Playlist #73 feat. Brothomstates, Posthuman and Benbecula Mixes

Brothomstates, Posthuman and Benbecula Mixes
Special thanks to Lassi (Brothomstates), Josh (Posthuman), and Stephen (Benbecula).

Esem :: Eloki.Neadu [Enveloped] DeFocus
JDPC :: Joint Gospel [ELKAmpilation.001] Gizmo Lab
Machine Drum :: Riveurs Enjienrd by Brothomstates [Half the Battle] Merck
Snyzch :: Snort Porridge (Do Me Mix) [[S]!] Seed
Gridlock :: Distance [Formless] Hymen
BROTHOMSTATES :: *LIVE* at Koneisto 2002 (mix)
Posthuman :: Moment of Weakness [Vol.1] Seed
POSTHUMAN :: Studio Session (mix)
BENBECULA :: *LIVE* at Sonar 2003 (mix)
Boards of Canada :: Red Moss [Maxima] Music70
Shep Meyers :: Evidence [Quartet] Proxy

Playlist #72 feat. Exillon Live

Special thanks to Jay Fields (aka Exillon) for his superbly crafted electronic mayhem and congrats to the winners of the Exillon 12″ + CD giveaway.

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Esem :: Eloki.Neadu [Enveloped] DeFocus
Quench :: Track#2 [MD8] n5MD
Rusuden :: Minari [Formulae] Sonicterror
Un-Co :: Glassroom [Elkamilation 0.001] Gizmo Lab
Exillon :: Loadok [EP 01] Zod
Nord :: Ogato [Demo] Erik S.
Velapene Screen :: Classic Hair [Crash Redevelopment] Co.Ad
Richard Devine :: Let Mendax [Asect :: Dsect] Schematic
Bola :: Pae Paoe [Fyuti] Skam
Doofgoblin :: Gnot To Sping [Marblebarrel] Unschooled
Exillon :: Hutil [Demo] J. Fields
Exillon (Zod/Tribal-Treble) *LIVE*
Lexaunculpt :: Ninety-Seven Cars And Free Love [The Blurring of Trees] Planet-Mu
Dither :: 6’42 [Summit] M-Tronic
Exillon Interview Session + 12″/CD Giveaway
Aphex Twin :: Analogue Bubblebath [Analogue Bubblebath] TVT
Greenbank :: Bruntsfield [Rotating the Square] Benbecula
Vesna :: Mone [Mone/Aesde/7 Inch] n5MD
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Tweekland [Subliminal Sandwich] PIAS
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Horn of Jericho [RUOK?] :/Run
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Source of Uncertainty :: 1996 [Convergence] Om/XLR8R
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Anon [Earth Dance] Cyber Octave
Jay Migliori :: Lunatic Walz [Smile] Cexton

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