglitch] Rednetic
Pistel :: Electronic Dub 2 [Electronic Dub Collective Two] BPM
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Mindstream (The Aphex Twin remix) [26 Mixes for Cash] Warp
Jake Mandell :: Untitled 27 (Phoenecia Remix) [Lily of the Valley] Schematic

RANDOMFORM :: Exclusive Mix [Sorin Paun]
Crunch :: Array (Colony Productions)
Apparat :: Aspirin (Shitkatapult)
Rec_Overflow :: Interleaving (Platforma-LTW)
Fibla :: Rec Image (Quatermass)
EU :: Cowl (Pause_2)
Hecq :: 0008 (Hymen)
Huron :: Chrome Chump (Crazy Language)
Ard Bit :: Metric Bate (Symbolic Interaction)
Recue :: Korento (Rednetic)
D’incise :: Prevoir Ou Pas (Rec_Overflow Remix) (Audioactivity)
Atmogat :: Neutro Bionic (Crazy Language)
Intricate :: Efforts (Spezialmaterial)
ENV(itre) :: Weirdwire (TonAtom)
Mercury Effect :: Broken (Hippocamp)
Autechre :: Rale (Warp)
Phoenecia :: Eyebrow (Schematic)

Markus Guentner :: Doppelgaenger [Doppelgaenger] Sending Orbs
i/Dex :: Antens [Layers] Lagunamuch
Worm Is Green :: The Politician (Bitcrush Remix) [The Politician EP] ata:digital
Evan Marc + Steve Hillage :: Resurface [Dreamtime Submersible] Somnia
Autechre :: Cichli [Cichlisuite] Warp
Quinoline Yellow :: Sheepdip [Dol-Goy Assist] Skam
Arovane :: Tascel_7 [Atol Scrap] DiN
The Integer Ring :: 20 Ringmodulated by 26 [IDMList Remix Chain]
Digitonal :: Drencrom [Neurokinetic] Toytronic
Point 7 :: A Computer [What?] Toytronic

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