Playlist #266

Special thanks to Will Samuels for subbing the show!

Cylob :: Synek [Cylobian Sunset] Rephlex
Recloose :: Get There Tonight [Cardiology] Planet E
Autechre :: Laughing Quarter [Envane] Warp
Squarepusher :: Tomorrow World [Selection Sixteen] Warp
Digital :: Jester [Critical Situation] Hardleaders
Sun Electric :: Sarotti [Kitchen] R & S
Beaumont Hannant :: Teqtonik [Texturology] GPR
Meat Beat Manifesto :: I Am Electro [Original Fire] Nothing
Sean Deason :: Psybadek One [Allegory And Metaphor] Intuit-Solar
Ram Trilogy :: Mindscan (Ed Rush & Optical remix) [Evolution] Ram Records
Flying Lotus :: Massage Situation [Reset EP] Warp
Scorn :: Stripped Back Hinge [Stealth] Ad Noiseam
Steve Reich :: Four Sections (Andrea Parker remix) [Reich Remixed (Selections)] Nonesuch
Prefuse 73 :: Beaten Thursdays [Preparations] Warp
Up, Bustle & Out :: The Educators [Rebel Radio Master Sessions, Vol. 1] Ninja Tune
LB (aka Atom Heart) :: Ashes to Ashes [Pop Artificielle] Shadow Records
Kraftwerk :: Boing Boom Tschak [Electric Cafe] EMI
Si Begg :: Thermostat featuring Danoyd [Director’s Cut] NovaMute
Stakka + K. Tee :: Synthesis [Blazin] Underfire
Trace/Ed Rush/Nico :: Droid [Torque] No U-Turn
Marsen Jules :: Coeur Saignant [Les Fleurs] City Centre Offices
Polygon Window :: Audax Powder [Surfing On Sine Waves] Warp
DJ Shadow :: Walkie Talkie [The Private Press] MCA
Future Beat Alliance :: Fake Love [Lumiere] Versatile
DJ Mehdi :: I Am Somebody (Paris Version)[Ed Rec Vol 1] Ed Banger Records
Current Affairs :: Cutting Edge (Remix) [Cutting Edge (Remix)] Moving Shadow
Pan Sonic :: LŠhetys / Transmission [Katodivaihe] Blast First
Coil Presents Black Light District :: Cold Dream Of An Earth Star [A Thousand Lights…] Eskaton
Scorn :: Out Of [Logghi Barogghi] Earache
Masami Akita & Russell Haswell :: Testicular Fortitude [Satanstornade] Warp

Playlist #265 feat. Will Samuels Sub-Show

Special thanks to Will Samuels for subbing the show!

Pan Sonic :: Virta 1. / Current 1. [Katodivaihe] Blast First
Mogwai :: Hunted by A Freak (Boom Bip Remix) [Matador At Fifteen] Matador
Aphex Twin :: Meltphacc 6 [Drukqs] Warp
Trace :: Sonar [Sonar EP] Prototype
Electric Deluxe :: Electric Deluxe [Electric Deluxe] Plus 8
Carl Craig :: Twilight [Just Another Day] Planet E
Cylob :: Sex Machine [The State Of E:Motion Vol. 8] E:Motion
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Drop [Satyricon] Elektra
DJ Shadow :: The Number Song [Endtroducing…] Mo Wax
Ils And Solo :: Frozen (Dom & Roland remix) [Frozen] Timeless
Klute :: Blackout [Leo 9 Ep] Certificate 18
Kraftwerk :: Home Computer (Warsaw) [Minimum Maximum] EMI
Lexis :: Hypnotise (Autechre remix) [Criminal Elements] Certificate 18
Modeselektor :: The White Flash [Happy Birthday!] BPitch Control
Infiniti :: Flash Flood [The Infiniti Collection] Tresor
Luke Vibert :: Chicago, Detroit, Redruth [Chicago, Detroit, Redruth] Planet Mu
Future Beat Alliance :: Contact Yourself [Breathe In Your Fear] Spacetalk
µ-Ziq :: Phiesope [In Pine Effect] Astralwerks
Beaumont Hannant :: sYm-phon5 [Basic Data Manipulation (Tastes And Textures, Volume 2)] GPR
Dropshadow Disease :: Fototienda (Plaid remix) [Versus] Rather Interesting
Leftfield :: Song Of Life [Leftism] Hard Hands
Prefuse 73 Feat. Ghostface And EL-P :: Hide Ya Face [Surrounded By Silence] Warp
Handsome Boy Modeling School :: Holy Calamity (Bear Witness II) [So…How’s Your Girl?] Tommy Boy
The Bug :: Fuck Y-Self Ft. Wayne Lonesome [Pressure] Rephlex
Amon Tobin :: Ownage Feat. Doubleclick [Verbal Remixes And Collaborati] Ninja Tune
Boards Of Canada :: Everything You Do Is A Balloon [Hi Scores EP] Skam
COIL :: The Hellbound Heart [The Unreleased Themes For Hellraiser] Solar Lodge
Pieter K :: It Could Have Been You [Everything All The Time] Breakbeat Science
Seefeel :: Minky Starshine [Polyfusia] Astralwerks
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Storm The Dub (Twilight Circus Dub Sound System mix) [STS R.M.X.S.] TinoCorp.
Angelo Badalamenti :: Moving Through Time [Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me OST] Warner Bros
Angelo Badalamenti :: Mulholland Drive [Mulholland Drive OST] Milan

