Playlist #32 feat. Lexaunculpt Live

Special thanks to Alex Graham (a.k.a. Lexaunculpt) for spinning *LIVE* this evening. Alex spun tracks from the upcoming The Blurring of Trees on Planet-Mu (+ tracks by Fennesz, Coil, Brian Eno, My Bloody Valentine, Skinny Puppy, Arvo Part and many other influences). The Blurring of Trees will be released on Planet-Mu in February, 2003.

Esem :: Eloki.Neadu [Enveloped] DeFocus
EOG :: Egg dB [Yanck EP] DUB
Eight Frozen Modules :: Repulsive Guzzle [Thought Process Disorder] Orthlorng Musork
Deru :: Din [Pushing Air] Neo Ouija
Lexaunculpt :: The Conversation Gone Awry [MD2] n5MD
Einoma :: Celvoir [Undir Feilnotum] Vertical Form
Lexaunculpt :: Plus And Minus Miss C-Bug [Cashier Escape Route] CCO
Aphex Twin :: Alberto Balsalm […I Care Because You Do] Warp/Sire
Tim Tetlow :: Alpha Emotion [Beauty Walks a Razors Edge] Planet-Mu
Digitonal :: Black Box [23:Things Fall Apart] Toytronic
Lexaunculpt :: Ilevl [Double Density EP] Orange
Tim Koch :: Switch Invert [Shorts In Alaska] DeFocus
Digitonal :: Come & Play [23:Things Fall Apart] Toytronic
Patio :: Behind Bike Sheds [Parallel Play] Involve
Japanese Telecom :: Japanese Animation [S/T] Intuit Solar
Bolzbolz :: 32nd Lesson [The Forgotten Sounds of Tomorrow] Ersatz Audio
Lowfish :: FatBlex [Eliminator] Suction
Dimensional Holofonic Sound :: As High As it can Go [Attention Earth People] TinoCorp
Meat Beat Manifesto :: Hankerchief Head [RUOK?] :/ Run/Skor
Jay Migliori :: Red Top [Smile] Cexton