Gallery #120 feat. Phoenecia Live DJ-Set

Playlist #120 feat. Phoenecia Live DJ-Set

Playlist #120 feat. Phoenecia Live DJ-Set

Congratulations to the winners of the Schematic Music Company giveaway and E.L.M. Conceptions Tickets.

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Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Phoenecia :: Y-Intercpnkt [Randa Roomet] Warp
Bola :: Sirasancerre [Gnayse] Skam
Phoenecia :: Rhythm Box Version (Soul Oddity) [Odd Jobs] Schematic
Soul Oddity :: Fugue [Tone Capsule] Caroline
Jack Dangers :: Solid Gold [Loudness Clarifies] Important
Phoenecia :: Diganesa [Brownout] Schematic

Jamie Lidell “Scud Electro”
Christian Vogel
Dos Tracks
LFO “Them”
Krank [Hefty Bag]
YMO “Computer Games”
Pretty Tony
Philip Lion Plays Species for Gamelan
Glen Valez “Remix by Bradfurd Reed”
Coil (Black Light District)
Les Structures Soneres “Cosmotonie”
Throbbing Gristle
Zoviet France
Dick Raaijmakers “Ray Makers”
Cristian Vogel
Cylob [DIOF]
Radio Boy
Richard Devine “Focus Frame”
Delarosa & Asora

PHOENECIA *LIVE* In-Studio Performance
Interview w/ Josh & Romulo

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Playlist #119 feat. TinoCorp & Merck Mixes + Giveaway

TinoCorp & Merck Mixes + Giveaway
Congratulations to the winners of the Merck Records giveaway and the E.L.M. Conceptions Tickets.

Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
Lusine :: Make It Easy [Serial Hodgepodge] Ghostly
The JD’s :: I Don’t Know When to Stop [Unreleased] Dangers/Drukman
The JD’s :: Who Controls the Controllers [Unreleased] Dangers/Drukman
TINOCORP *LIVE* Mix @ Egyptian Theatre (8-17-04) Hollywood
Merck Records CD/Vinyl Giveaway
E.L.M. Conceptions Ticket Giveaway
Jay Migliori :: Bluesology [Smile] Cexton