Playlist #264

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Marching Dynamics :: Lashings [Nailsleeper] Hymen
Tonikom :: Salvo Infinitum [Epoch] Hymen
Tomcats In Tokyo :: Retrocyclium [Billow] U-Cover
Haujobb :: Metric (Hecq Reemiqs) [Vertical Mixes] Metropolis
Chris Clark :: See See [Throttle Promoter EP] Warp
LFO :: Blown [Sheath] Warp
Yamaoka :: Photo [Hokkaido Loops 1] U-Cover CDr Ltd.
Trickform :: Little-noticed [Progress Report] Envizagae
Meat Beat Manifesto :: 62 Dub [Unknown] Jack Dangers
Jan Jelinek :: A Convert For Television (Robert Lippok) [Hub-Tierbeobachtungen Live] ~scape
Monolake :: Abundance [Interstate] Imbalance Computer Music
Trentem¿ller :: Take Me Into Your Skin [The Last Resort] Poker Flat
Xurba :: Mesmeria [Music from the Clear Channel] Kahvi Collective
Aaron Spectre :: 4 Voices [Lost Tracks] Ad Noiseam
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Step Inside [Unknown] Jack Dangers
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Want Ads One [At The Center] Thirsty Ear
Ten And Tracer :: Glad To Generalize With You [Baker’s Blood] Zymogen
Milieu :: Journey by Heliodrome [Night Currents] U-Cover CDr Ltd.
Jim Gordon :: Escape Velocity Now [Escape Velocity Now] Self Released
Mr. Projectile :: Lulwample [Pug Times] Toytronic
Port-Royal :: Deca-Dance [Afraid To Dance] Resonant
Am-Boy :: A Place of No Eyes [Horrible Oracle Blessedness] Attacknine
Ulrich Schnauss :: Medusa [Goodbye] Domino
SubtractiveLAD :: Decay As a Lifestyle [Decay As a Lifestyle EP] n5MD
Talvekoidik :: Rough Baltic Shore [Silent Reflections] Brume
Boards of Canada :: Oscar See Through Red Eye [The Campfire Headphase] Warp
Joel Tammik :: Tana [Eluline] U-Cover
Autechre :: Silverside [Amber] Warp
Clickpick Rush :: Co1b [Clickpick Rush EP] Envizagae
Chris Clark :: Kin Griff [Throttle Promoter EP] Warp
Underground Resistence :: Adrenalin [Paroxysm V.1, comp.] Mute
Autechre :: Vletrmx (Plaid Remix) [Warp 10+3 Remixes, comp.] Warp
Manitoba :: Tits And Ass: The Great Canadian Weekend [Give’r EP] Leaf
Skult :: Crazy Tiger [Exploration] CCT

