Playlist #204 feat. Will Samuels Sub-Show

Special thanks to Will Samuels for subbing the show!

(Another) huge thanks to Will Samuels for subbing the show!”

Coil :: Cardinal Points [Threshold House]
Fennesz/Jim O’Rourke/Peter Rehberg :: A Viennese Tragedy [Mego]
Belong :: I Never Lose, Never [Carpark]
Ulrich Schnauss :: Molfsee [City Centre Offices]
Aphex Twin :: Polynomial-C [R & S]
Locust :: Music About Love [R & S]
Beaumont Hannant :: Mind Colours [GPR]
Lamb :: Angelica [Mercury]
Daedelus :: Humdrum Headspin [Alpha Pup]
Julian Fane :: Freezing In Haunted Water [Planet Mu]
Peter Benisch :: Sabine’s Song [Eevo Lute Muzique]
Tipper :: Dissolve (Out) Phoenecia remix [Higher Ground]
Kraftwerk :: Numbers (San Francisco, Warfield) [EMI]
Jamie Lidell :: Planet Rick [Sativae]
The Album Leaf :: Vermillion [Tiger Style]
Boards Of Canada :: Dayvan Cowboy [Warp]
Squarepusher :: Don’t Go Plastic [Warp]
Bonobo :: Recurring [Ninja Tune]
Tino :: Monster Dub [Tino Corp.]
Plaid :: Dang Spot [Warp]
Bochum Welt :: MŽlodie D’Ao t [Kromode]
Brothomstates :: Jak Got Stuck [Warp]
Klute :: 2 Lives [Commercial Suicide]
Bola :: Forcasa3 [Skam]
Fennesz :: Caecilla [Mego]
Woodenspoon :: Souff Souff [Warp]
Autechre :: Laughing Quarter [Warp]
Carl A. Finlow :: Floating Point [Device]
Rhythim Is Rhythim :: Icon (Montage Mix) [Buzz]
Carl Craig :: A Wonderful Life [Blanco Y Negro]
Dan Curtin :: Parallel [Peacefrog]
Christian Kleine :: Crystal [City Centre Offices]
Lindstr¿m :: I Feel Space [Feedelity]
Aphex Twin :: Iz-us [Warp]
Aphex Twin :: Bbydhyonchord [Warp]

Playlist #203 feat. Will Samuels Sub-Show

Special thanks to Will Samuels for subbing the show!

Global Communication :: Sublime Creation (Remix) [Volume]
Scorn :: Silver Rain Fell [Earache]
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Genocide [Wax Trax!]
Sean Deason :: Psybadek One [Intuit-Solar]
Jega :: Phalanx [Planet Mu]
Radioactive Man :: Itisanditisnt (Tipper remix) [Rotters Golf Club]
Jamie Lidell :: Freely Freekin [Mosquito]
Disjecta :: Is That Really It? [Warp]
Beaumont Hannant :: Anokhi [GPR]
Autechre :: Eutow [Warp]
Mike Dred :: Code C [Machine Codes]
Luke Slater :: I Can Complete You [Mute]
Joel Mull :: October C [Truesoul]
Speedy J :: Fill 17 [Warp]
Paul W. Teebrooke :: 121346 [Op-ART]
Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players :: The Big Black Other [~scape]
Mike & Rich :: Mr. Frosty [Rephlex]
Bomb The Bass Vs Lali Puna :: Recut (Herrmann & Kleine Mix) [Morr Music]
Slag Boom Van Loon :: Poppy Seed (Boards Of Canada remix) [Planet Mu]
Plaid :: Zeal [Warp]
Kraftwerk :: The Robots [EMI]
Future Beat Alliance :: Fake Love [Versatile]
Model 500 :: No Ufo’s (Remix) [Metroplex]
Insync vs Mysterion :: Science Fact [10th Planet]
Sem :: Area 5 [Electron Industries]
Caustic Window :: On The Romance Tip [Rephlex]
Surgeon :: Golden [Tresor]
Casino Versus Japan :: Summer Clip [Carpark]
Wagon Christ :: Musical Box [Virgin]
Mr. Projectile :: Impregnator [Toytronic]
Cyberaktif :: Nothing Stays [Wax Trax!]
cEvin Key :: Shortwave Connector [Metropolis]
Squarepusher :: Tomorrow World [Warp]

Gallery #202 feat. Conch Live

Playlist #202 feat. Conch Live