Playlist #261 feat. Will Samuels Sub-Show

Special thanks to Will Samuels for subbing the show!

2562 :: Kameleon [Kameleon] Tectonic
T++ :: Tensile [Allied / Tensile] Erosion
Neil Landstrumm :: Kids Wake Up [Restaurant Of Assassins] Planet Mu
Calyx + Teebee :: The Divide [Anatomy] Momentum Music
Digital :: Remote Control (Klute Remix) [Phoenix Rising] Function
Syntheme :: Easy [Vol. 1] Planet Mu
Download :: Zass Pie [FiXeR] Sub-Conscious Communications
Murcof :: Cielo [Cosmos] Leaf
Dynamo :: 23¡ [23¡ / 18¡] DIN
Autechre :: Eutow [Tri Repetae++] Warp
Prefuse 73 :: Prog Version Slowly Crushed [Preparations] Warp
Oh No :: Heavy [Dr. No’s Oxperiment] Stones Throw
Reload :: Le Soleil Et La Mer (Black Dog Productions Remix) [Auto Reload EP Volume 2] Infonet
Dark Energy :: Aurora [Dark Paradise] Underground Resistance
Shake :: Simpatico [Songs For My Mother] Frictional
Carl Craig :: A Wonderful Life [Landcruising] Blanco Y Negro
The Black Dog :: Jauqq [Bytes] Warp
Photek :: Full Spectrum Dominance [Form & Function Vol 2] Sanctuary
Squarepusher :: Theme From Ernest Borgnine [Feed Me Weird Things] Warp
Vex’D :: Venus [Degenerate] Planet Mu
Kenny Larkin :: Tedra [Azimuth] Warp
Kraftwerk :: Spacelab [The Man Machine] EMI
Cabaret Voltaire :: I Want You [The Covenant, The Sword And The Arm Of The Lord] Virgin
Hokusai :: Red Lights [Red Lights] Source Direct
Disjecta :: Is That Really It? [Clean Pit & Lid] Warp
Gescom :: Viral Rival (Rmxd By Ae) [This] Skam
Move D :: In/Out (Initial Mix) [Kunststoff] Source
Tim Hecker :: Blood Rainbow [Harmony In Ultraviolet] Kranky
Scorn :: Silver Rain Fell [Evanescence] Earache
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Genocide [Armed Audio Warfare] Wax Trax!
Various Artists :: Module 8.5 (Monolake remix) [8, 8.5, 9 Remixes] FatCat
Merzbow :: Amlux (Remixed by Jack Dangers [Merzbeat] Important

Playlist #260

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
DJ Rob Hall :: Live @ Motor City 4/2006 (final 15-minutes)
Marching Dynamics :: Rival Systems [Nailsleeper] Hymen
Marching Dynamics :: Lashings [Nailsleeper] Hymen
Jack Dangers :: Boss Society [Loudness Clarifies] Important
Delerium :: Metamorphosis [Semantic Spaces] Nettwerk
Traject :: She Said (Einoma Remix) [Strengir Hrynja] Spezial Material
The Final Cut :: Testament [Consumed] Nettwerk
Globo :: Truly Independent (Jack Dangers Mix) [Into Topological Space, comp.] World Domination
Emergency Broadcast Network :: 3:7:8 [Telecommunication Breakdown] TVT
Emergency Broadcast Network :: Electronic Behavior Control System [Telecommunication Breakdown] TVT
Pistel :: Electronic Dub 2 [Electronic Dub Collective 2] BPM
Monolake :: Deadbeat Remix [Plumbicon Versions] Imbalance Computer Music
B12 / Redcell :: Practopia [Practopia] B12
Altern 8 :: Infiltrate 202 (The Altern 8 vs. Asterix And Space Mix) [Evapor 8] Network
Altern 8 :: Armaggeddon (Radi 8 Mix) [Evapor 8] Network
Altern 8 :: Respect Is Due (Breakbeat Hysteria Mix) [Infiltr-8 America EP] Network
Kurtis Mantronik :: Original Electro [I Sing the Body Electro] Oxygen Music Works
Blotnik Brothers :: Future Visions [Mizuage] Satamile
Bassnectar :: FSOSF [Underground Communication] Om
Black Lung :: Geostrategic Phantasmagoria [The Grand Chessboard] Ant-Zen
Talvekoidik :: Rough Baltic Shore [Silent Reflections] Brume
Talvekoidik :: Sandstorm [Silent Reflections] Brume
Kattoo :: Place8 [Places] Hymen
Antigen Shift :: The Way of the North [The Way of the North] Ad Noiseam
Ab Ovo :: Diaclase [Mouvements] Ant-Zen
Aaron Spectre :: The Wrong Fuel [Lost Tracks] Ad Noiseam
Ben Frost :: Theory of Machines [Theory of Machines] Bedroom Community
Artifact Shore :: Stupid Coma [Fun Is Near] InterferenceShift
Bitcrush :: What Would Hope Be Without Disappointment [One Five Zero, comp.] n5MD
Boy Is Fiction :: The Bits In The Numbers [Boy Is Fiction] List
Disinterested :: Dissonance [Behind Us] Dynamophone
Ulrich Schnauss :: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow [Goodbye] Domino
Lights Out Asia :: Four Square [Tanks & Recognizers] n5MD

