Playlist #153

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Autechre :: Further [Amber] Warp
Kalx :: Zoide [10162003] Nophi
Utrecht :: Vic Haze [Miad, comp.] Somia Music
Quench :: Vegeta [Subvaritrax, comp.] Subvariant
Funckarma :: Kobalt [MAS Confusion, comp,] MAS
Arovane :: Norvum [Atol Scrap] Din
Speedy J :: Symmetry [Artificial Intelligence 2, comp.] Warp
Lexaunculpt :: Drowning Cricket Quartet [The Blurring of Trees] Planet-Mu
Intricate :: Times [In Pectra] Spezial Material
Deru :: Tapah [Trying To Remember] Merck
Ein—ma :: Hringlšgun [Undir Feilnotum] Vertical Form
Deru :: Blackboard [Autonomous Addicts, comp.]
Quinoline Yellow :: Sheep Dip [Dol-Goy Assist] Skam
Seven Ark :: Separation Device [Noise of the New] Neo Ouija
Yunx :: The Early Bird Catches The Worm [In The Heat of the Night] Ai
Battery Operated + Made :: Idrolyse Crac [Aprotic] CocoSolidCiti
Aural Planet :: Subtropolis 10893 [5 Ex Engine] Vivo
Scorn :: Silver Rain Fell (Meat Beat Manifesto Mix) [Ellipsis] Scorn/Earache
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Future Worlds [Subliminal Sandwich] PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Future Worlds (Alt. Version) [It Vol. 16, comp.] It
The JD’s :: I Don’t Know When to Stop [Unreleased] Demo
The JD’s :: Who Controls the Controllers [Unreleased] Demo
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Radio Free Republic [Lovefingers/RFP 7″] Brainwashed
Meat Beat Manifesto :: The Water Margin [At The Center] Thirsty Ear
Boards of Canada :: Basefree [Twoism] Warp
Cooler :: Languid Radar [Do Aliens Cry?] U-Cover
Autechre :: Garbagemx36 [Tri Repetae++] Wax Trax/TVT
Kattoo :: Place3 [Places] Hymen
Bad Loop :: Lumme [Favorite Things, comp] Kahvi
Supersax :: Scrapple From the Apple [The Japanese Tour ’75] Hindsight

Playlist #152

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Esem :: Eloki.Neadu [Enveloped] DeFocus
Shapeshifter :: Breathtank [Reticulum Flux] Schematic
Mojave :: Hi-Fi For Animals [A Machine Kid] Nostalgia
Polestar :: 8b12 [Camplex EP] Boltfish
Speedy J :: Hayfever (Funckarma Rmx) [Refurbished One] n5MD
Boc Scadet :: Caladan [Mercury Scales, comp.] Boltfish
Mojave :: Track 1 [19th Century Comet] Utput
Delerium :: Silence Remix [Silence] Festival
Intermix :: Targeted [Intermix] Third Mind
Mr. Projectile :: You Need [Sinking] Merck
Speedy J :: De-Orbit [Artificial Intelligence, comp.] Warp
Polygon Window :: Audax Powder [Surfing On Sine Waves] Warp
Phoenecia :: Dilido [Lily Of The Valley, comp.] Schematic
Cheju :: Valencia [Bubble Wrap EP] Rednetic
Autoform :: Headbones [Dualsystem] Fliesskoma
Photek :: The Hidden Camera [Risc vs. Reward] Astralwerks
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Musica Classica [At The Center] Thirsty Ear
Loop Finder General :: Shave My Head [Hello Friends, comp.] TinoCorp
Jack Dangers :: The Aeolian Arp [Loudness Clarifies] Important
Dimensional Holofonic Sound :: Watch The Sky [Attention Earth People] Shadow
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Dogstar Man/Helter Skelter [99%] Mute
Intricate :: Pact [In Pectra] Spezial Material
Dabrye :: With A Professional [One/Three] Ghostly
Squarepusher :: Iambic 5 Poetry [Budakhan Mindphone] Warp
Stoloff & Hopkinson :: Idead [Idead_Dual_Woodpecker] Pause_2
Run_Return :: Metro North [Metro North] n5MD
Boards of Canada :: Nlogax [Hi Scores EP] Skam
Secret Frequency Crew :: Willow Patch Wormhole [Forest of the Echo Downs] Schematic
Secret Frequency Crew :: Neon Bridge [Forest of the Echo Downs] Schematic
Bitcrush :: Habitual [Enarc] Component
Not Breathing :: Xtaldetekter [Unreleased] David Wright
Lexaunculpt :: Strangelove Offline [The Blurring of Trees] Planet-Mu
Solipsism :: Jimmy The Flid Remixed [Unreleased]
Proem :: Socially Inept [Socially Inept] Merck
Jay Migliori :: I Got It Bad [Smile] Cexton

Playlist #151 Mixed by DJ Dennis Simms

Mixed by DJ Dennis Simms
Dennis is the host of Riders Of The Plastic Groove on KUCI 88.9 FM from 8-10pm every Friday night and is also our D::N Sound Engineer.

Richard Devine :: Floccus [Asect:Dsect] Schematic
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Introduction Dub […In Dub] Run
Richard Devine :: Corina Chirac [Asect:Dsect] Schematic
Richard Devine :: Halicrafter [Asect:Dsect] Schematic
Richard Devine :: Resource, Leak [Lipswitch] Schematic/Warp
Richard Devine :: Dock Inversion [Aleamapper] Schematic
Richard Devine :: Float 82 [Aleamapper] Schematic
Bitcrush *LIVE* on D::N 10/30/04 Mix
Richard Devine :: Route, Increment [Lipswitch] Schematic/Warp
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Intermission Dub […In Dub] Run
Richard Devine :: Insil Segment [Aleamapper] Schematic
Richard Devine :: Step Focus [Aleamapper] Schematic
Richard Devine :: CR Scope [Aleamapper] Schematic
Richard Devine :: Veolic Revolving [Aleamapper] Schematic
Richard Devine :: Error Trapping [Aleamapper] Schematic
Richard Devine :: MTR Method [Aleamapper] Schematic
Richard Devine :: Cprec [Asect:Dsect] Schematic
Richard Devine :: Kepter [Lipswitch] Schematic/Warp
Richard Devine :: Block, Variation [Lipswitch] Schematic/Warp
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Radiation Dub […In Dub] Run
Richard Devine :: Partition Refinement [Aleamapper] Schematic
Richard Devine :: Scatter, Fold, 28 [Lipswitch] Schematic/Warp
Dubloner *LIVE* Mix Re-Broadcast
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Caramel Dub […In Dub] Run
Richard Devine :: Foci Duplication [Aleamapper] Schematic
Richard Devine :: Horizontal Deflection Plate [Aleamapper] Schematic
Richard Devine :: Retrace Feeder [Aleamapper] Schematic
Richard Devine :: Vo Stream Bas [Asect:Dsect] Schematic
Richard Devine :: Rusx Fee [Asect:Dsect] Schematic