Playlist #229 feat. Will Samuels Sub-Show

Special thanks to Will Samuels for subbing the show!

Autechre :: Second Bad Vilbel [Anvil Vapre] Warp
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Psyche-Out [99%] Elektra
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Storm The Dub Mix (Twilight Circus DSS) [S.T.S. R.M.X.S.] Tino Corp.
J Majik :: Silicon Valley (Arcon 2 Remix) [Slow Motion] Infrared
Scorn :: The End (P.C.M. – “Nightmare” Mix) [Ellipsis] Scorn
Burial :: Forgive [Burial] Hyperdub
Fennesz :: Caecilia [Endless Summer] Editions Mego
Leftfield :: Song Of Life [Leftism] Hard Hands
Jedi Knights :: Lessons [New School Science] Universal Language Productions Ltd.
LFO :: We Are Back [Frequencies] Warp
Aphex Twin :: Green Calx [Selected Ambient Works 85-92] Apollo
Plaid :: Dang Spot [Rest Proof Clockwork] Warp
Amon Tobin :: Mission [Bricolage] Ninja Tune
The Orb ::Pomme Fritz (Meat ‘n Veg)[Pomme Fritz] Island
Biosphere :: Kobresia [Substrata] Thirsty Ear
FSOL :: Amoeba [ISDN] Virgin
Clark :: Ted [Body Riddle] Warp
Boards Of Canada :: Orange Romeda [We Are Reasonable People] Warp
Seefeel :: Time To Find Me (AFX Fast Mix) [Polyfusia] Astralwerks
Manitoba :: Crayon [Up In Flames] Domino
Medeski Martin & Wood ::Anonymous Skulls [End Of The World Party (Just In Case)] Blue Note
Bonobo :: Pick Up (Four Tet Remix) [Remixes] Domino
Monolake :: Tetris [Momentum] Monolake / Imbalance Computer Music
Colleen :: Ritournelle [Everyone Alive Wants Answers] Leaf
Jega :: Norton Midgate [Skampler] Skam
Underworld :: Cherry Pie [Pearl’s Girl EP] Junior Boy’s Own
Orbital :: Lush 3-1 [Orbital 2] FFRR
Orbital :: Lush 3-2 [Orbital 2] FFRR

Playlist #228 feat. Let’s Go Outside Dubstep Mix


Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
~ism :: Below Ground [Surface Life EP] Herb
Mr. Projectile :: Resistance Is Fertile [Sinking] Merck
Kattoo :: Mentally Ill [Hang on to a Dream] Hymen
Jean-Paul Bondy :: Delia’s Temptation [The Path of Most Resistors] Compost
Lusine ICL :: Chao [Condensed] Hymen
Fisk Industries :: Liquid Silver Moments [EP’s & Rarities] Mush

LET’S GO OUTSIDE :: Dubstep Mix
plasticman – gotcha – more 2 da floor
search & destroy – desperate measures – storming productions
artwork – red (breakbeat mix) – big apple
geeneus – congo – tempa
kero – elektrodude! – unsigned
let’s go outside – you make me struggle – pnuma
transparent sound – freaks frequency (saeff vocal mix) – orson
dj naga – die rhythmen ein (si begg mix) – chi
skream – who are those guys – big apple
el-b – buck + bury – ghost
benny ill vs dj hatcha – poison – tempa
hell science department – capslock – digital distortions
dapayk – didn’t i – mo’s ferry productions
timeblind – borscht – orthlorng musork
liima – versions – raster-noton
highdropod – ferengi fist fuck – unsigned

Bassnectar :: Kyrian Bee Bop [Underground Communication] Om
Proem :: Oacket Fluffers [Squadron 2, comp.] Merck
Architect :: Ghost Of a Working Man (Torrent Vacine Remix) [Lower Lip Interface] Hymen
Android Lust :: Sin [Stripped & Stiched] Projekt
Displacer :: Deep [Moon_Phase] M-Tronic
Fisk Industries :: We Saw Orion [EP’s & Rarities] Mush
Antigen Shift :: The Way of the North [The Way of the North] Ad Noiseam
Milieu :: Days Behind [Our Blue Rainbow] Expanding Electronic Diversity
Infinite Scale :: Plrkel [Sound Sensor EP] Toytronic
Woody Herman & His Herd :: Pres Conference [s/t] Delta Music

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Playlist #227

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Loden :: Tenofour [Valeen Hope] Mush
Loess :: Sonde [Wind And Water] n5MD
While :: Else [Haze] Chocolate Industries
Displacer :: My Enemy [Cage Fighter’s Lullaby] M-Tronic
Vytear :: Fear Not the Beat, Yet The Beatmaker [Breaks] G25 Productions
Not Breathing :: Rotorhator Blackrider [The Black Old Pueblo] Sublight
Kamotek :: Locksmith Blockade [Loftway] Low Impedance
Terminal Sound System :: Ghost Summer [Compressor] Extreme
The Future Sound Of London :: My Kingdom [Dead Cities] Astralwerks
Dr. Alex Paterson :: Loving You Live [Artificial Intelligence, comp.] Warp
Autechre :: Silverside [Amber] Warp
Trentem¿ller :: Take Me Into Your Skin [The Last Resort] Poker Flat
Kingbastard :: Parenthesis [Bastarddize] Herb
Dead Can Dance :: The Host of Seraphim [The Serpent’s Egg] 4AD
Secede :: Vega Libre: Tetsu Inoue Remix [Vega Libre] Sending Orbs
Loscil :: Zephyr [Plume] Kranky
Marsen Jules :: Coquelicot [Les Fleurs] City Centre Offices
Rubens :: Winter Broth [Carnivalesque] Herb
Deru :: Blackboard [Autonomous Addicts, comp.] The Designed Disorder
Deru :: Echoes of Me [Pushing Air] Neo Ouija
Tetsu Inoue :: Health Loop [World Receiver] Infraction
Phonem :: Information Technology (One and a Half Degree Channel) [Hydro Electric] Morr Music
Genevi ve Pasquier :: Conversation [Soap Bubble Factory] Ant-Zen
Antarktika :: Arion 1+2 [State of the Art Heirloom, comp.] Tšshšklabs
Burial :: You Hurt Me [Burial] Hyperdub
Detritus :: U(s) [Thresholds EP] Ad Noiseam
Caural :: Dead Armies [Mirrors For Eyes] Mush
Bitcrush :: Colder [In Distance] n5MD
Katoo :: 15 [Megrim] Hymen
Syntaks :: In The Wake [Awakes] Benbecula
Supersax :: Scrapple from the Apple [The Japanese Tour] Hindsight

