Playlist #303

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Jake Mandell :: Untitled 27 [Alternative Frequencies 3, comp.] Worm Interface
Funckarma :: Celular [Men With Boxes, comp.] DUB
Delarosa & Asora :: Lily’s Theme [Lily of the Valley, comp.] Schematic
Jack Dangers :: WaG (N Mix) [Lavatron.x, comp.] Shambala
Maps And Diagrams :: Meak [Smeg] Cactus Island
Another Electronic Musician :: DmFM [Five] n5MD
Accelera Deck :: Sketch Set [Narcotic Beats] Endorphin
Tapage :: Lockswitch [The Institute of Random Events] Tympanik Audio
Yasume :: Rengoku (condensed) [Where we’re from the birds sing a pretty song] City Centre Offices
Yunx :: The Early Bird Catches The Worm [In The Heat of the Night] Ai
Plaid :: Zeal [Spokes] Warp
Brothomstates :: Viimo [Claro] Warp
Autechre :: Inhake 2 [Peel Session] Warp
Autechre :: Pencha [Cichlisuite] Warp
Aphex Twin :: Analogue Bubblebath [Analogue Bubblebath] TVT
Adam Johnson :: Some Say She’s Naive [Chiglliak] Merck
Bass Kittens :: Onion Burst [unreleased?] Jon Drukman
Blamstrain :: Linja [Ensi] Merck
EEDL :: Spectrum [Everse] spa.RK
Empirion :: Narcotic Influence (MBM mix) [Narcotic Influence] XL
Meat Beat Manifesto :: It’s The Music [It’s The Music] PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Guns N Lovers Remix [Lonely Soldier] Planet Mu
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Lonely Soldier Remix [Lonely Soldier] Planet Mu

Playlist #302

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Orbital :: Open Mind [Funky Alternatives 6, comp.] Concrete Productions
808 State :: 808080808 [Utd. State 90] Tommy Boy
Grindlestone :: Noble Forbidden Remora [One] Noh Poetry
Deru :: Tapah [Trying to Remember] Merck
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Less ()planner( remix remix by Velapene Screen) [Unreleased] Chris Ghiraldi
Pistel :: One Floor Below [Electronic Dub Collective 2] BPM
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Three Floors Above You [Actual Sounds + Voices] PIAS
Burial :: Ghost Hardware [Untrue] Hyperdub
Neytoda :: One42 Dub [Latest Dubs from Nestor House Studio] Rednetic
Teleseen :: The Liberty Halls [Walls] Percepts
Scorn :: Running Pig [Stealth] Ad Noiseam
Wagon Christ :: Thick Stew [Musipal] Ninja Tune
Luke Vibert :: Voyage Into The Unknown [Big Soup] Mo Wax
The Secret Life :: Philton (Nightvision Mix by R_Garcia) [The Great Book Of Mysteries…] s/r
Detritus :: Shifts [Fractured] Ad Noiseam
Octopus Inc. :: Lull [Mere Things & Mindless Creatures] Kracfive
Kero :: Untitled (On Acid Again) [Bleeps-oh-six, comp.]
RD :: Fwum [Archive] The Designed Disorder
Hecq :: Trivia [Scatterheart] Hymen
Boards of Canada :: Dayvan Cowboy [The Campfire Headphase] Warp
Boards of Canada :: The Beach at Redpoint [Geogaddi] Warp
Zainetica :: Nomad [Soul Paradox] Rednetic
Gridlock :: Displacement [Formless] Hymen
Gridlock :: Invert [Formless] Hymen
The Young Gods :: Did You Miss Me [Did You Miss Me] Organik
Bigod 20: One (JD Full On Mix) [One EP] Zoth Ommog
LFO :: We Are Back [We Are Back] Tommy Boy
Pop Will Eat Itself :: Wise Up Sucker! [This Is the Day…The Is The Hour.. This Is This!] RCA
Jay Migliori :: The Song Is You [Smile] Cexton

