Playlist #283

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Sunao Inami :: Pulled DSPs [Laid Back Computing] Electr-ohm
Recue :: Bivouac [All The Wrong Places] Rednetic
Quench :: Caipruss [Caipruss] n5MD
Our Sleepless Forest :: White Bird [Our Sleepless Forest] Resonant
Subheim :: One Step Before The Exit [Approach] Tympanik Audio
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Less [Autoimmune] Metropolis
Yard :: Detrit (Cane Mix) [Detrit EP] Binary Dilema
Jean-Paul Bondy :: Origami Mommy [The Path of Most Resistors] Compost
Gescom :: Puzl [The Sound Of Machines Our Parents Used] Clear
Gescom :: D1 [A1-D1 EP] Skam
808 State :: Pacific 718 [Utd. State 90] Tommy Boy
Fortran 5 :: Crazy Earth [Blues] Mute
The Orb :: Little Fluffy Clouds [Adventures Beyong The Ultraworld] Island
The Future Sound of London :: Papua New Guinea (12″ Original) [Papua New Guinea] Passion Music
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Radio Babylon [Helter Skelter/Radio Babylon] Mute
Aphex Twin :: Seefeel’s Time To Find Me (AFX Fast Mix) [26 Mixes for Cash] Warp
The Future Sound of London :: My Kingdom [Dead Cities] ebV
The Future Sound of London :: Flak [Lifeforms] eBv
Boards Of Canada :: Skyliner [Trans Canada Highway EP] Warp/Music70
Boards Of Canada :: Chinook [Hi Scores EP] Skam
Plaid :: Buns [Spokes] Warp
Tear Ceremony :: The Abbey Road Twins [Emulsion] Simulacra
Port-Royal :: Karola Bloch Manuel Remix [Flared Up] Resonant
Port-Royal :: Karola Bloch Opn Remix [Flared Up] Resonant
Arc Lab :: I Wish I Could Tell You [The Goodbye Radio] n5MD
Sunao Inami :: Laid Back Computing [Laid Back Computing] Electr-ohm
Sunao Inami :: You Daren’t Look Behind [Laid Back Computing] Electr-ohm
Subheim :: Stranded [Approach] Tympanik Audio

Playlist #282

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Jack Dangers :: Explanation… [Music From Planetarium] Brainwashed
Sektor :: Loki [Mioku, comp.] Controne
Funckarma :: Sploid [Sploid EP] Binary Dilemma
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Children of Earth [Autoimmune] Planet Mu
Combustion :: Elephant [Elephant EP]
Port-Royal :: Putin vs Valery [Afraid To Dance] Resonant
Arc Lab :: The Goodbye Radio [The Goodbye Radio] n5MD
Pridon :: Relax (Peekay Taylor Remix) [New Steine] Low Impedance
Esem :: Xerie [Mioku, comp.] Controne
Polygon Window :: Polygon Window [Surfing on Sinewaves] Warp / WaxTrax!
Televise :: Mezzo [Strings and Wires] Drifting Falling
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Less [Autoimmune] Planet Mu
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Think Fast [99%] Mute
Meat Beat Manifesto :: It’s The Music [It’s The Music] PIAS
Orbital :: The Naked And The Dub [Halcyon] FFRR
Plaid :: Super Positions [Greedy Baby] Warp
Teargass & Plateglass :: Consoling Past [Black Triage] Waxploitation
O9 :: Terminal Red [Church Of The Ghetto P.C.] Schematic Music Co.
Noise Unit :: Dry Lungs [Grinding Into Emptiness] Wax Trax!
Mind Over Rhythm :: Winter Sun [Winter Sun] Rumble
Esem :: Eloki.Neadu [Enveloped] DeFocus
David Kristian :: Scraping Good Feeling [Sawdust Sinedust Squaredust] Pandora Inc.
Another Electronic Musician :: Today 83 [Patience] n5MD
Displacer :: Painkiller [Arroyo] M-Tronic
Cdatakill :: Nefertiti Dub [Valentine] Ad Noiseam
System :: Ekko [Tempo EP] Rump

Playlist #281 Mixed by DJ Dennis Simms

Mixed by DJ Dennis Simms
Special thanks to DJ Dennis Simms for filling in this week!

777 / System 7.3 :: Jupiter! (Feed Your Head Mix) [Fire + Water (Water)]
Vangelis :: Memories Of Green [Blade Runner]
Ulrich Schnauss :: Look At the Sky (Rob Mcvey Version) [Quicksand Memory EP] Domino
Autechre :: Theswere [Quaristice] Warp
Autechre :: Rale [Quaristice] Warp
Autechre :: Plyphon [Quaristice] Warp
Mysterious Traveller (Dust Devils Mix) [Fire + Water (Water)]
777 / System 7.3 :: Liquid Sky [Fire + Water (Water)]
Autechre :: Simmm [Quaristice] Warp
SubtractiveLAD :: The Shell [No Man’s Land] n5MD
777 / System 7.3 :: Coltrane (Fire Mix) [Fire + Water (Water)]
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Lonely Soldier [Autoimmune] Planet Mu/Metropolis
SubtractiveLAD :: Life In A Day [No Man’s Land] n5MD
Lowfish :: Machine Aesthetic #8 [Burn The Lights Out] Satamile
777 / System 7.3 :: Batukau [Fire + Water (Water)]
Autechre :: Chenc9 [Quaristice] Warp
Trentem¿ller :: Like Two Strangers [The Last Resort] Poker Flat
Burial :: Endorphin [Untrue] Hyperdub
Burial :: In McDonalds [Untrue] Hyperdub
Autechre :: Steels [Quaristice] Warp
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Spanish Vocoder [Autoimmune] Planet Mu/Metropolis
Burial :: Southern Comfort [Untrue] Hyperdub
Am-Boy :: Moving Up In The World [Horrible Oracle Blessedness] Attack9
777 / System 7.3 :: Alpha Wave (Hemi-Sync Mix) [Fire + Water (Water)]
777 / System 7.3 :: Alpha Wave (Gliss Mix) [Fire + Water (Water)]
Clark :: Volcan Veins [Turning Dragons] Warp
Autechre :: WNSN [Quaristice] Warp
Ulrich Schnauss :: Gone Forever (Robin Guthrie Version) [Quicksand Memory EP] Domino
SubtractiveLAD :: All Ways [No Man’s Land] n5MD
Vangelis :: Tales Of The Future [Blade Runner]
Autechre :: Fol3 [Quaristice] Warp
SubtractiveLAD :: Meditation 17 [No Man’s Land] n5MD
Vangelis :: Tears In Rain [Blade Runner]
Am-Boy :: Blue Pass [Horrible Oracle Blessedness] Attack9
Trentem¿ller :: Evil Dub [The Last Resort] Poker Flat
Trentem¿ller :: Moan [The Last Resort] Poker Flat
Autechre :: Altibzz [Quaristice] Warp
Vangelis :: Damask Rose [Blade Runner]
777 / System 7.3 :: Gliding On Duo-Tone Curves [Fire + Water (Water)]
Am-Boy :: Over The Bridge [Horrible Oracle Blessedness] Attack9
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Children of Earth [Autoimmune] Planet Mu/Metropolis