Playlist #330

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Frank Murder :: Bata [Weirdcore] Weirdcore
Anonymous :: Tao [Weirdcore] Weirdcore
EON :: Infernal Machine [Void Dweller] Vinyl Selection
EON :: Electromagnetic Waves [Void Dweller] Vinyl Selection
Meat Beat Manifesto :: I Am Electro [Original Fire] Nothing
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Mindstream (Psychedelically Speaking) [Mindstream] PIAS
The Orb :: A Huge Ever Growing… [Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld] Big Life
The Orb :: Little Fluffy Clouds [Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld] Big Life
Fortran 5 :: Fortran 5 [Bad Head Park] Mute
Fortran 5 :: Crazy Earth [Blues] Mute
808 State :: Contrique [Gorgeous] Tommy Boy
808 State :: Qmart [Ex:El] ZTT
Aphex Twin :: Iz-Us [Come To Daddy] Warp
Aphex Twin :: Wax The Nip [I Care Because You Do…] Warp
Boards of Canada :: Smokes Quantity [Music Has The Right To Children] Warp
Boards of Canada :: Sunshine Recorder [Geogaddi] Warp
Autechre :: Vose In [LP5] Warp
Autechre :: Rpeg [EP7] Warp
The Future Sound of London :: Part 2 [Cascade] Virgin
The Future Sound of London :: We Are Explosive [Dead Cities] ebV
Altern 8 :: Armaggeddon [Full On… Mask Hysteria] Network
Altern 8 :: Infiltrate 202 (The A8 vs Asterix & Space mix) [Evapor 8] Network
Hypnotone :: Electraphonic [Ai] Creation
Shep Meyers Quartet :: Skylark [Cornerstone] Proxy
Shep Meyers :: Yellow Tango [Originals] Self Released
Jay Migliori :: Desert Flower [Count The Nights and Times] PBR
Supersax :: Salt Peanuts [The Japanese Tour Live in ’75] Hindsight

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Playlist #329

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Robert Logan :: Stalactite [Inscape] Slowfoot
Xurba :: The Destructors (The Twosim Edit) [One On Twoism V3] Twoism
RMSonce :: Reflections [Reflections] Medusa Music
Meditronica :: The Third Planet [Meditronica] RareNoise
Autechre :: Second Scout [Tri Repetae++] Warp
Traject :: Campfire Scene [Birtin] Creative Space
Einoma :: Encam (Traject remix) [Encam EP] Trachanik
Einoma :: Amonie [Undir Fellnotum] Vertical Form
Einoma :: Lidur Og Laedist [Milli Tonverka] Vertical Form
Gridlock :: Further [Further] Pendragon
Bitcrush :: Arjon Tenpher [Enarc] Component
Displacer :: Down [Arroyo] M-Tronic
Orbital :: Adnan’s [In Sides] FFRR
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Soul Driver [Peel Session] Strange Fruit
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Love Mad [Now] Mute
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Future Worlds [Subliminal Sandwich] PIAS
Pop Will Eat Itself :: 88 Seconds.. & Still Counting [Cure for Sanity] RCA
Acid Horse :: No Name, No Slogan (Hypo Luxa & Hermes Pan) [No Name, No Slogan] Wax Trax!
Front 242 :: Tragedy (For You) [Tyranny (For You)] Epic
Final Cut :: She Destroy’s [Deep Into The Cut] Big Sex
Dif:Use :: Padrone [Mandrake] Symbolic Interaction

Playlist #328

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Cacheflowe :: Imperial Bombin’ feat. Dickie Cee [Cache, Stacks & Queues] Plastic Sound Supply
Ebola :: Painkillers (End.User rmx) [Mutant Dubstep V1] Spectraliquid
Mobthrow :: My Dub Kingdom [Mutant Dubstep V3] Spectraliquid
Robert Logan :: Stalactite [Inscape] Slowfoot
Tonikom :: Peripheral Movement [The Sniper’s Veil] Hymen
PEM :: Orteipikal Soup (Lantique mix by Maps & Diagrams) [Orteip Remixes] unreleased
Polygon Window :: Polygon WIndow [Surfing on Sinewaves] Warp
Shadowhuntaz :: Medic [Corrupt Data Instrumentals] Skam
Byetone :: Grand Style [Death of a Typographer] Raster-Noton
Pest(e) :: Polychromerats [Test(e)] Suction
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Synthesizer Test [Archive Things 1982-1988] Self-released
Autechre :: Slip [Amber] Warp
Tearglass & Plateglass :: One Day Across the Valley [Black Triage] Waxploitation
Statik Sound System :: Dr Wheeler [Tempesta II] Iron America
L’ombre :: In From the Rain [Letting Go at the Steering Wheel] Ant-Zen
Larvae :: Megalon [Loss Leader] Ad Noiseam
Point 7 :: One Movie [What?] Toytronic
Mouse on Mars :: Snap Bar [Glam] Thrill Jockey
Mantrakid :: Genesis [Palmflowerblack] Neferiu
Bigod 20 :: One (Jack Dangers Full On mix) [One] Sire
Massive Attack :: Unfinished Sympathy [Collected] EMI
Marvin Ayres :: Bitter Beauty [Eccentric Deliquescence] Mandalic
Tamaru :: Stream [Figure] Trumn