Playlist #288

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Luke Vibert :: Analord [Lover’s Acid] Planet Mu
Legowelt :: Airplanes In The Rain [Volume 2, comp.] Seed
RAC :: Double Jointed [Electro Funk, comp.] Adrenalin
Sunao Inami :: Marker 2 [Used Up & Empty] Electr-ohm
SecondaryCell :: Vacuum Tube [SecondaryCell] Antarctica
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Vegetarian Soup by BoC [Prime Audio Soup] PIAS
8yone :: GlŸck [Keymotion EP] Boltfish
Dimensional Holofonic Sound :: Atomic Clock [Attention Earth People] Tino Corp.
Almost Digital :: Percuss [A.D.] Hypnotism
Vakuum Sounds :: Khaskhas Schiafmohn [Future Sound Theory 2, comp.] Celestial Dragon
Xurba :: Azure [Music From The Clear Channel] Kahvi Collective
Xurba ::4.D-Gen-0618… [Music From The Clear Channel] Kahvi Collective
Xurba :: Tri-Seq-3 [Third Symbol] Kahvi Collective
Squarepusher :: Goodnight Jade [Feed Me Wierd Things] Rephlex
Ad-Ver-Sary :: Bone Music [Bone Music] Tympanik Audio
Disharmony :: Stir Up The Dust (Original by Anhedonia) [Cloned…] Tympanik Audio
Fisk Industries :: Gangu [Magnetism, That Electricity, comp.] Highpoint Lowlife
Mnemonic :: Political Absurdity / 8bit Rmx by Xabec [Hyperreality, comp.] Aliens Prod.
Our Sleepless Forest :: Afraid Of You [Our Sleepless Forest] Resonant
The Abbasi Brothers :: Mr. Boe [Something Like Nostalgia] Dynamophone
Port-Royal :: Karola Bloch Manuel Remix [Flared Up] Resonant
Syntaks :: Big Sur {Awakes] Benbecula
Bitcrush :: Colder [In Distance] n5MD
Near The Parenthesis :: A Little Damaged [Of Soft Construction] n5MD
Autechre :: Milk DX [Peel Sessions] Warp
Arovane :: Tascel_7 [Atol Scrap] City Centre Offices
Aphex Twin :: Cliffs [Selected Ambient Works V2] Warp
Ginormous :: To Reveal Interiors [Aurora 2, comp.] Merck
Antarktika :: Close To The Sea [State of the Art Heirloom, comp.] Tšshšklabs
Mokira :: Seven-Ply [Volume 2, comp.] Seed
Sense Project :: Isten [The Sublime] Hypnos
Sense Project :: Prime Mover [The Sublime] Hypnos

Playlist #287 feat. Will Samuels Sub-Show

Special thanks to Will Samuels for subbing the show!

Atlas Sound :: Let The Blind Lead… […Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel] Kranky
Hecq :: 0003 (Sytrjv Remix) [0000] Hymen
Teargas & Plateglass :: Plague Burial [Black Triage] Waxploitation
Aphex Twin :: Untitled (Saw2 CD1 Track 1) (Four Tet Remix) [Warp 10+3 Remixes] Warp
Belong :: Beeside [Colorloss Record] St. Ives
Gescom :: Key Nell 2 [Key Nell] Skam
Kettel :: Church [Myam James Part 1] Sending Orbs
Neil Landstrumm :: Tension in New York [Bedrooms and Cities] Tresor
Tube Jerk :: God Damn Fish For Having Bones [Shift] Sativae
Plaid :: The Launching Of Big Face [Greedy Baby] Warp
Fennesz :: On a Desolate Shore… […A Shadow Passes By] Touch
Harmonic 313 :: Word Problems [EP1] Warp
Plastikman :: Plasticity [Sheet One] Plus 8
Rhythim Is Rhythim :: It Is What It Is [Innovator] Transmat
Carl Craig :: At Les (Live In Paris) [Sessions 2] Studio !K7
Four Tet :: Ribbons [Ringer EP] Domino
Partial Arts :: Trauermusik [Trauermusik] Kompakt
Disjecta :: Looking For Snags [Looking for Snags] Warp
Dave Clarke :: No One’s Driving [Archive One] Deconstruction
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Less [Autoimmune] Planet Mu
Sven VŠth :: L’esperanza (Single Edit) [Accident In Paradise] Eye Q
LFO :: We Are Back [Frequencies] Warp
Jamie Lidell :: Daddy’s Car [Warp Routine] Warp
The Bug :: Gun Disease [Gun Disease]Rephlex
Seefeel :: Spangle (Autechre Remix) [Autechre Remix Of Spangle By Seefeel] Polyfusia
Aphex Twin :: Gwely Mernans [Drukqs] Warp
Scorn :: Stripped Back Hinge [Stealth] Ad Noiseam
Slowdive :: In Mind (The 147 Take) Reload Remix [5 EP] Creation
Balil :: Parasight [Parasight] Rising High
Throbbing Gristle :: Hamburger Lady [Greatest Hits] Rough Trade

Playlist #286

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Jean-Paul Bondy :: Origami Mommy [The Path of Most Resistors] Compost
Rontronik :: Sparks of Ice [Sparks of Ice EP] Tšshšklabs
Stem :: Radiotron [Electro Phunk, comp.] Adrenalin
Bassnectar :: FSOSF [Underground Communication] Om
Bass Kittens :: Onion Burst [unreleased?] Jon Drukman
Scorn :: Running Pig [Stealth] Ad Noiseam
Jack Dangers :: Echo in Space [Variaciones Espectrales] Instinct
RAC :: Freckle [Structures] Warp
Silicon Attic :: The Gas [More Signs of Life V4] Blue Room
Rontronik :: Global Warming [Sparks of Ice EP] Tšshšklabs
Disharmony :: Bar Code [Cloned: Other Side Of Evolution] Tympanik Audio
Oxyd :: Voices of Sand [Larva] Aliens Production
Sunao Inami :: Pulled DSPs [Laid Back Computing] Electr-ohm
Richard Devine :: Corina Chirac [Asect:Dsect] Schematic Music Co.
Blackfilm :: Interfernence [Blackfilm] Spetraliquid
Purple Penguin :: Mountain [De-Tuned] Iron Music
Massive Attack :: Protection [Protection] Circa
Yo La Tengo :: Autumn Sweater (Kevin Shields Remix) [Autumn Sweater] Matadar
RND :: Swandub Lake (Opaque Mix) [Future Sound Theory 2, comp.] Celestial Dragon
Krill.Minima :: Kronen Dab [Bioluminescence] Native States
KiloWatts :: Monument [Ground State] Native State
Another Electronic Musician :: Careless [Use] n5MD
Skipsapiens :: Doctor Silla [Eco] Mutek
Televise :: Mezzo [Strings and Wires] Drifting Falling
Disjecta :: Gammi [Clean Pit & Lid] Warp
The Itch Incident :: The Itch [A Deck Without Pause EP] The Itch Incident
Emanuele Errante :: Radio Hopes [Humus] Somnia
Freeze Etch :: Vehicularism [Vessels] Force of Nature
Our Sleepless Forest :: The Clarion [Our Sleepless Forest] Resonant
DTD :: Somatus [Mioku, comp.] Controne
Combustion :: Fake ID [Elephant EP]