Playlist #85 feat. Meat Beat Manifesto & Proem new album premiers

MBM …In Dub + Proem Socially Inept Album Premieres
This week D::N premiered Meat Beat Manifesto‘s …In Dub (Run) and Proem’s Socially Inept (Merck).

Constant Flux :: Mercury Cocktail [All Things Change] :/Run
Noakes Pressure :: Neil Armstrong [Know Your Monkey, V/A] Projector
Thought Universe :: Ciou [Crossed Wires] Struktur
Proem :: Pinching Point [Socially Inept] Merck
Proem :: Three Days Before I Move [Among Others] n5MD
Push Button Objects :: Nocturnal Device [A Day In A Life] Skam
Gridlock :: Displacement [Dura Matters, V/A] Zod
Exillon :: Gtanmi [Sampler V.2] Zod
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Retrograde Pt.2 Dub We R 1 […In Dub] Run
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Happiness Supreme Dub […In Dub] Run
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Spinning Round […In Dub] Run
Not Breathing :: Bebe Barron’s Panties [Carrion Sounds] Kimosciotic
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Hankerchief Head [RUOK?] Run
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Future Worlds (Alt.Version) [It V.16] Think Electric
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Shadow & Substance (DJ Spooky mix) [STS RMXS] TinoCorp
Jack Dangers :: The Human Voice [Sounds of the 20th Century] Flexidisc
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Not Playing Solitaire (Basin Jently mix) [MBM Remix Project] Digital Chemist
Tino :: Jazz Overload [Tino’s Breaks Vol 1 & 2] TinoCorp
Proem :: Just Ashed On My Foot [Carrier EP] Component
Proem :: Out of Phase [Socially Inept] Merck
Proem :: Failure to Connect Mike [Negativ] Merck
Proem :: Drool-Master [Burn Plate No.1] Hydrant
Proem :: Little_a [Socially Inept] Merck
Lamb :: Angelica [Between Darkness And Wonder] Koch
Nikakoi :: Mtavary [Further Electronics V.01, V/A] Emotion
Phasmid :: Bouncing Ball Mix (Skope) [Cooper is on Bubbles Remixes] Skylab
Cathode :: Be Red Or Yellow [Special Measures] Expanding
Muziq :: Aec Merlin [Bilious Paths] Planet-Mu
Aphex Twin :: Icct Hedral (Edit) […I Care Because You Do] Warp/Sire
My Kill Jack’s On :: Runciter’s Coin [Milk Beasts Lullaby] 2Playermusic
Thought Universe :: Testing Time [Mixed Messages] Struktur
Larvae :: Tonystark [Fashion Victim] Ad Noiseam
Frog Pocket :: Omulad [Moon Mountain of the Fords] Benbecula
Xanopticon :: Capacitd [Liminal Space] Hymen
Somatic Responses :: Gabicont [Adverts] Component
Totakeke :: Lament (Imminent Mix) [Lament] Frozen Empire Media
Shep Meyers Quartet :: Lament [Cornerstone] Proxy

Playlist #84 feat. Brokenbeat (San Diego) & Decomposure

Special thanks to Brokenbeat’s DJ Jon Baker + DJ Golden Mean for dropping a solid dose of downbeatempo grooves, Unschooled Records’ unparalleled support for this weeks giveaway, and Decomposure for dropping by the KUCI studios to premiere his debut full-length on Unschooled called Taking Things Apart.

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Constant Flux :: Mercury Cocktail [All Things Change] Run
Not Breathing :: Warlock Radar [Carrion Sounds] KimoSciotic
Decomposure :: Matches (Extended Mix) [Taking Things Apart] Unschooled
DJ JON BAKER (BrokenBeat) DJ-Set
DJ GOLDEN MEAN (BrokenBeat) DJ-Set
BrokenBeat Network Interview Session
Decomposure Taking Things Apart CD Premiere
Interview & Unschooled Giveaway Session
Decomposure :: tracks from Taking Things Apart
Meat Beat Manifesto :: tracks from …In Dub (Run)

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Gallery #84 feat. Brokenbeat (San Diego) & Decomposure

Playlist #84 feat. Brokenbeat (San Diego) & Decomposure