Playlist #66 feat. Moorush Electro Mix

Moorush Electro Mix (July 2003)
Congratulations to Philip in Tustin (CA) who won a copy of the Hybrid Components compilation CD on Component Records.

Esem :: Eloki Seagull [Unreleased] George Marinov
Esem :: Swift Urban Departure.. [Serial Human] Merck
Plaid :: Buns [Spokes] Warp
The Video Age :: Protect And Survive [Vol. One] Seed
Saul Stokes :: Lisboa [Sub.Terra] The Foundry/Hypnos
Gridlock :: Re/Module [Hybrid Components] Component
Posthuman :: Inflicted David [Lagrange Point] Demo
Lusine Icl :: Freak (Quench Rmx) [Perspective Fragments] U-Cover
Autechre :: Nuane [Chiastic Slide] Warp
Richard Devine :: Patelle [Lipswitch] Warp

Moorush :: Electro Mix (July 2003)
01 Xingu Hill – Alterity
02 Dr. Scissors – Touch the screen
03 Aux88 Meets Alien FM – Let it Ride
04 Little Computer People – Electro pop
05 Dexter – I don’t care
06 Little Computer People – Eyes
07 Little Computer People – I am
08 Yura Moorush – U.M.R.E (SCSI-9 remix)
09 Radioactive Man – Uranium
10 Anthony Rother – Hacker
11 Dexter – Intruder
12 Anthony Rother – Simulationszeitalter
13 Sven Vath & Anthony Rother – Ghost
14 Anthony Rother – Dust
15 Tiga and Zyntherius – Sunglasses at night
16 Little Computer People – Who do you love
17 Keith Tucker – Oscilator
18 The Hacker – Fadin Away
19 Herbie Hancock – Rockit
20 Alden Tyrell – Love Explosion

Mewark :: Jungies [Organization Is] Art-Tek
Dark Illumination :: Out to Reality [Realize the Error] Metropolis
Dimensional Holofonic Sound :: Atomic Clock [Attention Earth People] TinoCorp
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Genocide [Armed Audio Warfare] :/Run
Meat Beat Manifesto :: God O.D. Part 3 [Storm the Studio] :/Run
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Radio Atlantis [RUOK?/Free Piece Suite] :/Run
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Love Mad [Now EP] Mute
Jay Migliori :: Desert Flower [Count the Nights and Times] PBR Int.

Playlist #65

Esem :: Eloki [Ikae EP] DeFocus
Gridlock :: Chrometaphore (Loess Remix) [12BC] Nonresponse
Multiplex :: Always Within You (Funckarma Remix) [Mixt] Senton
Portland :: I’m Not Like Me [Distal] n5MD
Displacer :: Wraith (L’autre Mix) [Moon_Phase] M-Tronic
Chris Clark :: Tycan [Empty the Bones of You] Warp
Tim Koch :: Slack Magic [Shorts in Alaska] DeFocus
Plaid :: Crumax Rins [Spokes] Warp
Richard Devine :: B1 [Richard Devine EP] Schematic
Gescom :: Mag 3.1426 Rmxd by Ae [This EP] Skam
Blamstrain :: Linja [Ensi] Merck
LFO :: Freak [Freak EP] Warp
Le Car :: 20/20 [Auto-Biography] Ersatz Audio
Jello :: Vibe-A-Rolla [Volle] Peacefrog
Tim Tetlow :: Alpha Emotion [Beauty Walks a Razor’s Edge] Planet-Mu
Autechre :: Eutow [Tri Repetae] Warp
Skinny Puppy :: Warlock [Warlock 12″] Nettwerk
Front 242 :: Quite Unusual [Official Version] PIAS
Front Line Assembly :: Mindphaser [Tactical Neural Implant] Third Mind
Skinny Puppy :: Morpheus Laughing [Two Dark Park] Capitol
Gruesome Twosome :: Hallucination Generation [12″] Nettwerk
Ministry :: Halloween [Halloween 12″] Wax Trax
CEvin Key :: Shortwave Connector [The Dragon Experience] Metropolis
Download :: Carrier Tone [Effector] Subconscious
Sync.synthetic vs.Transmission :: Remit_23 [Remit_23/Xmit_13] Philtre
David Kristian :: Micronymph vs. Meganymph [12″] Wikked
Jack Dangers :: Echo In Space [Variaciones Espectrales] Instinct
Boards of Canada :: Chinook [Hi Scores EP] Skam
Fire Escape :: Getaway People [Abandon Head] Iris Light
Line 47 :: Quavuun Eyes [Parcinx Mind EP] Sonicterror
Stoloff & Hopkinson :: Idead Instrumental [Idead_Dual_Woodpecker] Pause2
What Kind of Sound? :: Klea [The First release on Unis1] Unis1
Bomb The Bass/Lali Puna :: Clearcut Amstel Mix [Clearcut] Morr
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Yuri [RUOK?] :/Run
Zygote :: Monorail [Current/Future Transportation] UTR/BCM
Bauri :: Neo Robot Party Crash [Annexe :: Cottage Industries 2] Neo Ouija
Christ. :: Dream of the Endless [Pylonesque EP] Benbecula
Miles Tilmann :: Double [Sub:702] Sub:marine
Supersax :: Salt Peanuts [The Japanese Tour] Hindsight