Playlist #291

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
LFO :: Them [Advance] Warp
Gift Culture :: Chrysalis [Terraforming] Psymbolic
The Future Sound of London :: Shortform [Cascade] Virgin
Esem :: Cee [Serial Human] Merck
Rony&Suzy :: Vitrail [Tail Wagging Music, comp.] Lamadameaveclechien
Nautilis :: Slitshifting [Tail Wagging Music, comp.] Lamadameaveclechien
Emergency Broadcast System :: Waiting for Dorsal [Tail Wagging Music, comp.] Lamadameaveclechien
Emergency Broadcast Network :: 3:7:8 [Telecommunication…] TVT
Orbital :: Out There Somewhere? [In Sides] FFRR
808 State :: Contrique [Gorgeous] Tommy Boy
Aphex Twin :: We Are The Music Makers [Selected Ambient Works 85-92] R&S
Fortran 5 :: Inanga [Blues] Mute/Elektra
Fire Escape :: Barmy, Bananas [Sally’s Photographic Memory, comp.] Volume
Fire Escape :: Getaway People [Abandon Head] Iris Light
Flint Glass :: Zonk’t Air Field [Circumsounds] Tympanik Audio
Syndrone :: Cinco [Salmataxia] Merck
Jack Dangers :: Musical Experiences [Loudness Clarifies…] Important
Meat Beat Manifesto :: No Purpose No Design [Live ’05]
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Kneel And Buzz [Archive Things 1982-1988]
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Untitled 5 [Archive Things 1982-1988]
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Fire Number 9 [Peel Session] Strange Fruit
Kraftwerk :: Home Computer [Computer World] Capital
Morton Subotnick :: Silver Apples of the Moon B [Silver Apples…] Wergo
The Orb :: White River Junction [Orbus Terrarum] Island
William Basinski :: d|p 6 [Disintergration Loops]
Parks :: Topaz [Umber] Infraction
Wayne Winters :: Precious Moments [The Reprogramming Project, comp.] Plastic Sound Supply
Cacheflowe :: A Dreary Flight Over The Datascape [The Reprogramming Project, comp.] Plastic Sound Supply
Ten And Tracer :: Zakenmaan [ L-Msaria B-Lglass] Archipel
No Movements No Sound No Memories :: Acetate (Claro Intelecto Remix) [Removed/Acetate] Lux Nigra
Bomb The Bass & Lali Puna :: Clearcut Opiate Version [Clearcut] Morr Music
Sensiva :: Untitled 3 [Giosun] Sensotech

Playlist #290

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Brothomstates :: Jak Got Stuck in Canada And This Sounds Like [Qtio EP] Warp
Tiki Obmar :: High School Confidential [High School Confidential] Merck
Kristuit Salu vs. Morris Nightingale :: Optimo & Mod Conformance For Men [My Mines I] Merck
Malcom Kipe ::Orange Country [Lit] Merck
Eliot Lipp :: 7 Mile Tunnel [The Outside] Mush
SecondaryCell :: Paris 1966 [SecondaryCell] Antarctica
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Circles (Remix) [Circles] Mute
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Re-Animator Part 2 [Storm the Studio] Wax Trax!
Rontronik :: R-Tronix [Drones and Other Random Noise..] Toshoklabs
Ectomorph :: Breakout [Comin From the D -Blueprint, comp.] Intuit Solar
Lowfish :: Martin C. Martin [Fear Not The Snow..] Suction
Kenny Larkin :: Tedra [Azimuth] Warp
The Detroit Escalator Co. :: Shifting Gears [Excerpts] Peacefrog
The Detroit Escaltor Co. :: Prana [Black Buildings] Peacefrog
Riverz End :: Fresh Wound [Possible] Lagunamuch Community/Peace
Kattoo :: Untitled 15 [Megrim] Hymen
Kattoo :: Place8 [Places] Hymen
Tonikom :: Walled In [Epoch] Hymen
The Detroit Escaltor Co. :: Force [Soundtrack 313] Ferox
Secede :: Born in a Tropical Swamp [Tryshasla] Sending Orbs
Vataff Project :: Patayasa [Kalitz] Aleph Zero
The Future Sound of London :: Vertical Pig [Lifeforms] ebV
The Future Sound of London :: Dead Skin Cells [Lifeforms] ebV
Jello :: Vibe-A-Rolla [Volle] Peacefrog
Meat Beat Manifesto :: untitled [Asbestos Lead Asbestos] PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Addiction (unreleased remix)
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Future Worlds (Alt. version) [It, comp.]
Tiki Obmar :: Deru Remix [Seasons] Merck
Deru :: Echoes of Me [Pushing Air] Neo Ouija
Vataff Project :: Dvabrakia [Kalitz] Aleph Zero
Machine Drum :: Uptown [Urban Biology] Merck
Machine Drum :: Cocaine Fueled.. (Proem) [Mergerz & Acquisitionz] Merck

Playlist #289

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
B12 :: Omni Therapy [Last Days of Silence] B12
Esem :: Cee [Serial Human] Merck
Adam Johnson :: Some Say She’s Naive [Chiglliak] Merck
Blamstrain :: Linja [Ensi] Merck
Flint Glass :: Shizuka: Les Esprits [Circumsounds] Tympanik Audio
Plaid :: Crumax Rins [Spokes] Warp
Vibert /Simmonds :: Story [Rodulate] Rephlex
Aphex Twin :: Iz-Us [Come To Daddy EP] Warp
Eliot Lipp :: The Outside [The Outside] Mush
Machine Drum :: Are I [Now You Know] Merck
Luke Vibert :: Grime II Dark [Amen Andrews vs. Spac Hand Luke] Rephlex
Plug :: Drum’n’bass For Papa [Drum’n’bass For Papa] Blue Planet
Squarepusher/AFX :: Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid [WARP, comp.] Warp
Squarepusher :: Vic Acid (Hard And Normal mix) [Vic Acid EP] Warp
Funckarma :: Stub Dance [Dubstroned EP] Highpoint Lowlife
Funckarma :: Hayfever (Speedy J) (Funckarma remix) [Refurbished One] n5MD
Empirion :: Narcotic Influence (MBM mix) [Narcotic Influence] XL
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Electric People (Version version) [?] Jack Dangers
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Stereophrenic [Subliminal Sandwich] PIAS
Autechre :: Dael [Tri Repetae++] Warp
Seven Ark :: Floor [Noise of the New] Neo Ouija
Damiak :: Field Lights [One Five Zero, comp.] n5MD
Exillon :: Headache [Prequiem] Component
Dif:Use :: Padrone [Mandrake] Symbolic Interaction
Headphone Science :: Coil:Online (Broken Haze Remix) [Painted] Symbolic Interaction
B12 :: Hall of Mirrors (Digitonal’s Strings in Space mix) [Last Days of Silence] B12
Digitonal :: Maris Stella [The Centre Cannot Hold EP] Seed
Hypnotone :: God C.P.U. [Ai] Creation
The Orb :: A Huge Ever Growing… [The Orb’s Adventures…] Big Life