Playlist #237 feat. Bitesize Beats ‘Tino’s Blends’ Mix

Special thanks to Bitesize Beats for his Tino’s Blends mix.

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Hecq :: 0006 [0000] Hymen
Ein—ma :: Eindir [Milli T—nverka] Vertical Form
Cast :: Pseel [Are Teek L] Lagunamuch Community
Lazyfish + Mewark :: Myaso-5 [Untitled] K20/Peace Tech.
Traject :: Water for Muddy People [Strengir Hrynia] Spezial Material
Bola :: Fonk (Flower) [Shapes] Skam
Monolake :: Carbon [Polygon Cities] Imblance Computer Music
Colin Muir :: Truth of All [Colin Muir] Saedos
Intricate :: Slide [In Pectra] Spezial Material
Weave :: Rootfire (Edit) [Brittle Behaviour, comp.] Cactus Island
Semiomime :: Grasshopper [Noto-01, comp.] Notochord
Orphx :: Simulacrum [Circuitbreaking] Hymen
Kamotek :: My Blues [Loftway] Low Impedance
Lexaunculpt :: Has Been Trying Not To Wonder [The Blurring of Trees] Planet-Mu
Mr. Projectile :: Resistance Is Fertile [Sinking] Merck
Prhizzm :: Quartz (Version Two) [Minerals Series] Benbecula
Autechre :: Cichii [Chiastic Slide] Warp
440Hz :: Dv8 [A Tribe Called Glitch v1, comp] Backwards
N0nplus :: Take My Hand [Keep Me Here] Frozen Empire Media
Substanz-T :: Glow [Beyond E] Hymen
Dryft :: Mytotyc Exyt [Mytotyc Exyt EP] Component
Lith :: Forgotten Ethnies [Gaia] Bruume
Bitesize Beats presents Tino’s Blends Mix

Playlist #236

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Bitstream :: Dragon 32 [Domestic Love 7] Modern Love
Jean-Paul Bondy :: Dry Humper [The Path of Most Resitors] Compost
Cane :: Scint [Scint EP] Creative Space
Silicon Scally :: Population [Bioroid] Satamile
Ad Vanz vs. Gescom :: Viral [Split Series #2, comp.] FatCat
Tipper :: Tweak Sauce [Autonomous Addicts, comp.] The Designed Disorder
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Prime Audio Dub [Prime Audio Soup] PIAS
Riverz End :: Fresh Wound [Possible] Lagunamuch Community
Retic :: Trunk Junk [Saturn Day Trajectory] Mute Rebellion
Ein—ma :: Encam [Encam EP] Trachanik
RD :: Dume [Archive] The Designed Disorder
Bola :: Pae Paoe [Fyuti] Skam
Architect :: Caballa Smells Funny [Lower Lip Interface] Hymen
Apparat :: Arcadia [Walls] Shitkatapult
Jeremy Bible :: Celosia [I Am Very Uncomfortable…] Experimedia Communications
Lacunae :: Eight Zero One [Collapse]
Android Lust :: Kingdom of Ones (I, Parasite remix) [Stripped & Stiched] Projekt
Android Lust :: Heathen [Resolution] Tinman
Autoclav1.1 :: Nothing But Pillow Teeth [Visitor Attractions] Crunch Pod
Cast :: Kefii6 [Are Teek L] Lagunamuch Community
Kero :: Untitled (On Acid Again) [Bleeps-oh-six, comp.] Warp/
Fabio Fonda :: Toss [Schema]
Strange2 :: Titulo [] Love the Chaos
Strange2 :: Todo [] Love the Chaos
Proem :: Wall of Knives 2 [A Permanent Solution] n5MD
Tetsu Inoue :: Health Loop [World Receiver] DiN
Vestigial :: Daga Rising [Aeon] New Sun
A Sunny Day In Glasgow :: No.6 Von Karman Street [Scribble Mural Comic Journal] Notenuf
Bomb The Bass & Lali Puna :: Clearcut Opiate Version [Clearcut] Morr Music
Genevi ve Pasquier :: Conversation [Soap Bubble Factory] Ant-Zen
Aggiflex :: Frozen [Ions, comp.] Konstrukt
Selfish :: Deep Sea Shipping [Deep Sea Shipping, comp.] Lagunamuch Community
Kriipis Tulo :: Frozen Morning [Deep Sea Shipping, comp.] Lagunamuch Community
Father? :: Underwater Government [Deep Sea Shipping, comp.] Lagunamuch Community

Playlist #235 feat. Will Samuels Sub-Show

Special thanks to Will Samuels for subbing the show!

