Playlist #134

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Cheju :: Datec [Blue Chair Red Chair, comp.] Clickclickdrone
EOG :: Bolnes 1 [Men With Boxes, comp.] DUB
Plex :: Transistor (Mix 3) [11.03/99: Live At Invisible Cities NYC, comp] Tšshšklabs
Proem :: Sleep Is For Lunch [Socially Inept] Merck
Quinoline Yellow :: Eythyl Maltol [Cottage Industries, comp.] Neo Ouija
Quinoline Yellow :: Plot Return [Dol-Goy Assist] Skam
Lusine ICL :: Freak (Quench Remix) [Perspective Fragments, comp.] U_Cover
EOG :: Aloe Vera [Nummer Een, comp.] Phonics
Se‡n Quinn :: Recedes from Memory [Skylines] Psychonavigation
Prhizzm :: Grasping the Equinox[Prhizzm EP] Benbecula
Gescom :: Two Of [0161, comp.] Skam
Autechre :: Rotar [Tri Repetae++] Warp
Muziq :: Swan Vesta [The Braindance Coincidence, comp] Rephlex
Squarepusher/AFX :: Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid [We Are Reasonable People, comp] Warp
Panacea :: When Panacea Strikes [Hybrid Components, comp.] Component
Not Breathing :: National Anthem of Wor [Carrion Sounds] Kimosciotic
Exillon :: Termit [The Keeing Dithers] Ad Noiseam
Se‡n Quinn :: Geometric [Skylines] Psychonavigation
Phako :: Bolnes 1 [Men With Boxes, comp.] DUB
Cheju :: Strates [October Man, comp.] October Man
At Work :: New Road [Build It Up, Break It Down] Batona
Kattoo :: Place3 [Places] Hymen
Lexaunculpt :: Oddrey Merged [The Blurring of Trees] Planet-Mu
Reed Rothchild :: Wonderkind [Five Oceans] Nophi
Secret Frequency Crew :: Willow Patch Wormhole [Forest of the Echo Downs] Schematic
Secret Frequency Crew :: Neon Bridge [Forest of the Echo Downs] Schematic
Zainetica :: Clear Blue Sky [One Point One, comp.] Rednetic
Mint :: Growing Older [Region Zero, comp.] Boltfish
Deru :: Tapah [Time/Trying to Remember] Merck
Sonogram :: Caspian [Ambient Works 1995-1999] Simulacra
MBM :: Genocide [Armed Audio Warfare] Run
Jack Dangers :: Track 4 [Electronic Music From Tapelab] Important!
MBM :: Storm The Studio (DJ Swamp Mix) [STS R.M.X.S.] TinoCorp
Benn Jordan :: Parkways [Big System Morsels, comp.] 2Playermusic
Reload :: Le Soleil Et La Mer (Global Comm. Remix) [Remotion: The Global Comm. Remix Album] HitIt!
Jay Migliori :: Red Top [Smile] Cexton

Playlist #133

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Prhizzm :: Bending Shadows Toward The Light [Prhizzm EP] Benbecula
Lexaunculpt :: Mister Bloodvessel Opener [The Blurring of Trees] Planet-Mu
Adam Johnson :: Some Say She’s Naive [Chigliak] Merck
At Work :: Turn Buckles [Build It Up, Break It Down] Batona
Quark Kent :: Chlorinoir [March/2005] Demo
Num Num :: Foot Switch [Everything is Green, comp.] Toytronic
Twittering Machine :: Close Your Eyes and Watch [Demo] Daniel B.
My Kill Jack’s On :: Transpubliction [Big System Morsels, comp.] 2Playermusic
Dot Matrix :: Farbar Is Lost [Big System Morsels, comp.] 2Playermusic
Tim Koch :: Macrome [, comp.] Unschooled
Portland :: Fidalgo [My Daily Routine] Component
Brothomstates :: Adozenaday [Qtio EP] Warp
Quinoline Yellow :: Plot Return [Dol-Goy Assist] Skam
L’Ombre :: Interlocuition (Mimetic Remix) [Simulations 2.0] Ant-Zen
Totakeke: Lament (Imminent Mix) [Lament] Frozen Empire Media
SubtractiveLAD :: Ridus [Giving Up The Ghost] n5MD
Taavi Tulev :: Tuhikli [Intricate Maximals, comp.] Audiobulb
Trace Element :: A Calm Focus [Demo] Henry Hsiao
Duuster :: Amand – Arc [Habitat] M-Tronic
Se‡n Quinn :: Dead Air [Skylines] Psychonavigation
Sequinox :: Ice Field [Sequinox] James A. Cowgill
At Work :: Falling Dirt [Build It Up, Break It Down] Batona
Kattoo :: Place8 [Places] Hymen
Nikakoi :: Mtavary [Further Electronics V.1, comp.] E:motion
Boards of Canada :: Hi Scores [Hi Scores EP] Skam
The Flashbulb :: Sun Rise Jul [Red Extensions of Me] Sublight
Particle 7 :: Documento 2 [Demo] Dave Curtis
Secret Frequency Crew :: Cumulus [Forest of the Echo Downs] Schematic
Rod Morris:: Nova Scotia [All My Love] Underscan
Meat Beat Manifesto :: DV8 [Dog Star Man] PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Children of the Beloved [Now] Mute
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Radio Babylon [Psyche-Out] Mute
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Original Control (Electro The Robot) [Mindstream] Mute
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Original Control (Version 3) [Edge Of No Control] Mute
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Electric People [Subliminal Sandwich] Mute
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Tweekland [Subliminal Sandwich] Mute
Not Breathing :: Track #8 [Feb/2005 Demo] Dave Wright
Not Breathing :: Track #1 [Feb/2005 Demo] Dave Wright/Jack Dangers
Jack Dangers :: Solid Gold [Loudness Clarifies] Important!
Jay Migliori :: The Song is You [Smile] Cexton

