Playlist #216

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Kattoo :: Mentally Ill [Hang on to a Dream] Hymen
Brittle Ones :: Vakume [Hybrid Components, comp.] Component
Karsten Pflum :: Fullbright [Idhax] Rump
Funckarma :: Fedwick [Bion Glent] Sublight
Mormo :: My Promises Aren’t Worth Salt [Wasting 500 Sounds] Low Impedence
Ben Milstein :: Squeezah [Autonomous Addicts, comp.] The Designed Disorder
Infinite Scale :: Fade [Sound Sensor EP] Toytronic
Ether :: Intimo Personelles [Intimo Personelles] Mousikelab
Loess :: Sonde [Wind And Water] n5MD
Hecq :: h7 [Bad Karma] Hymen
Aggiflex :: Canado [Ions, comp.] Konstrukt
Displacer :: High Anxiety [Cage Fighter’s Lullaby] M-Tronic
Keef Baker :: Runt (Mothboy) [The Widnes Redevelopment Project] n5MD
Sincere Trade :: Bend From Heat [If You Cannot Beat Them] Dross:tik
Mothboy :: I hit it I caught it I’m out [Deviance] Ad Noiseam
Lusine Icl :: Vacate [Condensed] Hymen
Zainetica :: Dolorous [Redirection] Boltfish
Silicon Scally :: Paradigm [Bioroid] Satamile
Bola :: Veronex Cypher [Fyuti] Skam
Bigod 20: One (JD Full On Mix) [One EP] Zoth Ommog
Ethyl Meatplow :: Ripened Peach (JD Vocal mix) [Ripened Peach] Chameleon/Elektra
Consolidated :: Butyric Acid (Oblemov Syndrome Mix) [Butyric Acid] London
The Mellowtrons :: Not Playing God (Funny Noises Mix) [12″] SKam
Meat Beat Manifesto :: She’s Unreal (Disco Room Remix) [MBM Remix Project] Digital Chemist
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Original Control (Topher Remix) [MBM Remix Project] Digital Chemist
Colin Muir :: A Bit of Fluff [Colin Muir] Saedos
Ignatius :: Eloper – Gasp Remix [Buried in Time, comp.] Buried in Time
The Lava Experiments :: Variance Of Five [Solar EP] Herb
Ultre :: Useless Nervous Minutes [All The Darkness Has Gone to Details] Audiobulb
Kattoo :: Lost In Sleep / Gruesome Wake [Hang on to a Dream] Hymen
Supersax :: Scrapple from the Apple [The Japanese Tour] Hindsight

Playlist #215

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Subjex :: Karma Kermess [Karma Kermess EP] Somia Music
Cdatakill :: Nefertiti Dub [Valentine] Ad Noiseam
Umwelt :: Esa [Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation] Satamile
Blotnik Brothers :: Works Original [Mizuage] Satamile
Mothboy :: Deviance [Deviance] Ad Noiseam
Burial :: Pirates [Burial] Hyperdub
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Original Control (Version 3) [Edge of No Control] PIAS
Hecq :: Virgil [Zetha] Onpa
Plaid :: Super Positions [Greedy Baby] Warp
Menu | Exit :: Segment Replace [Profiles EP] Underscan
Lacunae :: Stars Burn Out [Broken Nightlights, comp.] Suspicious
Tatamax :: Visibly Destroyed But CanÕt Look Away [Crasis] Uchelfa
Not Breathing :: Ontime [Minotaur] Terminal Dusk
Quinoline Yellow :: Plotreturn [Dol-Goy Assist] Skam
Gram :: Ah Yeah [Simple Funk EP] Underscan
Aphex Twin :: Alberto Balsalm […I Care Because You Do] Warp/Sire
Lith :: Amazon [Gaia] Brume
Mati:K :: Dada In Vinyl [Mat:K] Sub Rosa
Meat Beat Manifesto :: All Things You Are [99%] Mute
Meat Beat Manifesto :: It’s The Music (Mix 2000) [Original Fire EP] PIAS
Kero :: Untitled (On Acid Again) [Bleeps-oh-six, comp.] Warp/
Ignatius :: Eloper – Gasp Remix [Buried in Time, comp.] Buried in Time
Syndrone :: Pan_ic [Salmataxia] Merck
Mr. Oizo :: Latex [Moustache (Half a Scissor)] Mute
Bass Kittens :: Onion Burst [unreleased?] Jon Drukman
Bass Kittens :: MFS Root [unreleased?] Jon Drukman
The JD’s :: I Don’t Know When to Stop [Unreleased] Demo
Solipsism :: Flying [Electricity Flows in Squares] Herb
808 State :: Contrique [Gorgeous] Tommy Boy
Zainetica :: Rain [Redirection] Boltfish
Jay Migliori :: Smile [Smile] Cexton

Playlist #214

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Kattoo :: Hang On [Hang On to a Dream] Hymen
Christ. :: Ganky [Blue Shift Emissions] Benbecula
Lets Go Outside vs. Senor Frio :: Skein [Buried in Time, comp.] Buried in Time
Jean-Paul Bondy :: Origami Mommy [The Path of Most Resistors] Compost
Ether :: tron v.7 [Intimo Personelles] Mousike Lab
Vapourspace :: Karmic Dub of Sativa [Incarnate Perspectives, comp.] Post Contemporary
Sympathy Belated :: Get Well [Morrow Choral Orchestra, comp.] The Designed Disorder
Signalform :: Assembly [Chaos.Lovers, comp.] Love The Chaos
Nebulo :: Mecalangue (Remix by Alix) [Kolia] Hymen
Larvae :: Dead Beat [Dead Weight] Ad Noiseam
Peekay Taylor :: :: Izi [Centrifugal] Poeta Negra
Mormo :: Prumptone [Wasting 500 Sounds] Low Impedence
Neon :: La Mer, Indifferente [Au Theatre Des Sons Imaginaries] Poeta Negra
Bitrush :: Colder [In Distance] n5MD
Kattoo :: You Don’t Know Me [Hang On to a Dream] Hymen
Kattoo :: Place3 [Places] Hymen
Katoo :: 15, 16 [Megrim] Hymen
Displacer :: Left on Pluto [Cage Fighter’s Lullaby] M-Tronic
Boards of Canada :: Seeya Later [Twoism EP] Warp/Music70
Citizengreen :: Kaini Industries (Greenmix) [Embryotic EP] High Grade Media
Boards Of Canada :: Skyliner [Trans Canada Highway EP] Warp/Music70
Spyweirdos :: Innsbruck (Traject Remix) [Wetsound Orchestra Remixes] Poeta Negra
Spyweirdos :: Bubble of Dreams [Wetsound Orchestra] Poeta Negra
Zainetica :: Dolorous [Redirection] Boltfish
Funckarma :: Kaon [Bion Glent] Sublight
Lith :: Norma [Compilation 1] Electr-Ohm
Unit :: Tidal [I Came Here to Tell You How It’s Going to Begin] Co.Ad Audio
ArcTone :: Refuse [Pulse]
EOG :: Day Cymatr [Tured in Been, comp.] On
Karsten Pflum :: Notarget [Idhax] Rump
Monoceros :: Warm [Tales for Silent Nights] Imaginary Nonexistent Records
Digitonal :: Maris Stella [The Centre Cannot Hold EP] Seed
Supersax :: Parker’s Mood [Japanese Tour] Hindsight