Gallery #103 feat. The Luxury Tax (Autobono & Selftext) Live

Playlist #103 feat. The Luxury Tax (Autobono & Selftext) Live

Playlist #103 feat. The Luxury Tax (Autobono & Selftext) Live

Special thanks to Autobono and Selftext (aka The Luxury Tax) for playing *LIVE* on D::N. The Luxury Tax displayed a rippling array of harsh electronic distortions melded with post-industrial debris, textured hip-hop extractions and obscure sampling frequencies. Look out for their upcoming split 7″ with Mad EP on Budget Cuts Music as well as two compilation appearances on Shadowmath Volume 2 (Fateless Flows). Congratulations to the giveaway winners.

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Constant Flux :: Mercury Cocktail [All Things Change] Run
Mad EP :: Grenadine (Sleipnir Ridaz Mix) [Luxury Tax/Mad 7″] Budget Cuts Music
Quench :: Gravity [Dyn] U_Cover
Gridlock :: Displacement [Formless] Hymen
Zygote :: Monorail [Zygote/Luxury Tax 7″] Budget Cuts Music
Multiplex :: With Hands And Feet (Decadnids Mix) [Remix EP] Multiplex
The Luxury Tax :: [tracks from…Eat Garbage EP] Budget Cuts Music
THE LUXURY TAX *LIVE* In-Studio Performance
Autobono + Selftext / Budget Cuts Music
Monstrum Sepsis :: Doors & Windows (Displacer Rmx) [Doors & Windows] WTLL
Himuro :: Bottomless Dancefloor [Clear Without Items] Couchblip!
Portland :: The Last Ever [My Daily Routine] Component
Another Electronic Musician :: Set Concede [Your Winter] Demo
The Luxury Tax CD/7″ Giveaway & Interview Session
Thumbtack Smoothie :: June Louder [Homestyle] Quake Trap
Baggy Kidz :: Salford Precinkt [Straight Outta Gorton!] Struktur
DJ Wally :: Travelogue (NYC to Hawaii) [The Meat Beat Manifesto Remixes] Thirsty Ear
Meat Beat Manifesto vs. DHS :: Cease to Exist [STS RMXS] TinoCorp
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Addiction [Subliminal Sandwich] PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Book of Shadows [Actual Sounds + Voices] Mute
Tim Koch :: Opfunk [Mafia Rip Bin, comp.] n5MD
Mad EP :: Fajita Tea [031104] Demo
Cheju :: Glow Worms [One Point One, comp.] Rednetic
Jay Migliori :: Move [Smile] Cexton

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Playlist #102 feat. Thumbtack Smoothie Phone-Interview (Quake Trap)

Thumbtack Smoothie (Phone-Interview)
Special thanks to Carl Coletti (aka Thumbtack Smoothie) at Quake Trap for calling in and discussing his musical projects. Click here for a Thumbtack Smoothie profile. Congratulations to the winners of the CD giveaway featuring ElectricKitchenTableLand, Math is Hard and the new Homestyle release.

Constant Flux :: Mercury Cocktail [All Things Change] Run
Thumbtack Smoothie :: Drive Too Busy [ElectricKitchenTableLand] Manic Obsessive
Dunaewsky 69 :: Haresh [Contiguity] Shaped Harmonics
Keef Baker :: Worm Pain [Mafia Rip Bin, comp.] n5MD
Keef Baker :: Bingo Hall Murders [The Widnes Years] n5MD
Portland :: Ellis Jones [Mafia Rip Bin, comp.] n5MD
Phone Interview w/ Thumbtack Smoothie & CD Giveaway
Tracks from ElectricKitchenTableLand, Math is Hard and Homestyle
Quench :: Kross [Dyn] U_Cover
Thumbtack Smoothie :: Fleegle Costume [Math is Hard] Manic Obsessive
DJ Sm:)ez :: A Revelation (Breaks Mix) [Xposedvision] Self-Released
Osiris :: Miami Streets [Miad, comp.] Somia Music
Ochre :: Reversed Engineering [One Point One, comp.] Rednetic
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Caramel Dub [..In Dub] Run
Not Breathing :: Bebe Barron’s Panties [Carrion Sounds] Kimosciotic
Jack Dangers :: No Secrets No Surprises [Variaciones Espectrales] Instinct
Meat Beat Manifesto :: The Tweak [Actual Sounds + Voices] PIAS
The Luxury Tax :: 90lb Girlfriend [Luxury Tax/Mad EP 7″] Budget Cuts Music
Monstrum Sepsis :: Walkout.Live [Doors & Windows] Wtll
Decomposure :: Skytrain [Sample + Hold, comp.] Unschooled
Thumbtack Smoothie :: Dolores Street [Homestyle] Quake Trap
Damiak :: Iron G [Pesero 7″] n5MD
My Kill Jack’s On :: Midori Midori [Milk Beast’s Lullaby] 2Playermusic
Marshall Watson :: Lost at Seven [The Time Was Later Than He Expected] Highpoint Lowlife
Gridlock :: Caloc [Live.Traces] Possessive Blindfold
Gridlock :: Return [Formless] Hymen
L’ombre: Urban Estate [Simulations 1.0] Ant-Zen
Muziq :: Aec Merlin [Bilious Paths] Planet-Mu
Gimmik :: Trilogy [Links Berge Rechts Seen] Toytronic
Nikakoi :: Mtavary [Further Electronics V.1, comp.] Emotion
Quench :: Vinnieb [Dyn] U_Cover
Mexican Tourism :: Ensenada [Unreleased]
Shep Meyers :: Yesterdays [Cornerstone] Proxy

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