Gallery #113 feat. R.A.W. & DJ Souffle Live

Playlist #113 feat. R.A.W. & DJ Souffle Live

Playlist #113 feat. R.A.W. & DJ Souffle Live

R.A.W. & DJ SOUFFLE *LIVE* on R.O.T.P.G / The Technodrome + Digital::Nimbus Interview
Interview w/ Kevin J from
Special thanks to DJ Souffle for his extensive 1-1/2 hr west-coast electro-breaks. R.A.W. also performed *LIVE* on Riders of the Plastic Groove and The Technodrome with an interview session by Pietrobot & Freakquency Modulator. Thanks to Kevin J ( for stopping by as well.

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DJ Souffle *LIVE*
Cosmic Peace Chants :: Sadguru-Sant Keshavadas
Bjork :: An Echo, A Stain (Luke Chable Mix)
Plan B #2 :: hacker001 Olive (Breaks Mix)
District :: Feel This thing
La Liga :: Out in london breaks mix
David James :: A Permanent State (Waveform remix)
Tipper :: Holographic Bassforms-Pringle Cuts
UberZone vs Rennie Pilgrem :: Fuego
Cut & Run :: Outta Space-Booty Space Mix
DJ Love :: Steady Fire
Tayo meets Acid Uptown rockers :: Bloodline-Version
Aquasky vs Masterblaster :: Stayfresh WAR instrumental
Dogzilla: Chris Carter & JHz featuring SKB Big Chat
White :: American Cream
Hybrid :: Higher than a skyscraper (Twitch & sweat mix)
White :: Theme from Football Factory
Pod & Bowser :: The Anti
Lee Coombs vs Dylan Rhymes :: All Right All Night
The Orb :: From a Distance (Hybrids meadow ladies mix)
Joey Beltram :: NRG Flash breaks mix
Angel Alanis :: Bitches & Drum Machines (Joey Beltram mix)
Opium Scumbags :: Punks bootleg mix
Submission :: Pig & Dan Blonde
Style of Eye-Gioco :: Run Things feat Baby Ark
White :: Big Les vs The Young Punks

Chemicult :: Malfunction [Unreleased] Demo
DJ No-One Special
Interview w/ DJ Souffle
SuperSax :: Scrapple from the Apple [The Japanese Tour] Hindsight

R.A.W. :: Download | Stream

DJ Souffle :: Download | Stream | Image Gallery

Playlist #112

Constant Flux :: Mercury Cocktail [All Things Change] Run
Aphex Twin :: Delphium [Chronological Harmonizations V.1, comp.] New Electronica
Bitcrush :: Enarc Ende Y? [Enarc] Component
Mysethe :: 3 [Ions, comp.] Konstrukt
Lackluster :: Standard Naming Convention (80bpm LLrmx) [Remixselection_One] Psychonavigation
Himuro :: Fool And Scissors [Clear Without Items] Couchblip!
Posthuman :: Auberginetix Pingamix [Smak V1, comp.] Skam
The Art of War :: Hail Caesar [Unfamiliar Ceilings, comp.] Tear
Future Sound of London :: Lifeforms [Lifeforms] ebV
Niture :: Pseudopod Interim [Blind Spots] Mainfindings
Astroid Power-Up! :: El Gordo [Googleplex] Demo
The Flashbulb :: The Sun And The Star [Red Extensions of Me] Sublight
J.Auer :: Silent Starlight [Region Zero, comp.] Boltfish
J.Auer :: Across the Horizon [One Point One, comp.] Rednetic
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Hankerchief Head [RUOK?] Run
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Caramel Dub […In Dub] Run
Tino :: Toasted Dub [Tino’s Breaks Vol.5: Dub] TinoCorp
Bill Laswell :: Space-Time Paradox [Version 2 Version: A Dub Transmission] Roir
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Re-Animator (Scanner: Kinder And Solace Mix) [S.T.S. R.M.X.S.] TinoCorp.
The Orb :: Abstractions (Trance Pennine Express) [Bicycles & Tricycles] Terra Firma
Dimensional Holofonic Sound :: As High As It Can Go [Attention Earth People] TinoCorp
Comute :: Dogmask [Ions, comp.] Konstrukt
Machine Drum :: Dog Actually (remix of Mic Mell) [Bidnezz] Merck
Skates :: Track #8 [Lord of The Rinks] Unschooled
Skates :: O Come All Ye SKATEStul [A Very Unschooled Christmas, comp.] Unschooled
Unit :: Death; Funk; Supernova [I Came Here To Tell You…] Co.Ad Audio
Duuster :: Duuster En Dorker (Funckarma Mix) [Habitat] M-Tronic
Arovane :: Instant Gods Out Of The Box [Lilies] City Centre Offices
Robokoneko :: Daily Monitor [Anembo] Couchblip!
Displacer :: Artificial Living (o2 rmx) [Arroyo] M-Tronic
Quantazelle :: Braking (Hushed) [Coaster] Subvariant
Portland :: Ellis Jones [Mafia Rip Bin, comp.] n5MD
Bitcrush :: Untilted [Enarc] Component
Ulrich Schnauss :: Crazy For You [Unreleased ‘Bonus Disc’] Domino
Cocteau Twins: Blue Bell Knoll [Blue Bell Knoll] 4AD
Tones on Tail: Performance [12″] Beggars Banquet
Supersax: All the Things You Are [Live in ’75/Japan] Hindsight

Playlist #111 feat. Keef Baker Phone Interview & CD giveaway

KEEF BAKER Phone Interview + CD Giveaway
Thanks to Keef Baker for calling in from Leeds, UK in support of his debut release on n5MD called The Widnes Years.

Constant Flux :: Mercury Cocktail [All Things Change] Run
Keef Baker :: Reckless Engineering Through Diamonds [The Widnes Years] n5MD
Trace Element :: Miles Away [Human] Pure Tone
Verbose :: Eureka [Resolve] Cactus Island
Another Electronic Musician :: Oaxacan [Comp. 2] Nophi
*LIVE* Phone-Interview w/ KEEF BAKER (n5MD)
Calling in from Leeds, UK + The Widnes Years CD Giveaway
Constant Flux :: Disentangled Elements [Unreleased] Demo
Scorn :: Versions and More [List of Takers] Vivo
Jvox :: Smokin [Address Unknown] Component
Comfort Food :: Casiolove [Ions, comp.] Konstrukt
Keef Baker :: Betty Swollocks /ending [The Widnes Years] n5MD
Gridlock :: Chrometaphor [Formless] Hymen
Bitcrush :: Habitual [Enarc] Component
Autechre :: 6IE.CR [Draft 7.30] Warp
J. Auer :: Silent Starlight [Region Zero, comp.] Boltfish
Shep Meyers :: Beautiful Love [Cornerstone] Proxy