Playlist #132

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Esem :: Eloki [Ikae EP] DeFocus
Disjunction Reunion :: VB [, comp.] Unschooled
Quench :: Nemm [Punctuated] n5MD
Plaid :: Crumax Rins [Spokes] Warp
Gridlock :: Chrometaphor [Formless] Hymen
Unit :: Caterpillar // Iris [I Came Here to Tell You…] Co.Ad Audio :: Sambush [] Mousike Lab
Kilowatts :: Algae [Problem/Solving] Artificial Music Machine
Secret Frequency Crew :: Holographic Moon Owls [Forest of…] Schematic
Ether :: Contra [Condominium, comp] Mousike Lab
Keef Baker :: Canberra [The Widnes Years] n5MD
Displacer :: Arroyo (Dither mix) [Arroyo] M-Tronic
Quinoline Yellow :: Dulcis [Dol-Goy Assist] Skam
Autechre :: 6IE.CR [Draft 7.30] Warp
Battery Operated + Made :: Choke Damp [Aprotic] CocoSolidCiti
Mad EP :: 5-Cents [Eating Movies] Ad Noiseam
µ-Ziq :: Johnny Mastricht [Bilious Paths] Planet-µ
Headphone Science :: Only a Passenger [With Lines So Clean] True Call
Traject :: She Said [Strengir Hrynja] Spezialmaterial
Ad Vanz v Gescom :: Viral [1-8 Split Series, comp.] FatCat
Basin Jently :: Not Playing Solitaire [MBM: Fans Remix Project] Digital Chemist
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Transmission (Burning Fire Mix) [Transmission] PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: The Circular Cosmic Spot [Edge of No Control] PIAS
The JD’s :: I Don’t Know When to Stop [Unreleased] Jack Dangers/Jon Drukman
Not Breathing :: Track 7 [Jan/2005 Demo] Dave Wright
Jack Dangers :: No Secrets No Surprises [Variaciones Espectrales] Instinct
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Retrograde Dub […In Dub] Run
Jack Dangers :: Track 6 [Electronic Music From Tapelab] Important!
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Love Mad [Now] Mute
Aural Planet :: Necrodelica (Fullon Mix) [Re.Worked] Vivo
Mik La Vage :: Future Conduit [Future Conduit] Idio Sync
Tommi Bass vs Neytoda :: Fraktured [OnePointOne, comp.] Rednetic
Deru :: The Days Before Yesterday [Trying/Time To Remember] Merck
Supersax :: All The Things You Are [The Japanese Tour ’75] Hindsight

Gallery #131 feat. Future Funk Collective Live Community Tour

Playlist #131 feat. Future Funk Collective Live Community Tour

Playlist #131 feat. Future Funk Collective Live Community Tour

Special thanks to Mic Mell, Jalima Shani, Randy Garcia, Noah Hall and Henry Hsiao for their performances on Digital::Nimbus as part of the opening date for their West Coast Community Tour as the Future Funk Collective.

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Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Quinoline Yellow :: Sheep Dip [Dol-Goy Assist] Skam
Toxedo :: Thank You [Remote Closeness EP] Sleepy City
Jack Dangers :: Track 4 [Electronic Music From Tapelab] Important!
Lusine :: Ask You [Serial Hodgepodge] Ghostly
Lapsed :: Twilight 1 [Twilight] Ad Noiseam
Eight Frozen Modules :: No Solitude For The Patient [The Abduction Of Barry] Orthlorng Musork
Black Lung :: Geostrategic Phantasmagoria [The Grand Chessboard] Ant-Zen
Lusine ICL :: Chao [Condensed] Hymen
Syndrone :: Cessation; Summation [Salmataxia] Merck
Future Funk Collective :: tracks from.. [Vocalize] Consumer Electronics
R_Garcia *LIVE* In-Studio Performance
Jalima Shani :: tracks from.. [Miscelaneous Beginnings] Nonsense
Noah Hall *LIVE* In-Studio Performance
Trace Element *LIVE* In-Studio Performance
Future Funk Collective Interview + Giveaway

Jack Dangers :: tracks from.. [Electronic Music From Tapelab] Important!
Jay Migliori :: Smile [Smile] Cexton

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