Playlist #279

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Lonely Soldier (Remix) [Lonely Soldier EP] Planet Mu
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Guns N Lovers (Remix) [Lonely Soldier EP] Planet Mu
Scorn :: Stripped Back Hinge [Stealth] Ad Noiseam
Pridon :: Who Are You? [Apnea Eina] Low Impedance
Tzolk’in :: K’ayab [Haab’] Ant-Zen
Xurba :: R-Con-D [Third Symbol] Kahvi Collective
Qebo :: Cancer [Wroln] Low Impedance
Autechre :: Chenc9 [Quaristice] Warp
Autechre :: Piobmx19 [Tri Repetae++] Warp
The Secret Life :: Riversticks [The Great Book Of Mysteries…] Self Released
Quench :: Ration Creed [Fanion EP] LovetheChaos
Rontronik :: M-I-A (Motion-Inertia-Axis) [Magma EP] Tšshšklabs
Sidechain :: Insect [Dubglitch] Rednetic
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Hellfire (Remix) [Lonely Soldier EP] Planet Mu
Clark :: Hot May Slides [Turning Dragon] Warp
Clark :: Ache Of the North [Turning Dragon] Warp
Aphex Twin :: Mookid [I Care Because You Do] Warp
Amon Tobin :: Chronic Tronic [Out From Out Where] Ninja Tune
808 State :: Nimbus [Gorgeous] ZZT
Pop Will Eat Itself :: Lived In Splendor: Died In Chaos [Cure for Sanity] RCA
The Orb :: Earth (Gaia) [The Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld] Big Life
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Paradise Found [Now EP] PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Wild (Rmx) [Off-Centre] Thirsty Ear
Kriipis Tulo :: Frozen Morning [Deep Sea Shipping, comp.] Lagunamuch Community
Dif:Use :: Nectopod [Mandrake] Symbolic Interaction
Evan Bartholomew :: We Set Out Into The Caverns of Time [Caverns of Time] Somnia
Son of Rose :: Passage [Divisions In Parallel] Dragon’s Eye
Port-Royal :: German Bigflies [Afraid to Dance] Resonant
Boy Is Fiction :: If You hear Me Fall [Boy Is Fiction] List

Playlist #308

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Mouse On Mars :: Tiplet Metal Plate [Glam] Thrill Jockey
Citizengreen :: Mitochondrion [Plant Cell] High Grade Media
IJO :: There Is No Place For Me Here [Intelligent Toys 5]
Blake :: Outlaw [The Outlaw EP] Scion
Machine Drum :: 0000001 [Intelligent Toys 4]
Kezzardrix :: Fnirrrrrrrrssssss!!!! [Electr-Ohm V2] Electr-Ohm
Symphonyspace :: Muus [Electr-Ohm V2] Electr-Ohm
Lowfish :: Claustrophobe [Frozen&Broken] Noise Factory
Cardopusher :: Toothsmasher (Innasekt rmx) [Mutant Dubstep V2] Spectraliquid
Ebola :: Teledildonics [Mutant Dubstep V1] Spectraliquid
Baobinga & ID :: Into The Air (DFRNT Remix) [Dubstep Remix EP] Fat!
Fisk Industries :: Canopy (Fisk Industries remix) [DFPRMX] Concrete Plastic
Anders Ilar :: Portabello (Portabello Stew) [DFPRMX] Concrete Plastic
Mckmn :: Anemone [Orphan Ristophe] Mockmoon
Lusine :: Cascade [Condensed] Hymen
Lusine :: Risa [Condensed] Hymen
Deru ::Tapah [Trying To Remember] Merck
Mr. Projectile :: Love Here [Sinking] Merck
Chris Clark :: Gavel_(Obliterated) [Empty The Bones of You] Warp
Autechre :: Rale [Quaristice] Warp
Jack Dangers :: Boss Society? [Loudness Clarifies] Important
Jack Dangers :: Individual 2 [Loudness Clarifies] Important
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Think Fast [99%] Mute
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Transmission (Stately Pleasure Dub) [Transmission] PIAS
Monoceros :: Escape From Gravity [Intelligent Toys 5]
Naono And Melorman :: Seems Like The Place [The Silence Was Warm V2] Symbolic Interaction
Ulrich Schnauss :: Shine (Mint Remix) [Intelligent Toys 5]
Rontronik :: She’s Magma [Magma EP] Tšshšklabs
L’Ombre :: Far From Being [Simulations 1.0[ Ant-Zen
Ryan Rapsys :: Playing-By-The-Freeway [The-Novus-Arcadia] Erratik Productions
Intricate :: Efforts [In Pectra] SpezialMaterial

Playlist #274 feat. Will Samuels Sub-Show

Special thanks to Will Samuels for subbing the show!

Woodenspoon :: Souff Souff [Souff Souff] Warp
Black Dog :: Sharp Shooting On Saturn [Temple Of Transparent Balls] GPR
Hecq :: 0008 [0000] Hymen
Lights Out Asia :: Ring Of Stars [Tanks And Recognizers] n5MD
Julian Fane :: In Space [Special Forces] Planet Mu
Ben Frost :: Theory Of Machines [Theory Of Machines] Bedroom Community
Autechre :: Gantz Graf [Gantz Graf] Warp
White Rainbow :: Warm Clicked Fruit [Prism Of Eternal Now] Kranky
Xurba :: Old School Angel [Third Symbol] Kahvi Collective
Kraftwerk :: Computer Love [Computer World] Elektra
Ellen Allien & Apparat :: Way Out [Orchestra of Bubbles] BPitch Control
Supersilent :: 6.5 [6] Rune Grammofon
Seefeel :: Imperial [Quique] Too Pure
Cabaret Voltaire :: Nag Nag Nag [Cabaret Voltaire] Atavistic
Venetian Snares :: SzerencsŽtlen [Rossz Csillag Alatt SzŸletett] Planet Mu
Use Of Weapons :: Stan’s Plan [Stan’s Plan Ep] Droppin’ Science
Calyx :: Tearing Us Apart [No Turning Back] Moving Shadow
Drifting In Silence :: Meaning of Life [Fallto] Labile
Plaid :: Quick Emix [Spokes] Warp
Tobias Lilja :: Dreams of Movement [Time Is On My Side] n5MD
Ark :: Sucubz (Mr Oizo Remix) [Sweet Electro: It Sounds Different] Different
Meat Beat Manifesto :: I Am Electro [Original Fire] Nothing
Global Communication :: Alpha Phase [Blood Music: Pentamerous Metamorphosis] Dedicated
Port-Royal :: Internet Love [Afraid To Dance] Resonant
Ab Ovo :: HŽmisph re [Mouvements] Ant-Zen
AFX :: Crying In Your Face [Chosen Lords] Rephlex
M83 :: Run Into Flowers [Run Into Flowers] Mute
Skinny Puppy :: Stairs And Flowers [Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse] Capitol
Gary Clail :: Half Cut For Confidence [Half Cut For Confidence] On-U Sound
The Bug :: Fire [Fire] Klein