Playlist #187 feat. Rob Hall Skam Mix


Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Boards of Canada :: Skyliner [Trans Canada Highway EP] Warp
Miles Tilmann :: Sweeper [Polyphonic Petals, comp.] Bitlab
Sincere Trade :: Butterfish [If You Cannot Beat Them] Dross:tik
Gridlock :: Displacement [Formless] Hymen
Displacer :: Disconnected [Arroyo] M-Tronic
Android Lust :: Mother [Dragonfly EP] Projekt
Nautilis :: Shecompdist [Stonch EP] Cactus Island
µ-Ziq :: London [Lunatic Harness] Planet Mu
ROB HALL *MIX* [MotorCity, 4/1/06] Skam
Monolake :: Plumbicon Epilogue [Plumbicon Versions] Imbalance Computer Music
Monolake :: Digitalis [Polygon_Cities] Imbalance Computer Music
Quench :: Frost [MD8, comp.] n5MD
Syntaks :: Awakes [Awakes] Benbecula
Genaro :: The Feeling’s Gone [Genaro EP] Benbecula
Bitcrush :: Falling Inward [In Distance] n5MD
Boards of Canada :: Dayvan Cowboy (Odd Nosdam Remix) [Trans Canada Highway EP] Warp
Larvae :: Dead Beat [Dead Weight] Ad Noiseam
Jay Migliori :: Lunatic Waltz [Smile] Cexton

Playlist #186

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Strange2 :: Titulo [] Love the Chaos
Menu | Exit :: Segment Replace [Profiles EP] Underscan
Larvae :: Less Than Now [Dead Weight] Ad Noiseam
Intricate :: Solskar [In Pectra] Spezial Material
Scanner :: Backwood [Lost Without Light EP] Underscan
Milieu :: Glasshill (Gravel Bank) [Remodelled] Unreleased
Reed Rothchild :: Natural Selection [Songs for Someone] Unreleased
Sensiva :: Bum And Kiran [Polyphonic Petals, comp.] Bitlab
Genevieve Pasquier :: Conversation [Soap Bubble Factory] Ant-Zen
Lacunae :: Driver [Collapse]
Lapsed :: Funk Sickness (Version 2) [2001-2006, comp.] Ad Noiseam
Proswell & wwcarpen :: Made It With So False [Proswell & wwcarpen] Kracfive
Fluorescent Grey :: I Am a Photograph… [Lying on the Floor…] Isolate
Loess :: Brumal [Wind and Water] n5MD
Milieu :: Days Behind [Our Blue Rainbow] Unreleased
Fabio Fonda :: Broken [Schema]
Displacer :: Arroyo [Arroyo] M-Tronic
Keef Baker :: Nr42 [2001-2006, comp.] Ad Noiseam
Exillon :: Kollipy [The Keening Dithers] Ad Noiseam
Datach’i :: Flex.Membrane [Shock Diamonds] Sublight
Autophonic :: Mekanix [Slack] On
Mimetic Desire :: Re-Weak (Video) [Sacred Aim] Ant-Zen
Black Turtleneck :: Not Today [Musical Chairs] Normals Welcome
Lowfish :: Science Persuades Best [Persuasive Science EP] Satamile
Lowfish :: Blown Eardrum [Travel Sickness] Hymen
Abfahrt Hinwil :: Tech10 [Links Berge Rechts Seen] Toytronic
440Hz :: Dv8 [A Tribe Called Glitch v1, comp] Backwards
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Now [99%] Mute
Meat Beat Manifesto :: God O.D. (part 3) [Storm The Studio] Wax Trax!
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Son of Sam [Satyricon] Mute
Thumbtack Smoothie :: Monkupine [Fall Back] Quake Trap
Pretty Boy Crossover :: Seventeen Steps To The Sea [We Are All Drifting] C0C0S0L1DC1T1
SubtractiveLAD :: Between the Mind and Body [Suture] n5MD
Kattoo :: Place3 [Places] Hymen
Lexaunculpt :: Oddrey Merged [The Blurring of Trees] Planet-Mu
Surface 10 :: Chain Reactors [The Surface Tension Memoirs] Demo
Jay Migliori :: Move [Smile] Cexton