Burial :: Forgive [Burial] Hyperdub
Harmonic 33 :: Bossa Nova Supernova [Music For Film, Television & Radio Vol. 1] Warp
Amon Tobin :: Foley Room [Foley Room] Ninja Tune
Chateau Flight :: Camping Jazz [Freezone 6: Fourth Person Singular] SSR
Trentem¿ller :: Moan [The Last Resort] Poker Flat
Aphex Twin :: Meltphacc 6 [Drukqs] Sire
Dom & Roland :: Mechanics [Mechanics Ep] 31
Ryme Tyme :: We Enter [We Enter Ep] No U-Turn
Marsen Jules :: Chanson Du Soir [Herbstlaub] City Centre Offices
Beaumont Hannant :: Anokhi [Basic Data Manipulatio (Tastes And Textures, Volume 2)] GPR
Boards Of Canada :: Aquarius [Music Has The Right To Children] Warp
Carl Craig :: Frustration [More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art] Planet E
Infiniti :: Flash Flood [The Infiniti Collection] Tresor
Diego :: High In Spaces [Instant Reality] Kanzleramt
Rhythim Is Rhythim :: It Is What It Is [Innovator] Transmat
Kraftwerk :: Radioactivity (Warsaw) [Minimum Maximum] EMI
Optical :: The Shining [The Shining Ep] Metro
Fortran :: The End Part2 [Search Ep] 31
Seefeel :: Plainsong [Polyfusia] Too Pure
Blockhead :: Cavelight [Music By Cavelight] Ninja Tune
Coil :: Further Back And Faster [Love’s Secret Domain] Wax Trax!
Sebastien Tellier :: La Ritournelle [Politics] Record Makers
åme :: Mifune [Mifune Ep] Sonar Kollektiv
Autechre :: Yeesland [Cichlisuite] Warp
Disjecta :: Is That Really It? [Clean Pit & Lid] Warp
The Third Eye Foundation :: Mute (Faultline) [I Poo Poo On Your Juju] Domino
Lindstr¿m :: I Feel Space [I Feel Space] Feedelity
Cabaret Voltaire :: I Want You [The Covenant, The Sword And The Arm Of The Lord] Virgin
K.Hand :: The Creator [Detroit History Part 1]
Caribou :: The Barn [Marino: The Videos] Leaf

Playlist #234 feat. KUCI Fund Drive 2007

Esem :: Eloki.Neadu [Enveloped] DeFocus
Aphex Twin :: Pulsewidth [Selected Ambient Works 85-92] R&S
Cast :: Ketfii6 [Are Teek L] Lagunamuch Community
Autechre :: The Egg [Artificial Intelligence, comp.] Warp
Flexkiks :: YOURLovelinch [Freeland] Lagunamuch Community
Hoffmann-Hoock & Wostheinrich :: Swarmandel [Conundrum] DiN
Jack Marchment :: David’s Dance [Music Vol. Four, comp.] Benbecula
Proem :: Awake At 4am [A Permanent Solution] n5MD
Lazyfish + Mewark :: Pomah C Kamhem [Untitled] K20/Peace Tech.
Televise :: Mezzo [Strings and Wires] Drifting Falling
Ben Frost :: Theory of Machines [Theory of Machines] Bedroom Community
Apparat :: You Don’t Know Me [Walls] Shitkatapult
Damiak :: Faificun [Micalavera] n5MD
Riverz End :: Skyhole [Possible] Lagunamuch Community
Prhizzm :: Qualm [Music Vol. Four, comp.] Benbecula
Yvat :: Ablution [Cyma] Cactus Island
Ab Ovo :: The Long Tomorrow (feat. Emphasis) [Mouvements] Ant-Zen
Mise en Scene :: Neo-ylo [Neo-ylo] Boltfish
Oid :: Rosa [Systems of Mercy] Lagunamuch Community
Richard Houghten :: 3 Chairs [Microscopic Jigglings] Boltfish
Syntaks :: Tree [Below the Meridian] Benbecula
Solvent :: Black Turtleneck [Solvently One Listens] Suction
The Dice Man :: Polygon Window [Artificial Intelligence, comp.] Warp
Solvent :: Nervous [Solvent] Suction
Son of Rose :: Triple I [Divisions in Parallel] Dragon’s Eye
Tatamax :: Visibly Destroyed But Can’t Look Away [Crasis] Uchelfa