Playlist #263

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Kenny Larkin :: Tedra [Azimuth] Warp
The Other People Place :: Let Me Be Me [Lifestyles of the Laptop Cafe] Warp
Japanese Telecom :: John Selway Remix [Japanese Telecom] Intuit Solar
Emergency Broadcast Network :: You Have 5 Seconds To Complete This Section [Telecommunication Breakdown] TVT
The Future Sound of London :: We Have Explosive [Dead Cities] ebV
Intermix :: s+M=y [Intermix] Third Mind
Freddy Fresh :: Gimme [Accidentally Classic] Harthouse
The Shamen :: Hyperreal Dub [Hyperreal] One Little Indian
React 2 Rhythm :: I Know You Like It [Whatever You Dream] Guerilla
The Video Age :: Protect And Survive [Vol.1, comp.] Seed
The Detroit Escalator Company :: Abstract Forward Motion (As A Mission) [Excerpts] Peacefrog
The Detroit Escalator Company :: Gratiot [Soundtrack [313]] Ferox
Yunx :: The Early Bird Catches The Worm [In The Heat of the Night] Ai
Carl Craig :: At Les [More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art] Planet E
Xurba :: Xurba in the Fourth Underworld [Music from the Clear Channel] Kahvi Collective
Jake Mandell :: Aeral [Parallel Processes] Worm Interface
No Movements No Sound No Memories :: Acetate (Claro Intelecto Remix) [Removed/Acetate] Lux Nigra
Two Lone Swordsman :: Hope We Never Surface [Stay Down] Matador / Warp
Plaid :: vs Dropshadow Disease [Versus Rather Interesting, comp.] Quatermass
Plaid :: Faster (L8 Mix) [Faster sampler] Warp/
Lowfish :: 70% Feeling [1000 Corrections Per Second] Suction
Aspen :: Eeez [Album] Elephant Electronic
Aspen :: Frozen Soy Milk Experiment [Music From Passing Cars] Involve
Higher Intelligence Agency :: Spectral [Colourform] Waveform
Higher Intelligence Agency :: Fleagle [Freefloater] Waveform
Monolake :: Deadbeat Remix [Plumbicon Versions] Imbalance Computer Music
CiM :: Shift [Do Not Multiply Models] Ann-Aimee
Cheju :: Camellia (Kado Remix) [Patchwork, comp.] Boltfish
Kit Clayton :: Reins [Staedtizism, comp.] ~scape
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Transmission (Burning Fire Mix) [Transmission] PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Feelin’ Dangers [God O.D.] WaxTrax!
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Untitled [Asbestos Lead Asbestos] PIAS
Citizengreen :: Kaini Industries (Greenmix) [Embryotic EP] High Grade Media
Damiak :: Faificun [Micalavera] n5MD
RD :: Deru_Safemode-RD’sBiosRmx [Archive] The Designed Disorder
Dif:Use :: Padrone [Mandrake] Symbolic Interaction

Playlist #262

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Tim Koch :: Rz by Bauri [Please Don’t Tell Me That’s Your Volvo Remixes] Aural Industries
Squarepusher/AFX :: Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid [We Are Reasonable People, comp.] Warp
The JD’s :: I Don’t Know When to Stop [Unreleased] Demo
The JD’s :: Who Controls the Controllers [Unreleased] Demo
Meat Beat Manifesto :: International [Autoimmune]
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Radio Free Republic [Lovefingers/RFP 7″] Brainwashed
The Orb vs. Meat Beat Manifesto :: Matron [Battersea Shield EP] Malicious Damage
CH District :: High-quality Results [Slides] M-Tronic
The Mellowtrons :: Ordio [Evacuate] Chill Out
Gescom :: Leritue (Gibber Mix) [Alt. Frequencies 3, comp.] Worm Interface
Lowfish :: Drug The Chicken [Fear Not The Snow and Other Lo-Fiing Objects] Suction
David Kristian :: Sourpuss [Beneath The Valley of the Modulars] Alien8
EEDL :: Zyx [Everse] spa.RK
Funckarma :: Nevile (EOG vs. Funckarma) [Refurbished Two] n5MD
Heuristic Audio :: Sine Language [Shaded Mind] Satamile
Lapsed :: We Run With Doom [Lapsed] Ad Noiseam
Nautilis :: Shecompdist [Stonch EP] Cactus Island
Speedy J :: Pure Energy [Public Energy No.1] Plus 8
Stendeck :: Aura Borealis.. [Faces] Geska
Talvekoidik :: Silent Reflections [Silent Reflections] Brume
Xurba :: D-Gen-06180339887 [Music From the Clear Channel] Kahvi Collective
Christ. :: Gresham Flyer Dreams [Bike EP] Benbecula
Aphelion :: Movements [Zugzwang] DeFocus
Arovane :: Amine [Atop Scrap] DIN
Brothomstates :: Vleade [Qtio EP] Warp
Plex :: Pom Gratis [Tšshšklabs Presents: Dated, comp.] Tšshšklabs
Lazyfish :: 100% Thanks To Radium [Artefacts, comp.] Art-Tek
Speedy J :: Symmetry [Artificial Intelligence II, comp.] Warp
Lusine :: Freak [Perspective Fragments V1, comp.] U-Cover
Neytoda :: Seismic Dub [Latest Dubs from Nestor House Studios]
Pest(e) :: Wrinkle [Test(e)] Suction
Solvent :: Nuf Si Gnippiks [Solvent] Suction