Playlist #185

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Kero :: Untitled (On Acid Again) [Bleeps-oh-six, comp.]
Somatic Responses :: Strangulartk Robot [Giauzar] Sublight
Pellarin & Lenler :: Soul [Going Through Phases] Statler & Waldorf
Loess :: Sonde [Wind And Water] n5MD
Req :: Love Ache [Sketchbook] Warp
Fabio Fonda :: Re-Seed [Schema]
Plaid :: Prague Radio [Not For Threes] Warp
Datach’i :: Event.Recon [Shock Diamonds] Sublight
Android Lust :: Linguae [Devour, Rise, And Take Flight] Projekt
Arron Xxim :: Sales_Pitch_Phase [Incidental Amplifications, comp.] Room40
Achrid :: Beta [Achrid] Benbecula
Monolake :: Deadbeat Remix [Plumbicon Versions] Imbalance Computer Music
Deadbeat :: Trees That Reach the Sky [-40, comp.] C0C0S0L1DC1T1
Autoclav1.1 :: Letter From Miki City [You Are My All and More] Crunch Pod
Ginormous :: Noctilucent [The Endless Procession] Hymen
Ether :: Shinobile Mas [Intimo Personelles] Mousikelab
Sunao Inami :: Thin Out [Notochord, comp.] Notochord
Autechre :: LCC [Untilted] Warp
Identification :: Whooshbeats [Identify] C0C0S0L1DC1T1
Gridlock :: Inbetween [Travel Sickness] Hymen
Totakeke :: Lament (Imminent Mix) [Lament] Frozen Empire Media
Funckarma :: Ghetto Inside [Nummer Een, comp.] Phonics
Jash :: Inside the Vibes [Conversations With ID] Demo
Resina :: Toledo [Opinio Omnium] Mousikelab
Aphex Twin :: Heliosphan [Selected Ambient Works 85-92] R&S
Mr. Projectile :: You Need [Sinking] Merck
Syntaks :: In The Wake [Awakes] Benbecula
Lacunae :: Follow Me Down [Collapse]
Another Electronic Musician :: Collapse [Use] n5MD
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Want Ads One [At The Center] Thirsty Ear
Inch-Time :: Turning Point [As The Moon Draws Water] Static Caravan
Bitcrush :: Colder [In Distance] n5MD
Supersax :: Embraceable You [Live In ’75] Hindsight

Playlist #184 feat. KUCI Fund Drive 2006

KUCI Fund-Drive 2006
Thanks to everyone who has donated already! Call 949-824-5824 until May 8th to pledge in appreciation of non-corporate, listener supported radio!

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
MBM :: God O.D. (Bud O.D. So U Can’t C Mix) [Storm The Studio R.M.X.S.] Tino Corp.
Fisk Industries :: Polska [’77 and Rising EP] Highpoint Lowlife
Fabio Fonda :: Toss [Schema]
Syntaks :: Big Sur [Awakes] Benbecula
Bitcrush :: And Triage [In Distance] n5MD
Ulrich Schnauss :: Monday – Paracetamol [A Strangely Isolated Place] Domino
Markant :: Nach Pfingsten [X-Rated: The DARK Files, comp.] Steamin’ Soundworks
Mint :: Out of Context (Neytoda Premier mix) [Out of Context EP Rednetic
Nautilis :: Augmented Conclusion [Stonch EP] Cactus Island
Keef Baker :: Ernie Unwise (Displacer Rmx) [The Widnes Redevelopment Project] n5MD
Mothboy :: Shakes [The Fears] Ad Noiseam
Novel 23 :: Fly Through the Feelings [Fly Through the Feelings] Shaped Harmonics
Clapan :: Ninja [21st Century Lullaby] Somia Music
Machine Drum :: Jaya (Md Melange: Deru mix) [Mergerz & Acquisitionz] Merck
Ether :: Tron V.7 [Intimo Personelles] Mousikelab
Depth Affect :: One Micron Bar Head [Arche-Lymb] Autres Directions In Music
Andrew Coleman :: Over Head and Under Feet [Tony Alva’s Hair] C0C0S0L1DC1T1
Vincent Parker :: Desmond3 [Bit Rocker] Fourthcity
Scanner :: Stateblue, Dark Seafed [X-Rated: The DARK Files, comp.] Steamin’ Soundworks
Achrid :: Dinimisc Part 1 [Achrid] Benbecula
MBM :: Storm The Studio (D.J. Swamp Mix) [Storm The Studio R.M.X.S.] Tino Corp.
MBM :: God O.D. – Part 1 (Lok-Lak Mix) [Storm The Studio R.M.X.S.] Tino Corp.
Gridlock :: Voiceless:Vcam:rmx [Trace] Possessive-Blindfold
Autechre :: Cipater [Chiastic Slide] Warp
Andrew Coleman :: Not A Speculation (w/ Dose One) [Tony Alva’s Hair] C0C0S0L1DC1T1
Jay Migliori :: The Song is You [Smile] Cexton