Playlist #171

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Kamotek :: My Blues [Loftway] Low Impedance
Exillon :: XL Lonie [Prequiem] Component
Not Breathing :: Take One [Unreleased] Demo
Bitstream :: Orange Room [Domestic Economy 7] Modern Love
Multiplex :: Gamma Plate [Xpand] U-Cover
Wisp :: Stubby Nubs [FungusFLAP]
Clapan :: Ninja [21st Century Lullaby] Somia Music
Cacheflowe :: Ahh… Huh? [Automate Everything] Nobot
Fell :: Energon Dub [Between Octavia and Laguna]
Coil :: Windowpane [Windowpane] WaxTrax!
Tefonik :: Homegrown [Unreleased]
AFX :: Boxing Day [Analord 03] Rephlex
Lapsed :: Fateless Drift [Lapsed] Ad Noiseam
Polar :: Slack [Eme]
Autophonic :: Mekanix [Slack] On
Funckarma :: Lignite [Elaztiq Bourbon 5] Sending Orbs
Deru :: The Days Before Yesterday [Trying to Remember] Merck
Detritus :: Fable [Origin] Ad Noiseam
Speedy J :: Actor Nine [A Shocking Hobby] NovaMute
The JD’s :: Who Controls the Controllers [Unreleased] Demo
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Deviate [99%] Mute/PIAS
Jack Dangers :: Untitled (Drum Machine Test) [Unreleased]
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Acid Again [Actual Sounds + Voices] Nothing/PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Prime Audio Soup (Live) [Off-Centre] Thirsty Ear
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Future Worlds [Subliminal Sandwich] PIAS
Amen Orchestra :: May 7.1419 [17 Waves] Art-Tek
Kamotek :: Locksmith Blockade [Loftway] Low Impedance
Infinite Scale :: In-Motion [Sound Sensor EP] Toytronic
Signaldrift :: Child of the 70s [Set Design] Consumers Research & Development
Henry :: And Then I Saw [The Fall of My Church] Audiobulb
Miles Tilmann :: Xenon (Flame) [Xenon EP] Consumers Research & Development
Jay Migliori :: This Song Is You [Smile] Cexton

Playlist #170 feat. Quinoline Yellow Mix


Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Bitstream :: Bass Lobe [Domestic Economy 7] Modern Love
Bass Kittens & Volum :: Big Bang Broadband [Over The Counter Culture, comp.] Spacebar Sentiments
Cacheflowe :: George&Caplin – Headed Home (Cacheflowe Remix) [Automate Everything] Nobot
Electro Tec Services :: The Professionals [Unreleased] Demo
Dr Alex Paterson :: Loving You Live [Artificial Intelligence, comp.] Warp
Kamotek :: Crescendo Sheep [Loftway] Low Impedance
Laura Escude :: Noncommittal [Unreleased] Demo
Milieu :: Trapezoid Sing [Aurora Borealis] U-Cover
Prhizzm :: Bending Shadows Toward the Light [Prhizzm EP] Benbecula
Zainetica :: Mothership London [Cepheid Variable, comp.] Filament
Damiak :: Fuk5 [Ions, comp.] Konstrukt
Poborsk :: Tunha [Cepheid Variable, comp.] Filament
QUINOLINE YELLOW :: D::N Christmas *MIX* (
Tomcats In Tokyo :: Even Thau [Billow] U-Cover
Esem :: Eloki Seagull [Unreleased] George Marinov
Gridlock :: Return [Formless] Hymen
Bitcrush :: Untilted [Enarc] n5MD
Abfahrt Hinwil :: Sonic Surface [Signaflow, comp.] Toytronic
Digitonal :: Cantus V [Le:01, comp.] London Electrics
Tokyo Mask :: Slowly Backwards [Backbone] Low Impedance
Equulei :: March Slob [For Human Ears Only, comp.] Nobot
RandomNumber :: Sleep [Golden Acre Sleeps] Highpoint Lowlife
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Want Ads One [At The Center] Thirsty Ear
Autechre :: Recury [Chiastic Slide] Warp
Jay Migliori :: Smile [Smile] Cexton

Playlist #169 feat. Merck Records Giveaway


Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Line Noise :: Amazonian Water Couches Pt.2 [Amazonian Water Couches EP] Nophi
Danieto :: 6 Dual Relays on Chips [Cirugia Casual] U-Cover
Rusuden :: Breath Smoke [Warm Human Antennae] Soho Six
Detritus :: Origin Narrative (v3.03) [Origin] Ad Noiseam
Laura Escude :: Associated Euphoria [Demo] Unreleased
Quench :: Gravity [Dyn] U-Cover
Intricate :: Solskar [In Pectra] Spezial Material
Syndrone :: Pan_Ic [Salmataxia] Merck
V/A :: Merck Mix #3
Deru :: Only The Circle [Aurora 2, comp.] Merck
Ginormous :: To Reveal Interiors [Aurora 2, comp.] Merck
Samarah :: Crush [Falling Away] Zod
Surface 10 Activity :: Gigacosm [The Surface Tensions Memoirs] Unreleased
Tony Giorgi :: Track 3 [Demo] Unreleased
Kattoo :: 20 [Megrim] Hymen
Kattoo :: Place3 [Places] Hymen
Esem :: Eloki.Neadu [Enveloped] DeFocus
Jay Migliori :: Smile [Smile] Cexton

Playlist #168 feat. Version Live & CD Giveaway

VERSION *LIVE* & Gardens of Utopia CD Giveaway

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Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Keef Baker :: Runt (Mothboy) [The Widnes Redevelopment Project] n5MD
Amon Tobin :: Chronic Tronic [Out From Out Where] Ninja Tune
Ein—ma :: Celvoir [Undir Feilnotum] Vertical Form
Architect :: ICL Feelings [I Went Out Shopping to get Some Noise] Hymen
Boards of Canada :: Chinook [Hi Scores EP] Skam
Totakeke: Lament (Imminent Mix) [Lament] Frozen Empire Media
Utility Player :: Empathogen [One Point One, comp.] Rednetic
Jvox :: Sunshine [Address Unknown] Component
VERSION *LIVE* In-Studio Performance (New Blues Musik)
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Mind Over Matter [Destroy All Humans, comp.] Lakeshore
Meat Beat Manifesto :: We Shall Destroy You [Destroy All Humans, comp.] Lakeshore
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Dummyhead Stereo [Off Centre] Thirsty
Interview w/ VERSION
Tracks from Gardens of Utopia by Version [New Blues Musik]
Dub Gabriel :: Zooklyn [Bass Jihad] Azra
Supersax :: Moose The Mooche [LIve in ’75] Hindsight

Gallery #168 feat. Version Live & CD Giveaway

Playlist #168 feat. Version Live & CD Giveaway