Playlist #301

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Displacer :: Nag Champa (L’ombre remix) [The Witching Hour] Tympanik Audio
Tapage :: Transatlantic Headroom [The Institute of Random Events] Tympanik Audio
Integral :: Reaktor [Rise] Tympanik Audio
Flint Glass :: SFI Industries: Question and Answers [Circumsounds] Tympanik Audio
Adáverásary :: Just (Spooks) [Bone Music] Tympanik Audio
Disharmony :: Zeit Zerstoert (Original by Mnemonic) [Cloned…] Tympanik Audio
Subheim :: Hollow [Approach] Tympanik Audio
Totakeke :: Fragile Thoughts [Elekatota…] Tympanik Audio
Einoma :: Undir Engu [Undir Feilnotum] Vertical Form
Traject :: Water For Muddy People [Strengir Hrynja] SpezialMaterial
Intricate :: Efforts [In Pectra] SpezialMaterial
E. Stonji :: Ddgeridooo [Con.trst EP] Binary Dilemma
Ginormous :: At Night, Under Artificial Light [At Night, Under Artificial Light] Hymen
Oxyd :: The Frozen Moon [Larva] Aliens
Xsoz :: Plongements [Basic Topology] Fich-Art
Fractional :: Sibi [Come Mierda] Brume
Let’s Go Outside :: I’m Dreaming of… [A Let’s Go Outside sampler] Slant
RAC :: Double Jointed [Electro Funk, comp.] Adrenalin
Austere :: Crystil [Message from a Subatomic World, comp.] Hypnos
Saul Stokes :: Hello Radar [Villa Galaxia] Hypnos
Juxta Phona & Offthesky :: Death Dubs Us Art [!Escape Kit!] Somnia
Ovro :: Templier [Revisted] Some Place Else
The Orb :: Oxbow Lakes [Orbus Terrarum] Island
Parks :: Topaz [Umber] Infraction
Rumpistol :: Kocmoc [Dynamo] Rump
Eliot Lipp :: 7 Mile Tunnel [The Outside] Mush
Posthuman :: The Lust of Dust [Hilda Family EP] Myuzyk
Ebola :: Teledildonics [Mutant Dubstep Vol.1] Spectraliquid
Deepcutt :: Karma [Sarabande EP] Scion

Playlist #300

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Talvekoidik :: Such A Perfect Day [Silent Reflections] Brume
Tonikom :: Walled In [Epoch] Hymen
Genevi ve Pasquier :: Remember [Soap Bubble Factory] Ant-Zen
Tobias Lilja :: Time, oh Time [Time Is On My Side] n5MD
Architect :: Speed O.J. [The Analysis of Noise Trading] Hymen
Front Line Assembly :: Mindphaser (12″ Version) [Mindphaser] Third Mind
Skinny Puppy :: Warlock [Doomsday: Back & Forth v5] Nettwerk
Front 242 :: Headhunter V 3.0 [Front By Front] Wax Trax!
Speedy J :: Drill [A Shocking Hobby] Novamute
Scorn :: The Palomar [Stealth] Ad Noiseam
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Children of Earth [Autoimmune] Planet Mu
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Hellfire (Remix) [Lonely Soldier EP] Planet Mu
Android Lust :: The Want, Lacking (Existence/Nonexistence remix) [Stripped & Stiched] Projekt
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Less (Sorting In Spaces remix by Velapene Screen) [Unreleased] Chris Ghiraldi
Mantrakid :: Genesis [Palmflowerblack] Neferiu
Mantrakid :: Sinister States [Palmflowerblack] Neferiu
Shadowhuntaz :: Medic [Corrupt Data Instrumentals] Skam
Shadowhuntaz :: Sown Terror [Corrupt Data Instrumentals] Skam
Machine Drum :: Dog Actually (Remix of Mic Mell) [Bidnezz] Merck
Xela :: My Rap [Dosage, comp.] Merck
Purple Penguin :: Dust [Question] Iron Music
Gescom :: Slow Acid [Iss:Sa] Skam
Disjecta :: Kracht [Clean Pit & Lid] Warp
Arovane :: Amine [Atol Scrap] DiN
Autechre :: Corc [LP5] Warp
Phonem :: Syntax [Putting the Morr Back In Morrisey, comp.] Morr Music
Autechre :: Vietrmx21 [Tri Repetae++] Warp
Sonogram :: The Lonely Acrobats [Substrates – Ambient Works 95-99] SImulacra
Aphex Twin :: Rhubarb [Select Ambient Works V2] Warp
Aphex Twin :: Window Sill [Select Ambient Works V2] Warp
Jay Migliori :: Smile [Smile] Cexton