Gallery #108 feat. Version Live

Playlist #108 feat. Version Live

Playlist #108 feat. Version Live

Special thanks to Richard G. Jones and Benny Sanches (aka Version) for their DJ-Set and *LIVE* performance. Congratulations to the winners of the Version album and upcoming EP.

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Constant Flux :: Mercury Cocktail [All Things Change] Run
Displacer :: Disconnected [Arroyo] M-Tronic
Ten & Tracer :: A Strange World for Milo & Tock [Companion] U_Cover
J.Auer :: Silent Starlight [Region Zero, comp.] Boltfish
Machine Drum :: Track 20 [Bidnezz] Merck
Jack Dangers :: Love At The Swimming Hole [Forbidden Planet Explored] Important
VERSION DJ-Set + *LIVE* Performance
Jack Dangers :: The Monster Pursues: Morbius Is Overcome [Forbidden Planet Explored] Important
Interview w/ VERSION + CD Giveaway
iNTROSPEKT: Original Control (Remix) [Meat Beat Manifesto Fans:Remix Project] Digital::Chemist
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Original Control V6 [Edge of No Control] Mute
Supersax :: All The Things You Are [Live in ’75: Japanese Tour] Hindsight

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Playlist #107 feat. DJ Fat John the Gov Live

Special thanks to DJ Fat John The Gov for providing a mix of old school electro breakbeat turntablism funk techno hop scratch tracks.

Constant Flux :: Mercury Cocktail [All Things Change] Run
(Bal-a-Klah-Va) :: Anamorph [Region Zero, comp.] Boltfish
Vytear: Fear Not the Beat, Yet the Beatmaker [Breaks] G25
Pulsar :: Neuroamante [Tunas Have a Polarity] Illogik
Deceptikon :: Inaccessibility [Lost Subject] Merck
The Orb :: Prime Evil [Bicycles & Tricycles] Terra Firma
Multiplex :: Decadnids Mix [With Hands And Feet] Multiplex
Bitcrush :: Engale [Enarc] Component
Keef Baker :: Reckless Engineering through Diamonds [The Widnes Years] n5MD
Spark :: Zone in Effect [Super Robot Battle Deluxe] n5MD

DJ FAT JOHN THE GOV (DJ-Set + Scratching)
Afrika Bombata & The Soulsonic Force “Looking for the Perfect Beat”
Afrika Bombata & The Soulsonic Force “Looking for the Perfect Beat – Bonus Beat”
Afrika Bombata & The Soulsonic Force “Planet Rock Dub”
Ice Man Ja “Mega Jon’s Bass – Instrumental”
Unknown DJ “Beatronic Super: Ghetto Blaster Mix” w scratching
Matrix “It’s Time to Rock”
Two Live Crew “The Revelation”
Unknown DJ “Breakdown: The Dance Your Ass Off Mix”
Unknown DJ “Let’s Jam: Instrumental”
Unknown DJ w/ DJ Slip “Revenge of the X-Men: Dub”
Twilight 22 “Siberian Nights”
Ice Man Ja “Dead or Alive”
Ice T “Killers”
Ice T “You Don’t Quit: Instrumental Version”
Biz Markie “Make The Music with your Mouth Biz”
Sugar Hill Gang “The 8th Wonder”
M.C.A.D.E. “Bass Mechanics”
DJ Rectangle “Sick Bass Beat” w/ scratching
DJ Rectangle
Needle Thrashers 1 (Dirtstyle Label)
Needle Thrashers 1 (Dirtstyle Label)
Beastie Boys “Beastie Boys”
Beastie Boys “Country Mike’s Scene”
Beastie Boys “The Negotiation Limerick File”
Biz Markie “Benny And the Jets”
Egyptian Lover “Dial a Freak” w/ scratching
B-Styles “Clifford’s Moustache feat. Q-Bert”
Clark Jay & Jerry Bloodrock “What People do for Money”
Masta Ace “Jeep Ass Niguh’ Bass Capella”
Eminem, J Black & Masta Ace “Hell Bound: H&H Remix”
Pete Rock & CL Smooth “T.R.O.Y. They Reminisce Over You”

Interview w/ DJ Fat John the Gov
Deceptikon :: Treeghost [Lost Subject] Merck
Jack Dangers :: ..tracks from [Forbidden Planet Explored] Important
Jay Migliori :: Red Top [Smile] Cexton