Playlist #259

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Fire Escape :: Barmy, Bananas [Sally’s Photographic Memory, comp.] Volume
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Acid Again (Freddy Fresh Mix) [Acid Again] Nothing
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Edge of No Control (Satyriconsolidated Consolidated Reply) [Edge of No Control EP] Mute
Meat Beat Manifesto :: I Am Organic [Original Fire] Nothing
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Prime Audio Soup Live [Off-Centre] Thirsty Ear
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Edge of No Control Part 2 [Australian Tour EP] Shock
Acid Horse :: No Name, No Slogan (Hypo Luxa & Hermes Pan) [No Name, No Slogan] Wax Trax!
PTP :: Rubber Glove Seduction [PTP] Wax Trax!
Gescom :: D1 [A1-D1] Skam
Funckarma :: Machinebong (Machine Drum] [Refurbished Two] n5MD
Plex :: Transistor (Mix 3) [11 03 99: Live At Invisible Cities NYC] Tšshšklabs
Jack Russel & Lou Frutiger :: Critical Beatdown [Nanofunk EP] Tšshšklabs
Rontronik :: She’s Magma [Magma EP] Tšshšklabs
Kamotek :: Crescendo Sheep [Loftway] Low Impedance
Pistel :: Serotonin Coffee Shop [s/t] Baraka Foundation
Rec_Overflow & Eedll :: Listen Through Da Window [Intelligent Toys 4, comp.] Sutemos
Machine Drum :: 0000001 [Intelligent Toys 4, comp.] Sutemos
RD : Chumgen [Autonomous Addicts, comp.] The Designed Disorder
Nikka vs Morbia :: Inorganic Agent [Chaos.Lovers, comp.] Love The Chaos
Point 7 :: X Insert [EP, comp.] Cultivated Electronics
Osiris :: Miami Streets [Miad, comp.] Somia Music
Module.R :: Walls Of Israel [Table of Elements 2, comp.] M-Tronic
Aphex Twin :: Wax The Nip […I Care Because You Do] Warp
Autechre :: Second Peng [Tri Repetae++] Warp
Gridlock :: Done Processing [Formless] Hymen
Tonikom :: Thirtywodegrees [Epoch] Hymen
The Future Sound of London :: Part 2 [My Kingdom] Astralwerks
Miles Tilmann :: Xenon (Flame) [Xenon EP] Consumers Research & Development
Dif:Use :: Mandrake [Mandrake] Symbolic Interaction
Jay Migliori :: The Song Is You [Smile] Cexton

Playlist #258

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Crunch :: Toe Tac Tic (Edit) [Bit Hop] Colony Prod.
Polestar :: Glitch Boogaloo [Connect EP] Netwerk
Abstrakt Knights :: Six Number Test [EP, comp.] Cultivated Electronics
Funckarma :: Sploid [Comply EP] Binary Dilemma
I Broke My Robot :: The Further Away [Tomorrow Does Not Exist] Broken Fader Cartel
Dynamo :: 18¡ [Cashier Escape Route, comp.] City Centre Offices
Vex’d :: 3rd Choice [Tectonic Plates, comp.] Tectonic
tKatKa :: Storm Proof Weather [s/t] 100m
Quench :: Zane [Punctuated] n5MD
Tonikom :: Salvo Infinitum [Epoch] Hymen
Tonikom :: Walled In [Epoch] Hymen
Stendeck :: Nocturnal Manoeuvers Before Dawn [Faces] Geska
Aaron Spectre :: Lapsed Remix [Lost Tracks] Ad Noiseam
Cast :: Pseel [Are Teek L] Lagunamuch Community
Bitstream :: F Codex [Domestic Love 7] Modern Love
Gasp :: The First Time I Slept At The Wheel [If Only the Cold Morning…] Buried In Time
Gescom :: Sciew Spoc [Gescom EP] Skam
Gescom :: Mag 3.1426 (Rmxd By Ae) [This EP] Skam
Ad Vanz vs. Gescom :: Viral [Split Series #2, comp.] FatCat
Boards of Canada :: Nlogax [Hi Scores EP] Skam
Cdatakill :: You Are Mine [Valentine] Ad Noiseam
Sulako :: Lilac [Brooklyn Keeps on Takin’ It, comp.] Record Camp
Clover :: Hey [Broken Nighlights, comp.] Suspicious
Android Lust :: Sin [Stripped & Stiched] Projekt
Digitonal vs. Posthuman :: Halycon/It’s A Fine Day (Orbital/Opus III) [Sampler & Live Traks] s/r
The Shamen :: Hyperreal (Selector Edit) [Jack Dangers Pro.File Vol.1, comp.] Brooklyn Music
808 State :: Contrique [Gorgeous] Tommy Boy
Pop Will Eat Itself :: 92¡F (The 3rd Degree) [Cure for Sanity] RCA
Last Days :: Reason to Go [These Places are Now Ruins] n5MD
Jay Migliori :: Yellow Tango [The Courage] Discovery