Playlist #226

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Loden :: Sugar Tea [Valeen Hope] Mush
Manitoba :: Dundas, Ontario (album version) [Give’r EP] Leaf
Lusine :: Still Frame (Lusine Remix) [Podgelism] Ghostly
Jega :: Naem [Spectrum] Planet-mu
Autechre :: Basscadet (Bcdtmx) [Basscad EP] Warp
Piiq :: Raulection [Cloud Cover, comp.] Broken Fader Cartel
Ein—ma :: Encam (Traject Remix) [Encam EP] Trachanik
Autophonic :: Mechanics [Nummer Een, comp.] Clone/DUB
Funckarma :: Phalanx [Bion Glent] Sublight
Phoenecia :: Can Recall (Subjex rmx) [Miad, comp.] Somia Music
Autoclav1.1 :: Small Days [Visitor Attractions] Crunch Pod
Dryft :: Caloc (version) [Mytotyc Exyt EP] Component
Dryft :: Crash [Cell]
Strange2 :: Todo [] Love the Chaos
Req :: Love Ache [Sketchbook] Warp
Similar :: Cit [MD8, comp.] n5MD
Ad Vanz vs. Gescom :: Viral [Split Series #2, comp.] FatCat
Autechre :: Rotar [Blech II: Blechsdšttir, comp.] Warp
Azmotronik :: Last One in For Breakfast [Buried in Time, comp.] Buried in Time
Orphx :: Simulacra [Circuitbreaking] Hymen
Keef Baker :: The Glass Tax [Redeye] Hymen
Lexaunculpt :: Emor Dixon Renamed [The Blurring of Trees] Planet-Mu
Parallel Worlds :: Distracted [Obsessive Surrealism] DiN
Pole :: Fahren [2] Mute
Teleseen :: Malachai [War] Percepts
Bola :: Pula Kappas (Square) [Shapes] Skam
Hologram :: Earthsong [Autonomous Addicts, comp.] The Designed Disorder
Suspicion :: Save As [B33P3R] Post-Disco
Mothboy :: Moth F.M. [Deviance] Ad Noiseam
Mothboy :: Given Away [Deviance] Ad Noiseam
E. Stonji :: Con.trst (Funckarma Mix) [Con.trst EP] Binary Dilemma
Tim Koch :: Seven Ate Nine [Faena] Merck
Jay Migliori :: Bluesology [Smile] Cexton

Playlist #225

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Jean-Paul Bondy :: Delia’s Temptation [The Path of Most Resistors] Compost
Scanner :: Canton Lathe [Lost Without Light EP] Underscan
System :: Ekko [Tempo EP] Rump
Danieto :: Cantina Porte–a [Cirug’a Casual] U-Cover
Frank Bretschneider :: And It Comes Out Here [Party Of Two Parts EP] Underscan
Broca :: Ensemble D’Esprit [Minœ EP] Cactus Island
Deru :: Yasume’s ‘Rengoku’, remixed [Morrow Choral Orchestra, comp.] The Designed Disorder
EEDL vs Rec_Overflow :: dada [Chaos.Lovers, comp.] Love The Chaos
Robert Henke :: Layer 003 [Layering Buddha] Imbalance Computer Music
Fennesz :: Caecilia [Endless Summer] Editions Mego
Boards of Canada :: Chromakey Dreamcoat [The Campfire Headphase] Warp
Secede :: Vega Libre [Vega Libre] Sending Orbs
Platform :: Platform [untitled] Minimal Resource Manipulation
Nebulo :: Mecaniduction [Kolia] Hymen
Joel Tammik :: Around [Brittle Behaviour, comp.] Cactus Island
Karsten Pflum :: Noclip [Idhax] Rump
Pop Will Eat Itself :: Medicine Man Speaking With Forked Tongue [Cure for Sanity] RCA
Autechre :: Fermium [Untilted] Warp
Terminal Sound System :: Gridlike [Compressor] Extreme
Ellen Allien & Apparat :: Red Planets [BPC Camping comp. 03] Bpitch Control
L’ombre :: Slightly Unstructured [Sub.Session, comp.] Sub.Session
Meat Beat Manifesto :: The Tweek [Actual Sounds + Voices] PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: God O.D. Part 1 (Norscq) [STS R.M.X.S.] TinoCorp
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Dynamite Fresh [RUOK?] Run
Secret Frequency Crew :: Neon Bridge [Forest of the Echo Downs] Schematic
Adam F :: Circles [Quango Sport, comp.] Quango
Spring Heel Jack :: Eesti [Million Shades…] Island
Squarepusher :: Port Rhombus [Big Loada] Warp
Squarepusher :: Iambic 5 Poetry [Budakhan Mindphone] Warp
Plug :: Drum ‘n’ Bass for Papa [Drum ‘n’ Bass for Papa] Nothing
Plastikman :: Konception [Musik] Plus 8
Jay Migliori :: Smile [Smile] Cexton